Choose the best microSD card for Android

We present to your attention MicroSD card review from Samsung, which can be used with Android devices and as an independent flash drive.

Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB is the best microSD card for ordinary users. It has an impressive capacity, fast speed recording and reading data, and also suitable for storing video in 4K resolution.


to all. No seriously. For microSD card price $ 95 is not so big. Especially, given its characteristics (capacity, recording speed and data reading). It is unlikely that you will need another, additional card after purchase. If you constantly make photos, write down the video and suffer from a lack of space, then you will definitely use Samsung Evo Plus 256 GB.

Quick speed of recording and reading data This is not just an additional feature, due to availability you can instantly write on it all that will do and even quickly access the necessary information. The most interesting thing is that you can install it in any Android device, if it has a slot under MicroSD.

Is it worth buying a microSD card

yes. The last couple of years MicroSD cards have not changed any major changes. The only thing that happened is to have new classes of devices that allow you to store high-resolution images and another 4K HDR content. Samsung Evo Plus 256 GB is one of the best samsung cards. Therefore, until the phones start recording 6K content (and this will happen quite soon), you have no real reasons in order not to buy microSD.

  • The impressive amount of memory in 256 GB
  • Fast speed of recording and reading data
  • Protection against water, temperature drops, magnetic and x-ray rays
  • is less Dear alternatives
  • It is hardly useful if you rarely make photos and recording the video

Most selection

Samsung Releases MicroSD cards of different classes, each of which is suitable for performing certain tasks. Standard EVO is a budget flash drive, while EVO SELECT is already a little higher than a class and is characterized by a faster operation speed. After there is an EVO Plus, and behind it the Cards of Pro Endurance and Pro Plus, the possibilities of which are unlikely to use the usual users.

Map of the EVO Plus class is a golden mean, which is the perfect value for money. It is great for those who need an additional drive, which could be used to store photos or high-resolution video, documents, archives and even music. High data reading speed means that all files will open quickly, and the music is played without any problems.

If you are looking for a high-performance microSD card, which could be used as an additional storage (and which would be compatible with Android devices), then Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB is a great option. She has an affordable price, it is powerful enough and fast.

In addition to high performance, MicroSD cards from Samsung are characterized by good assembly quality. I still use the same map that I bought with Galaxy S5 back in 2015. Now, it is in Galaxy S8 and still works fine.

Alternative options

Not surprising, but one of the best alternatives for the MicroSD Samsung Evo Plus - Samsung Evo SELECT card. In addition to her, a good option is quite inexpensive and fairly fast Lexar Professional 1000x.

If you are constantly taking pictures on your phone or use it to shoot a video in 4K resolution, Lexar Professional 1000x may be an excellent alternative to Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB. It is worth noting that it comes with the USB-A reader, the creek can be used to connect a card directly to the PC and move the desired images.

Taking into account the price of only $ 34, it is unlikely that it will be able to furnish the Samsung EVO SELECT with a memory capacity of 128 GB. And although advertising slogans promise high recording speed and reading data, it is hardly the same as Evo Plus. However, this is quite a good microSD card capable of processing video in 4K format.


The undisputed winner, we consider Samsung EVO Plus 256 GB with an impressive memory and fast recording speed, data reading. It is ideal for ordinary and experienced users. If you are looking for a microSD card, which could be used to store media files on the phone, it is unlikely that it makes sense to look for some alternative.