BQ 6645L Element smartphone review - large screen at an affordable price

The Russian company BQ creates high-tech household appliances and electronics, but first of all actively produces smartphones. The company's catalog is almost a hundred modern, but available in the price of models, and one of them, BQ 6645L Element, has become a reason for writing a new review.

Bright & Quick is a relatively young and very prolific brand specializing in the creation of inexpensive, but meets modern tendencies of technology: budget electric and microwave ovens, powerful and durable vacuum cleaners, huge The number of models of modern TVs, and hundreds of varieties of smartphones, telephones and tablet computers.

Even if you did not have to use technique BQ, then you probably faced their militaristic button phones Tank or waterproof, shock-resistant SHARK smartphones, and in 2021 The new company's new firm broke into the tops of Russian sales, a little taking such giants of the budget segment, as Xiaomi, Huawei and Honor.

Today we are exploring BQ 6645L - a novelty from the Element line with a modern design, a spacious battery, an eight-year chipset, large screen with excellent color reproduction and price, The moment of writing a review not exceeding nine thousand rubles. I tell you more.


  • Materials: plastic
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Chipset: UNISOC SC9863, 8 cores, 1600+1200 MHz
  • RAM / ROM: 3/32 GB
  • memory cards : yes, up to 128 GB
  • Display: IPS screen 6.52 inches, resolution 1200×540
  • Main camera: 13MP
  • Front camera: 5 MP
  • Security: fingerprint reader, face unlock
  • SIM card slots: Dual nano SIM
  • Navigation: GPS, Glonass
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 4.2, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 165.6 x 77 x 10 mm

Equipment and design

The smartphone is sold in a standard white box with a picture of the device and the model name on the title side. Specifications are listed on one of the boards, the color of the model is indicated on the other. BQ 6645L is available in mint pink, dark green and graphite. We got the black model.

The gadget is in a dustproof bag and recessed into the recess of the cardboard stand. A bright yellow sticker on the display shows the key features of the device. Hidden underneath is a black charging cable, AC adapter, and a massive lithium-polymer battery, each in a separate bag. There is also a detailed instruction manual and a warranty card.

Despite its impressive size, BQ 6645L weighs about 200 grams, compared to 245 grams of my own smartphone with similar dimensions. Its body is made of matte, rough to the touch plastic. It is completely non-slip, but it gets dirty much more noticeably than glossy and glass counterparts.

Tiny volume and power/lock buttons are placed on the starboard side. On the left side, also unexpectedly found a large finger button, intended for a quick call of the voice assistant Google.

Interface for 3.5 mm Jack Headphones and Mini-USB Input is displayed on the top of the smartphone, while on the bottom there is a speaker and two serfs to push and remove the case cover For Installation of the battery, memory cards and two nano SIM-cards.

Frontal chamber-droplet is located strictly in the center at the top of the display, 13 megapixel Dual camera with a flashlight are removed to the left corner The back of the device. Square module less than a millimeter is issued forward, but its sides are not protected. Nearby is a round fingerprint scanner, and below - several dynamics holes.

On the official website BQ, bookcases, flip-bumpers, magnetic overlays and protective glasses for official smartphones of the company are sold, and I would not recommend to neglect them. In black execution without components BQ 6645L looks like a medium-budget device with thoughtful ergonomics and high-quality materials.


The Base Protective film is applied to the display. Unfortunately, quite mediocre. It is quickly contaminated and covered with scratches, working with a sensor through it is uncomfortable - sensitivity is fine, but the finger does not slip on the screen.

At BQ 6645L rounded at the edges IPS display, which is functioning with a resolution of 1200 per 540 pixels. The image is bright, but there is a pink parasitic tint on a white canvas even with an increased contrast, which flies into yellow and is slightly darkened by changing the viewing angles.

But color images, photos or videos please the eyes with depth and saturation, and the maximum level of brightness will allow you to use the smartphone on a sunny day without any problems.

Despite the low in general, the resolution and hertes of the screen, the pixels are not thrown into the eyes, the characters are read perfectly, the scrolling is performed smoothly. The presence of a large display at BQ 6645L seems completely justified.

It is especially noticeable when viewing a video content or wandering on overloaded information on Internet resources. Colorful picture with perfectly distinguished details at a budget price - definitely one of the strongest Parties to BQ 6645L.


