Creative T100 Acoustic System Overview - Powerful Sound in Strict Design

Creative is a renowned manufacturer of audio products ranging from headphones and computer speakers to soundbars and sound cards. Creative products are distinguished by their minimalist design and high quality workmanship - which is proved by the guest of our review, the Creative T100 2.0 speaker system.


  • Frequency range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Output power: 2 x 20 W RMS, total device power up to 40 W RMS, 80 W peak
  • Connection: wired - analog cable with 3.5 mm plug, optical cable; wireless - Bluetooth 5.0
  • Type: stereo 2.0
  • Backlight: no
  • Dimensions of audio speakers: 20.8 x 9.3 x 13 cm
  • Weight of audio speakers (each): 1 kg
  • Features: remote control remote control, USB storage support

Packaging and design

The cardboard box is painted white and orange, showing off images of the Creative T100 and a list of device features. Inside, wrapped in polyethylene and securely clamped with foam dampers, speakers are located. Also included are power supply, remote control, 1.5 meter AUX cable (3.5 mm) and instruction manual.

The design of the speakers is very modest: black, vertically elongated parallelepipeds with a slight bevel back at the top. The front panel is covered with a mesh grille with a small brand logo at the bottom, the sides and back are glossy, very quickly covered with fingerprints. Under the grille of the right column is an LED - a status indicator.

There are bass-reflex holes on the rear panel of the speakers, which, due to the shape of the case, do not overlap due to the location close to the wall. A wire comes out of the left satellite, leading to the right - main - column. It contains the connection connectors - the left speaker, power, AUX, optical and USB for a flash drive. Here are the controls: four buttons on the top panel - power, volume control and select sound source.

Based on satellites - nothing but rubber legs preventing slipping, and stickers with information about the model.

due to vertically oriented design, Creative T100 will not take much space on the computer table. At the same time, the acoustic system requires a connection to the power grid, so you will free one of the outlets for it.

On the other hand, it is optional to connect it to the laptop over the wire: due to Bluetooth support, a wireless connection is provided. True, in this case, low sound delays are inevitable for Bluetooth speakers. If your sound source does not differ in mobility, you can use wired connection options: 3.5 mm to a PC, or an S / PDIF optical cable (no included) - to the TV.

The remote control requires two AAA batteries, and contains three rows of buttons with which you can turn on and off Columns (translate to standby), select the sound source, reset the settings, activate the interface with the wireless device, select the preset of the equalizer, control playback from a flash drive or a Bluetooth device, customize high and low frequencies, finally control the volume And turn off the sound. Some of these features are duplicated by physical buttons on the right column.

Connection and configuration

Creative T100 can be connected To the sound source on the wire and Bluetooth. In addition, the source can be connected to the speakers themselves - we are talking about a flash drive (the flash drives with a volume of up to 32 GB with the FAT32 file system and MP3, FLAC and WAW format files) are supported.

The device signals the status of the LED, which can be seen through the lattice of the right satellite: it burns red in standby mode, lights blue when Bluetooth is activated, lights up violet after connecting the flash drive, lights up green with wired connections.

The columns were easily connected to my PC on the wire of 3.5 mm, connected to the TV with an optical cable and connected with a smartphone Bluetooth. Using the remote, you can manage all aspects of sound, but it is worth considering that this is an IR console, and therefore it should "look" on the speaker for transmitting the signal.

Impressions from Creative T100

Loud. Really loud. Acoustics gives up to 80 W in the peak, and this is true. The sound is impressive for any connection option - at least wired, at least a wireless. By the way, when connected via Bluetooth delays, there is practically no delay, so you can play with Creative T100 in online games or watch streaming video without using wires.

Although it is both 2.0 columns, without a subwoofer, the bass turned out to be quite powerful. There is support for the Basxport technology, which optimizes the sound and enhances low frequencies. And the presets of the equalizer are quite well customized: "Cinema" adds bass, "game" expands the sound scene, and the "concert" softens high frequencies. If you wish, you can adjust the levels of low and high frequencies, but without this, the device copes well with the balance.


Another trump card Creative T100 - versatility, in favor of which plays not only the variety of connection options, but also the shape of satellites. For example, in my case, the columns were laid on its side in front of the TV, which turned them into an improvised saungar.

In Russia, the acoustics can be purchased for eight thousand rubles, and this is a good price for high-quality, loud and strict columns with the control panel. If you need a multifunctional device, capable of how to dig a home party, so reveal the details of the music track at a low volume, most likely you have found it.

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