Digma EVE 15 C413 Laptop Overview - Month's Worker

With the transition of humanity to "remotely", laptops are beginning to use in great demand - not only the game, but also workers, inexpensive and at the same time able to perform many everyday tasks like working with Documents or surfing on the network. On one of these - models Digma EVE 15 C413 - we will tell in this review.

Laptop Digma EVE 15 C413 costs only 20 thousand rubles - this is the lower price plan for a decent "workhorse". From the device with such a price tag you are not waiting for something outstanding, but perhaps the device will be able to surprise us? Let's try to figure out.


  • Processor: Intel Apollo N3350, dual-core, with frequency from 1.1 GHz to 2.4 GHz
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Drive: Solid State Drive Capacity 64 GB
  • Video card : Intel HD Graphics 500
  • Display: 15.6-inch Touch IPS with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a frequency of 60 Hz
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • dimensions (in × × × g): 237 x 370 x 21 mm
  • weight: 1.54 kg

to Montus and design

Digma EVE 15 C413 came to me in a compact oblong white box. On the front side - the image of the laptop and the list of its "trump card": pre-installed Windows 10, the ability of the expansion of the internal storage, as well as a gift from Mail. Ru - 64 GB of free space in the cloud. On the back of the box, the list of technical characteristics of the device was discovered.

Inside the package, fixed by foambone dampers, was located a laptop. In a small cardboard case, a power supply was found; In the box there was a place for the user manual, warranty coupling, promotion to activate cloud storage and instructions for installing an additional SSD.

The gadget was quite compact - all thanks to a small frame around the fifteen-day display. Gray plastic housing, and the design is the most modest - affects the positioning of the laptop as a working tool for solving everyday tasks. In addition to the brand on the lid, there are no other attracting attention of the elements.

On the left side faces of the housing, the port for connecting the power supply unit, the USB port and port HDMI To remove the image from a laptop to a TV screen or an external monitor. The right side face is the USB port, connector 3.5 mm for headphones and a slot for connecting SD cards of memory. This set, according to Digma engineers, is enough; In practice, I had to use a USB hub, since two basic ports did not always have enough. On the other hand, the minimum number of interfaces in combination with the passive cooling system made it possible to make the laptop housing very thin and lightly - it is almost weightless, it takes very little space and works silently.

Keyboard Digma EVE 15 C413 membrane, located in a small recess in the housing. The keys are quite highly separated from each other. No numeric keypad (but there is a block with arrows), but its functions perform the base keys in combination with the Fn button. It is used to activate auxiliary commands like control by the music player, volume control and brightness, call the parameter window and so on.

I was embarrassed by the position of the power button - not only that it is very large, it is still near Delete: Very easy, so you should be careful.

The power indicators, the status of CAPS LOCK and NUM Lock, as well as two microphones, and there were a place for a large touchpad under it. Its lower part performs the functions of the left and right mouse buttons, and gestures are used for scrolling, switching between windows and other tasks.

Laptop screen Digma EVE 15 C413 is made using IPS technology, it has a good brightness stock (220 NIT), excellent Color reproduction and close to ideal viewing angles. In addition, it is matte, and therefore does not glare. Usually, less high-quality TN matrices are installed in the device from this price segment, so the display of this level has become a pleasant surprise. On the upper frame is a two-step-point chamber for video calls.

Turning the device, we detect four legs, stereo-speaking holes, as well as ten screws that need to be unscrewed to remove the lid and get to the slot to install the SSD drive. At the same time, you can take a look at the inside of the laptop: a surprisingly compact motherboard is installed here, covered with a massive heatsink, and a long battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh.

Considering that this model has only 64 GB of internal memory, and about half of its volume is allocated for Windows OS, sooner or later you will have to attend to the integration of an additional HDD or SSD (2.5-inch form factor drives are supported). Fortunately, this is easy to do with just a screwdriver and a bank card or other thin object with which you need to pry off the cover. Here a dubious feature of the device was discovered: Digma EVE 15 C413 uses an outdated SATA II interface, and when you connect a fast SSD with a SATA III interface, you will not be able to get the maximum data transfer rate from it.

Usage impressions

The Digma EVE 15 C413 is equipped with an Intel Apollo N3350 dual-core processor coupled with 4 GB of RAM. For this reason, I see no reason to test it in benchmarks and synthetic tests - the caliber is not the same. Much more interesting to see how the device behaves in everyday work.

Well, it turned out that the laptop does a good job of common tasks like typing in Word or editing images. He can handle multiple Chrome tabs at the same time and play FullHD videos on YouTube.

Wireless interfaces are a little let down: Bluetooth version 4.0 quickly clings to wireless headphones, but the sound can stutter if there is a source of interference nearby - in my case it turned out to be a stand for backlit headphones. And Wi-Fi can occasionally spontaneously fall off - fortunately, this happens extremely rarely.

The built-in video adapter allows you to run undemanding games - not AAA hits, but modest indie and classic projects are quite up to it. At the same time, the laptop works absolutely silently and barely noticeably heats up - noticeably, but not so much as to burn your knees.

Batteries last a long time: I do not always keep the device near the outlet, and I can carry it to different rooms while I work, watch videos on the Internet or take a break from some farm game. In this scenario, with always-on Wi-Fi and occasional app launches, the Digma EVE 15 C413 runs quietly for 5 to 7 hours, which is pretty decent. A full battery charge takes 3 hours.


Digma EVE 15 C413 is the one The most "employee of the month": a modest, not distinguished from the crowd, diligent and according to the results of the reporting period turns out to be the most productive. This laptop is worth choosing if you need a trouble-free working tool capable of performing a wide range of tasks. He has some shortcomings - the built-in memory is not enough, and it may not be enough operational - however, the high-quality screen and the low price is completely compensated.