BQ 6645L works on a sufficiently heavy Android 11. When the smartphone is turned on for the first time, the owner goes through the standard user initialization procedure with the ability to pull up all data and applications associated with Google account installed on other devices.

The only difference is a separate form from BQ, which pops up before starting the operation of an almost fully configured device. This is a warranty contract that provides for one year of support from the manufacturer. Specify your data and the guarantee takes effect immediately.

The system provides all standard interfaces and OS functions from Google. There is no unique software from BQ (apart from the EGuarantee mentioned above), but there are at least advertising pre-installed applications: messenger ICQ, Internet Security antivirus program, several applications from Yandex and, Odnoklassniki and the AppList downloader.

Performance and hardware

a UNISOC SC9863A nuclear chipset and three gigabytes of RAM. An equivalent processor is installed in the ZTE Blade A5, which is distributed by local retailers at a similar price to the BQ 6645L. It is worth noting that ZTE has only two gigabytes of RAM, a smaller display diagonal, no fingerprint scanner and a non-removable battery.

With applications like instant messengers, maps or file sharing, the BQ 6645L is fast. Switching between tabs, accessing the Internet and social networks is carried out with minimal delays. That is, on the whole, it copes with the main tasks almost as quickly as its counterparts from the middle price segment.

For games, I would recommend downloading some kind of accelerator, but even with it, the smartphone will not show miracles. If you like low resource-intensive puzzle apps or match-3 games, there will be no problem, but serious mobile projects like Black Desert Mobile or Genshin Impact BQ 6645L will not cope.

I tested the device in Call of Duty: Mobile, and even on the lowest settings, the game stutters a little during mass firefights, but most of the time it works relatively stable. At the same time, the smartphone heats up significantly, and the battery is consumed significantly faster.

It's sad to play Pokémon Unite at the lowest graphics settings, but it's quite real. Fps during the match fluctuates between 25 - 30 frames per second, but the speed of uploading and downloading files leaves much to be desired. But Pokémon GO works well. Especially if you don't use AR mode.


The device has a dual 12 MP camera as the main and 8 MP front camera. The interface allows you to initiate HDR shooting and portrait mode with a beauty filter, as well as record slow motion video, take night shots and take the so-called “audio photo”.

By default, the BQ 6645L shoots in 4:3 aspect ratio at 13.0 MP. The camera takes wide-format photos (16:9) at 9.7 megapixels. All this is determined manually in the "Settings" section. Here are some widescreen photos taken on an overcast day:

The camera has AI, but it's far from perfect. Color adjusts well, but there are some difficulties with focusing. In addition, AI is not able to determine objects for a frame with blurry backs, and until it sees a human face, the bokeh effect will not be applied.

Sound quality and connectivity

BQ 6645L speaker is quite loud, but high the sound quality will not please you - the music flows from it flat and high-frequency, but the basic ringtones in the catalog are selected in such a way as to minimize this drawback.

The sound in wired headphones is excellent, as is the voice of the interlocutor. In terms of communication, I had no complaints - the speaker can be heard very well, he also does not complain. Nothing unexpected.

Device clings to IEEE 802.11 b/g/n network and cannot connect to 5G. Wireless gadgets work with it via Bluetooth 4.2 - not the most stable option for areas overloaded with signals. The device also does not have a module NFC.


BQ 6645L does not support fast charging, but it has a massive and removable (which means it can be easily replaced after exhaustion of the resource) battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. With moderate use (for example, for the Internet, instant messengers and calls), the smartphone will be able to work for several days without recharging.

The system has several power-saving presets, thanks to which the device will last even longer. It took me about three hours to fully charge the battery from about 5%.


In the budget segment, BQ 6645L Element looks extremely profitable. The device is styled by iron, easily copier with most modern applications, including networks, has a spacious battery, there is a GPS, a fingerprint scanner and even Face Unlock feature.

The device has a mediocre camera and for the resource-intensive games it will not work, but BQ 6645L Element will probably have to taste lovers to watch video on the spacious screen or study content on social networks. The main thing, do not forget to purchase bumpers and protective glass from BQ. Especially since they, like most of their products, are distributed in the official store on very affordable prices.

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