Best Wireless Training Headphones

Most athletes prefer to train in wireless headphones. And with the growing popularity of True Wireless devices, there were a lot of really interesting options.

Especially for you, we have compiled a rating of the best wireless headphones for training in which we tried to include models from different price segments. Therefore, everyone can find a suitable device on this list.

Jabra ELITE 65T

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if You are looking for universal wireless headphones for training, pay attention to Jabra Elite 65t. It is resistant to water and dust inserts, which have the degree of protection IP55. They are durable and work almost without failures. Jabra Elite 65T uses Bluetooth 5.0, which is characterized by better energy efficiency and more stable compound.

For True Wireless Device at Jabra Elite 65T, the impressive battery life. Headphones can guarantee about 5.85 hours of music playback. After that, they can be supplied with the help of a cover-run.

Of the features, the auto suite feature can be distinguished. If during the playback of music, take out one of the ear headphones, then the playback of the multimedia will suspend. To resume it is enough to return the earphone for one minute.

Among the disadvantages - the lack of support for high-resolution codecs. But considering the already impressive performance devices and stable operation Bluetooth connections, Jabra Elite 65t can be forgiven everything.


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JLAB JBUDS Air Sport is excellent wireless headphones with enhanced bass, but without any distortion of sound. The model has the degree of protection IP66, is distinguished by high reliability, functionality and affordable price.

In the assortment of JLAB, a variety of silicone insert headphone nozzles, so you can choose a suitable model without any special problems for more comfortable listening to tracks with a pronounced low frequency sound. If you are often playing outside the hall, then you will certainly appreciate the Be Aware mode, which enhances the ambient noise.

JLAB JBUDS Air Sport boasts an impressive battery life, about 4.5 hours of music playback without recharging. At the same time, if you put them in a case (comes with a device) for 15 minutes, then you can increase their time of work for another 1.5 hours. Perhaps the main disadvantage of JLAB Jbuds Air Sport is that they only support AAC high-quality codec. But if you are looking for wireless headphones for training, it is unlikely that it will be a serious problem for you.

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 - These are the most reliable and durable wireless headphones for training. The device has the degree of protection of the IP57 and boasts smart liners that were specifically designed to have external noises during sports during exercise. In this sense, they cope with the task much better than JLAB JBuds Air Sport.

Unfortunately, this feature makes headphones less versatile than it would like. Not every athlete is regularly engaged in the hall, outdoors. And the ability to hear extraneous noises in a safe room is not the most necessary thing.

On the left liner Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 is a touch panel that allows you to adjust the volume. At the maximum it is pretty decent. Due to the fact that the music is constantly muted by the surrounding noise, the sound is not quite "clean". However, this sin with many wireless headphones for training.

BEATS PowerBeats Pro

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Beats PowerBeats Pro is a bright example of how true Wireless headphones must be attached to the ear. Specially designed nozzles are arranged at an angle, which provides them with a more comfortable landing. At the same time, the hooks themselves securely hold the ear and do not give headphones to fall during training.

Like Airpods, PowerBeats Pro is based on Bluetooth 5.0 and equipped with Apple chip from Apple, so they have access to with voice assistant Siri. Beats PowerBeats Pro are difficult to call the most reliable or durable headphones. Nevertheless, they have an IPX4 rating. And this means that the device will easily endure almost any training.

For True Wireless Headphones at Beats PowerBeats Pro incredible battery life, almost 11 hours of music playback. And in just five minutes of recharging you can get an additional 1.5 hours. Case itself, which comes complete with headphones, grabs 1.5 complete recharging. If you are not very limited in the budget, then Beats PowerBeats Pro are the best wireless headphones for training for owners iphone.


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As a rule, Tru Wireless models are more expensive than its usual wireless analogs. Here the JLAB JBuds Air is published on the scene. They have the degree of protection IP55 and at first glance seem too cumbersome to stay in the ear during training. Nevertheless, it can easily manage it.

Included with JLAB JBUDS Air There is a special case with a built-in USB charging cable. Therefore, at any time you can recharge it from the network (in the presence of an adapter) or a laptop. Like other wireless headphones for training, JLAB JBUDS AIR is not the best sound quality. But this lack of full compensated for a stable Bluetooth connection, reliability and ergonomics.

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What you need to know about Wireless Headphones for Training

The decisive role in the choice of headphones can play how much convenient they "sit" in the ear. If you use the right nozzles, you can enjoy excellent bass. Otherwise, the sound can lose the clarity, and instead of elastic bases, outsiders will be heard and rattling.

If you are engaged in the room and love to do online broadcasts during your workouts, pay attention to the wireless headphones with the support of high-resolution codecs. For example, Anker Liberty AIR or Mobvoi Ticpods Free.

Any wireless headphones for training should have a water-repellent coating and the corresponding class. If you use a device without special protection, then after some time they can come into disrepair.

At the moment, True Wireless headphones cannot boast a stable connection, so from time to time the connection can be interrupted. It is inevitable, so consider this fact when you purchase such devices.