BQ Magic L smartphone review: large screen and NFC

Magic L (6630L) is a novelty from the company BQ, which has become the largest in the family of brand smartphones. The device turned out beautiful and not essential.

At the time of writing a review, the price tag BQ Magic L (6630L) on the official website is 8,990 rubles. For this money, users get a beautiful device with large screen, NFC, good performance and high autonomy. Read more about its possibilities in our review.


  • Case material: Plastic
  • Operating system: Android 10
  • Processor: Unisoc SC9863A, 8 cores, up to 1.6 GHz
  • Operational / Permanent memory: 3/32 GB
  • Support memory cards : Separate slot MicroSD, up to 256 GB
  • Display: 6.53 ", technology IPS, resolution 1600 x 720, 20: 9
  • Main chamber: 12 mp + 0.3 mp
  • Front Camera: 8 Mp
  • Wireless Modules: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 B / G / N, NFC
  • Battery: 4920 mAh, Li-POL, non-removable
  • Wired interfaces: MICROUSB, MINI JACK 3.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 168 x 77.7 x 9.2 mm
  • Weight: 192.5 g

Packaging and kit

BQ Magic L gets to the user in a cardboard rectangular box in red-white design. The back side of the key features of the device are listed on the back, and a number of other information are presented. In the box, in addition to the smartphone, is the power supply 5 V, instruction and cable USB-A - MicroUSB. A protective filmis glued on the display , and a shipping film is placed on top of it.

It is worth noting the user manual - not just a short manual, but a complete instruction for almost 70 pages, which comprehensively tells about the work with the device. This is currently rare. At the same time, for some categories of users, such instructions are extremely necessary. For example, an elderly person who has no one to teach how to use a smartphone, it will become simply indispensable, because it will answer almost any question - from how to install a SIM card in a device to designating icons in the notification bar.

Appearance and display

New BQ received a plastic case with a removable cover that hides the battery, slots for two nanoSIM and a separate slot for microSD.

The rear panel houses a rectangular camera unit (two lenses with dual flash), a finger scanner and a speaker. How expedient it is to bring the latter back is a moot point. This is inconvenient, as the sound is muffled if the phone is placed face up. But during games or watching videos, it does not close with the palm of your hand, which often happens with speakers installed on the bottom of the smartphone.

The power and volume buttons are located on the right side. At the top are the microUSB and 3.5 connectors. There is a small microphone hole on the bottom edge, nothing on the left side.

I personally doubt the decision to place the power and headphone jack on top. In my opinion, it is more convenient to use a smartphone when it is connected to the charger from below. Yes, and when using headphones, carrying a smartphone in your pocket is more comfortable - the phone is taken by the bottom, and not the sides of the camera, as is the case with the top connection of the headset.

However, to each his own, and perhaps it's just a matter of habit.

Despite the large battery and huge display, the device turned out to be adequate in size. It is not compact, but it is difficult to call it a “shovel”. It fits well in a small palm, I manage to handle it even with one hand.

My copy is wine red. It is worth noting that this name is very accurately characterized. The device turned out quite dark and at some angles it looks black or close to that. With good lighting, the red color is noticeable, but it is not too bright. In general, it looks beautiful. The surface cover is non-slip, but the fingerprints are easy. Considering the absence of a cover in a set, it is necessary to handle very carefully, since otherwise you have to constantly rub the case.

In addition to red, black and blue options are available on sale. At the first of these models, the manufacturer declares coating with stability to fingerprints.

Display is represented by an IPS matrix with a diagonal of 6.53 inches and a resolution of 1600 x 720. Questions There is no pictures - the color rendition is good, the brightness is enough for use on the street, there is an adaptive backlight setting mode (works correctly). Viewing angles Maximum - distortion of the picture is not even with a strong slope. The screen is perfect for everyday use, as well as watching movies or launch games. A small permission for such a diagonal does not interfere - the pixels are not visible. The frontal chamber is installed in a drop-shaped neck, over which speaker is located.

As a result: the quality of the assembly of a good level, the device does not creak, the plastic does not bend under the fingers, the buttons have a tight turn and do not hang. The lid is removed easily - for this, the bottom right is provided for a special gap for a nail substitution. The device will turn out beautiful and goes well in hand. The only drawback is a very marking surface of the hull.


BQ Magic L works on Android 10. A kind of brand shell is not stated here. Thus, the model has a very simple and logical interface. In addition to Google services, there are applications from Mail. Ru - ICQ, ATOM browser, cloud, see, Marusya. And here there are applications such as public services, Dr. Web, Mir Pay, Wink, VK and electronic warranty on the device. All of them are easily removed, so if necessary, you can free the space.

The rest is very simple and standard. No additional settings or extended chips offer and, in my opinion, this is a plus. Those who need some specific third-party software will install it themselves from the Play Market. And those who are looking for a device to perform standard tasks will not have to understand the abundance of settings or look for the right option for a long time.

