BQ-6015L Universe Review: Right from another Universe!

The Russian manufacturer BQ regularly takes attempts to conquer the average price segment of the mobile market. And they won't call them unsuccessful, since the models SPACE X and Aurora received a lot of positive responses - including from our site. Companies explicitly became closely in the budget segment, and the appearance of an innovative BQ-6015L Universe is superfluous.

At the time of publication of the review, the Universe smartphone costs only 12,990 rubles, although it would be definitely not to get lost among the devices with a price of 20 thousand and higher. About why this gadget is worthy of attention, we will tell.


  • Materials: Plastic, Metal, Glass
  • Operating System: Android 8.0
  • Processor: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 435, clock frequency up to 1.4 GHz
  • Video accelerator: Adreno 505
  • Operational / user memory: 3 GB / 32 GB (free about 23 GB)
  • Slot for Memory cards : There is a maximum volume of 128 GB
  • Display: 6 inches, resolution 1528 × 720
  • Basic camera: 13 MPIX
  • Frontal chamber: 16 MPIX
  • Fingerprint scanner :. 55]
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Battery: 3000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 72.2 × 155 × 8.3 mm
  • Weight: 157 grams

Equipment and design

On the flagship status of the Universe smartphone indicates already The fact that it is sold in atypical for BQ square box, monotonously red. Side of the relief letters of the raspberry color is spelled out the name of the model. It looks like an intrigue - so I want to quickly remove the film and see what inside.

We see that the smartphone lies in the tray, and the box in which the complete accessories - is located Power supply and cable microUSB. Mandatory "literature" - warranty card, instruction, coupon with promotion to branded accessories - placed under a tray with a telephone. Among the papers you can find a needle, which is necessary for seizing the tray under SIM.

Say that Universe is attractive - say nothing. It is dazzling - and literally, because the housing has a mirror 3D coating and sparkles without exaggeration. Yes, the rear surface does not seem as impressive with fingerprints, which remain on it after a while use. We'll have to periodically wipe the housing with a silk cloth - but it is worth it!

in front of the device also looks extremely Curiously due to the display of the U-shaped form, which envelopes the front chamber's eyes. Approximately the same "cheek" can be observed on iPhone X. Talk about the plagiarism, of course, in this case it is not necessary - rather, about the new trend.

With the exception of self-chamber, which grows in front of strictly in the center, the remaining elements are typically located. Mechanical keys - turning on and adjusting the volume - placed on the right. Button " Power" Relief. From above the standard connector for connecting headphones. The bottom of the mesh, hiding the speaker and the microphone, as well as the MicroUSB connector for recharging. On the left side "hiding" the tray for SIM - alas, combined.

Upper end
Lower end
Right facet
Left face

The design of the device can be described as a premium and original. Perhaps you are not impressed by the appearance of the BQ Universe, if among your "former" iPhone X and top models samsung and HTC. However, in its price segment, a novelty from BQ from point of view design exceeds, perhaps any competitor.

BQ Universe is sold in 2 color versions: gray-blue and gold.


While manufacturers one by one refuse screens with the aspect ratio of 16: 9 in favor of the new standard 18: 9, BQ turns out to be "a step ahead": The Aspect ratio of the Universe display - 19: 9. In fairness, we note that the Russian manufacturer is not an innovator, since earlier smartphones with such screens have already been released Leagoo, Huawei, BlackView. However, in order to introduce such an exotic solution in the flagship model, you need non-life courage.

The screen resolution is just as unusual, how its format is 1528 × 720. You may seem like a little for 6 inches - we admit, we also seemed like that when we looked at dry numbers of characteristics. In fact, no pixel can be speech - the screen is very bright, with wide viewing angles, performed using the technology "without air layer" (OGS). Recognizes up to 5 simultaneous touches.

What you definitely do not have to think about the preservation of the display. Not only is the screen covered with heavy-duty glass Gorilla Glass 3 generation - it also has additional protection in the form of a factory film.

Productivity and Memory

Smartphones of the budget and medium price segments, as a rule, work on MediaTek chipsets - especially Unusually seen on the device from the BQ processor from Qualcomm. Yes, Snapdragon 435 is not the limit of dreams, but even this "pebbles" will quickly be MTK products previously used by the manufacturer.

Universe - already the second on account after Space X smartphone BQ with the 435th processor. At the same time, in , the benchmark antutu model 6015L showed itself better - scored almost 60 thousand "Parrots".

This is a good result for the model of the average price segment, and by the standards of BQ is generally outstanding. In the catalog of the company there is only one smartphone that "flies" is faster -Aurora.

