Bluetooth radiation: Is it so dangerous?

One word "radiation" is enough to cause horror in people. Imagination draws nightmarish consequences in the form of incurable diseases. Do scientists launched such a dangerous technology into everyday life?

You put on headphones, customize communication with the smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy the convenience of wireless technology. Is it possible to believe this information? Let's figure it out. In this material, we will tell about what Bluetooth is and is not taking the invisible radiation of any hazard for health.

Where did Bluetooth come from?

Bluetooth technology presented in 1989 was promising. In 1999, the first consumer headset for mobile phones with a Bluetooth module was developed. So the era of wireless technologies of a small radius of action began. To date, Bluetooth replaced some types of wired connections. Today, this feature is an integral part of laptops, mobile phones, headphones, speakers, keyboards, printers and many household devices.

Bluetooth - data transmission technology by means of radio waves. In essence, it is an ordinary radio communication with the Master-Slave control architecture (lead-slave), where one device acts as a signal transmitter, and the other as a receiver. With a simultaneous connection in one network, it may be up to seven devices, although in practice this number is usually limited to three or four devices. It is not necessary to be in the zone of direct visibility of each other: radio waves can pass through obstacles in the form of walls, furniture, etc., but the radius of action is reduced.

Depending on the Bluetooth class operates at a distance of up to 100 meters. In practice, the limit range depends on the conditions of the medium between devices - the presence of physical obstacles, material of walls, radio domain, etc.

Bluetooth works on the basis of electromagnetic radiation. And although the word "radiation" is present in the title of this technology, to worry about nothing. Not any radiation carries unequivocal harm to the body.

How does electromagnetic radiation work?

Electromagnetic radiation (AM) is an invisible energy produced by objects at different frequencies. According to the Center for the Control and Prevention of US Diseases, more high-frequency radiation produces higher levels of energy.

there are two types of electromagnetic radiation - ionizing and non-ionizing. Both species occur both of natural and technogenic sources. Ionizing AMI is used in x-ray apparatus. In large doses, it can remove electrons from atoms, which carries a real danger to the human body. Direct sunlight is also an ionizing Amy, we are subjected to him every time we go outside, but his doses are so small that in most cases they do not cause serious health problems.

Does Bluetooth radiation dangerous?

Any device with the Bluetooth function is a source of non-ionizing AMI at a low level. The question of his safety was raised by scientists repeatedly. Until now, all studies are ambiguous, although scientists have come to a general decision to this point.

According to the US National Institute of Oncology, radio frequency radiation has only one proven biological effect - tissue heating. But due to the low energy level, the non-anonymous Amy lacks power to break chemical bonds or remove electrons from atoms.

In addition, the management of sanitary supervision of the quality of food and drugs of the United States argues that in small doses, non-ionizing radiation practically does not cause side effects in humans.

Do you need to be afraid of Bluetooth devices?

Any Bluetooth device is safe for use if the radiation level is below the limit set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As a unit of measurement, the specific absorption coefficient SAR is used. It displays the number of radio frequency energy absorbed by the tissues of the body, and is expressed in watts per kilogram (W / kg) or millivatts per square centimeter (MW / cm2).

In the US, the SAR limit is 1.6 W / kg, while in Europe a SAR restriction for mobile devices above - 2.0 W / kg. Devices with a higher SAR value do not pass certification and are not allowed to sell.

For comparison: Apple Airpods SAR is 0.466 W / kg, and iPhone 12 - 0.483 W / kg. The difference is meager, but on the fact the phone calls are safer to receive with airpods than on the Apple smartphone.

How to find out the SAR coefficient for my smartphone?

If you are interested in the security question of your smartphone or tablet, you can always find out its SAR indicator. There are several ways for this.

View in the device settings

The SAR coefficient is often indicated in the settings. On the iPhone and iPad, this information is in the "Settings" section - "General" - "Legal Questions" - "The Impact of Radio Frequency Radiation".

Alternatively, you can dial USSD code * # 07 # so that the SAR coefficient information is displayed on the screen of the smartphone.

View on the manufacturer's website

in large electronics manufacturers Information about the SAR coefficient for different products is indicated on the website. To find it, you need to write the name of the model of the smartphone or tablet + SAR in the search bar. As a supplement, most manufacturers also publish information about the safety of their devices.

For example, Samsung has a special page, when entering which the user sees the SAR coefficient for its device.

View in the database of the Federal Communications Commission

The FCC website provides a list of approved devices with a safe SAR level. To find data about your smartphone or tablet, go to the FCC website and enter the FCC identification number of your device.

Mobile phones, the FCC identification number is usually on the back cover, behind the battery or in the user manual. In the "Equipment Authorization" section, you can find out if the manufacturer has a certificate of compliance with SAR safety standards.

How to use Bluetooth without harm to health?

It is unlikely that someone will argue with the fact that Bluetooth greatly facilitates everyday life. Since the full rejection of wireless connections will bring a lot of inconvenience, you can try to protect yourself from the harmful effects of Amy, no matter how minimal it is.

During the conversation, keep your smartphone at a distance

Taking calls, try to keep your smartphone at a distance of 1 cm from the head. If possible, use a wireless headset or a loud function.

Limit children access to gadgets with Bluetooth

The growing organism is much more sensitive to various influences than adult, and he does not need extra threats. Therefore, if possible, limit the child to the use of wireless technologies.

Buy devices with Safe rating SAR

Find out the SAR coefficient before purchasing and preferred to gadgets with low SAR. Choose manufacturers who comply with the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission. So in your hands there will be products, successfully passed strict tests.

Use Bluetooth without fear, but in moderation

The final verdict on how dangerous can be devices with Bluetooth has not yet been rendered. If any doubts, check the information on the FCC website. In most cases, the device that has passed the standard check is considered safe to operate in everyday life.

In health issues, caution is not superfluous

from Bluetooth and many other useful technologies do not refuse. Just before buying another smartphone or tablet, spend a little time to find out whether the selected device meets the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission, follow the instructions on the operation, then harm from radio frequency communication (if it is generally) you do not threaten.