I mentioned above that elderly people will appreciate the device with detailed instructions. The interface for such users is no less convenient, because it will be very problematic to get confused in it or not find something. And having a manual at hand, this device can be used to learn how to use smartphones and Android.


eight cores and a maximum clock speed of 1.6 GHz. This solution is often used in the segment of inexpensive devices and, in my opinion, it works quite adequately. It is enough for everyday tasks - listening to music, simultaneously scrolling through the feed on Instagram or VK and chatting in Telegram.

You can also run games if you want. Of course, you should not expect high graphics settings, but Asphalt 9, Gangstar 4 or Mortal Kombat look playable at low and medium settings. For the test, I spent about an hour on each of the games. During this time, I did not find any serious drops in performance and heating of the device.

I do not characterize the BQ Magic L as a gaming smartphone, but if you sometimes run some game to kill time, then set to it Unisoc SC9863A can handle it.

The memory of the smartphone is 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. Persistent storage after the first inclusion is filled with 7.77 GB, that is, about 24 GB is free. If necessary, you can install microSD. It has a separate slot.


Communication and wireless interfaces

The new product supports dual SIM -cards with the ability to work in LTE networks. Both keep the network stable - both when working on the Internet and in talk mode.

Wi-Fi connection is only available on 2.4 GHz networks. I would like to see 5 GHz here, but for this segment the absence of 5 GHz is not uncommon, and many users simply do not need it (not everyone knows about the existence of two bands). In general, the quality of the connection does not cause complaints.

Navigation is provided by GPS and GLONASS. Finding a location on Google Maps takes a few seconds. The device easily lays routes and leads to the right place.

The phone also received an NFC module. It is one of the key advantages of the model, as usually in devices worth up to 10 thousand rubles its presence manufacturers do not indulge. In this case, it is, it works and this is a plus. For some, it can be a weighty argument in favor of buying this device.


Smartphone received Double chamber (12 + 0.3 mp) Rear and single (8 mp) in front.

The camera interface is fully accustomed to the same for the frontal and main chamber. On the bottom there are modes, access to pictures, switching cameras. From above there are filters, turn on the flash, access to the settings.

Among the capabilities of the camera:

  • Photo (standard mode).
  • Masks (overlay masks on a portrait).
  • Portrait (Blur Background).
  • Night (shooting in conditions of insufficient lighting).
  • Panorama.
  • GIF.
  • Stickers.
  • QR code.

The mode HDR is not separately submitted, but is provided and is in the camera settings. There is no intellectual shooting here, but when creating Selfie or portraits, you can choose an improvement in the frame, however, the result is not too natural and it is clearly clear that the processor was worked on a snapshot.

Video recording is possible in 1080p / 720p / 480p (no stabilization), there are additional modes - slow and timelps.

Quality of mid-level photos. Perhaps, with bright sunlight, the device would cope better, but the weather did not please. An example of photographs below:

Front cell
Blur of the background
Full-time mode


The quality of sound transmission during telephone conversations is excellent - both sides are heard loudly and clearly.

The main speaker has a middle volume. Watch at home the film without headphones is quite real, but somewhere in urban transport, you can skip the call. However, the vibration here is very sensitive and not to notice it will be problematic. The sound quality is not so good to listen and enjoy the subtle features of the compositions, but for the background there is enough music enough.

In the headphones, the sound is loud - about 70% of volume is enough for a comfortable listening. To connect a wireless headset, Bluetooth 4.2 is used, problems with the search, connection stability or delays were noticed.


The lithium-polymer battery with a volume of 4920 mAh corresponds to the device. For 2020, this is a good value. In this model, the battery resource is enough for 2-2.5 days, provided that the brightness is configured by the phone independently, and online music is listening to 2-3 hours, a surfing browser is used, and the videos on YouTube and Correspondence in Social networks / messengers.

, fast charging is not provided. The model is fully charged on average 2.5 hours from the native charging unit.


For the safety of user data in the device corresponds to Dactyloscopic sensor and scanner of the face. Both are configured without problems.


Smartphone BQ Magic L (6630L) - This is an apparatus with its advantages and disadvantages. The latter is not enough, but they are still there, so they are worth knowing before buying.

But let's start with the advantages:

  • good ergonomics.
  • It looks beautiful and notes.
  • High-quality and large display.
  • Performance for everyday tasks.
  • You can use two sim and memory card.
  • Autonomy to 2.5 days.
  • The possibility of contactless payment.
  • Not overloaded with third-party features interface.


  • Very typebound case.
  • Uncomfortable (subjective) Location of headphone and charging connectors.
  • The average quality of the camera.

In general, this is a device that has advantaged of the minuses, and if the question of photography worries a little, then the disadvantages are insignificant. At the same time, for 8,990 rubles, the user receives a phone with excellent large screen, which can be actively used for a couple of days without recharging and with the ability to make contactless payments.

It is worth recalling that the gadget has a simple interface and informative instruction. Therefore, for those who are looking for a smartphone to the elderly person (a schoolboy of junior classes) and understands that he will not be able to constantly help with the development of certain functions, this option will be a good choice.