We checked the gadget in games - Fresh "Asphalt 9: Legends", Tekken and Subway Surfers. With primitive "surfers" there was absolutely no problems, but microlagi was clearly noticeable in the "heavy" Asphalt 9 and Tekken. Solve the problem managed by reducing the characteristics of the graphics.

of RAM at the device 3 GB. This is more than enough to simultaneously work several applications and quick switching between them. If you open a few tabs in the browser, it will not put the device in a dead end. 32 GB of user memory will have enough someone who prefers to use a smartphone for working purposes. If you are a kinoman or a playground, we advise you to purchase a flash drive together with the device. In Universe, you can put a microUSB card with a volume of up to 128 GB.

Operating system and software

Here, it would probably have to tell primarily about Android 8.0 Oreo and his " Chips ", but let us start with the function that really impressed us. This is the feature of the face recognition (or face unlock). An innovative technology on Universe works as ideal how ideally how the average price segment simply should not. For all the time tests, she never mistaken and always defined the face of the "host" even with a lack of light. And it does not matter, at what angle the face is in relation to the smartphone - blocking is removed so quickly that you do not have time to enter even the first digit of the pin code. Face Unlock works no worse than the caviling and rapid FACE ID.

Security of the personal data of the smartphone user is intended to provide fingerprint scanner. He also works immaculately, but it has to use it infrequently. Face Unlock functions hardly need an alternative, so the daotyloskop on the smartphone looks simply an excessive element.

The Universe has a module NFC - the owner of the smartphone can use Android Pay and pay shopping in stores by contactless way. Among BQ gadgets are not so many models capable of boasting such an advantage. Unlike the "Budget" of Contact, which is also suitable for contactless payments, Bijew Universe is paying very quickly - within a couple of seconds.

Android 8 shell looks like this:


Smartphones, whose self-cells are better than the rear, already stopped considered something "out of the rank". Universe is exactly the number of such devices. In the novelties from the BQ a wonderful front camera, the main "chip" of which is not even an impressive resolution (16 MPIX), and lights f / 2.0. Thanks to the Lights of the selfie, made by lack of light, turn out to be excellently detailed and tidy.

The key dignity of the 13 megapixel main chamber is a phase focus that works far faster than the usual contrast focus. The risk of getting a blurry image from Universe tends to zero - even if the photo was taken in low light conditions.


More than the main camera, perhaps nothing remarkable. You can eliminate errors in the photo using the built-in editor, which is very modest in functionality - only three sliders and a dozen filters. An example of a picture processed in the editor is in the photoset below.

Processed by internal filter, artificial sharpened


"special skills" in terms of sound is unfounded. The smartphone has no problems with volume, although it is somewhat disappointing that the device lacks a built-in sound enhancer. BQ devices with Android 7th generation have always had at least one feature aimed at improving the sound in the speaker - BesLoudness.


Battery life is not a strong point of the BQ Universe device, but not a weak one either. The device is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery, which demonstrates average autonomy:

  • Moderate use (2-3 calls of average duration plus surfing the Internet) - about 1 day.
  • Hard mode (the user constantly plays, interrupting only to watch the latest episode of their favorite TV show) - 5-6 hours.

The smartphone can “stretch” without recharging even longer if “ Power saving mode ” is activated. However, background data transfer and geolocation are then turned off.

Regarding fast charging, there are two news - good and bad. Let's start with the good: Universe supports it. The bad news is that fast charging does not support the included adapter. If you want to spend less time to feed the gadget, you will have to buy an accessory separately.


If BQ will continue to produce the same "cosmic" gadgets and further, then the quiet sape will definitely get to the premium segment and will fix it in it. Most recently, we talked about the many merits of the model of the Space X. Universe model of the SPACE X. Universe, it is not inferior to her - and in something even surpasses it.

The novelty from BQ fascinated us at first glance and for all the time the tests never made it doubt that it was worth The money that is asked for her. The main advantages of Universe are:

  • support for the function of unlocking the face of Face Unlock, which works extremely reliably.
  • A 6-inch display with the aspect ratio of 19: 9, placed in a compact case.
  • Frontal camera with impressive resolution and luminosity.
  • The presence of an NFC module for contactless payment.
  • The productive processor from Qualcomm.
  • Original, "Mirror" design.
  • Modest price (for the described functional).

The combined slot can be attributed to the number of minuses, as well as the fact that the rear panel of the gadget is constantly covered with fingerprints. However, these minuses are rather from the sedition section - they should not influence the decision to buy the apparatus.

Using BQ Universe, we realized that this is not only a beautiful, but also practical and functional gadget. On the official website, the model is called "perfection", and we, avoiding high-profile words, simply note: everything than the manufacturer equipped the device, it really works canceled. Universe creates the impression of a smartphone worked out to the most tiny and minor details. Holding the device in hand, aware of which painstaking work has been done by the developers, so that you are now comfortable - and you are experiencing something like quiet thanks.