Best wireless router manufacturers

Not all wireless routers are equally reliable and functional. We tell about brands that work on conscience.

The wireless router is not the thing that every day has to be bought. Often its choice is of great difficulties for people unfamiliar with network equipment - characteristics look like a meaningless set of letters and numbers. Still, if the need to buy it arose, in the whole of this abrakadabe we must learn to understand a little. Only so it turns out to choose a suitable model and not to lower the money in vain.

Since reliability is the quality that most buyers poses at the head of their requests, we have compiled a list of manufacturers who can be trusted.

Good manufacturer of routers - what is he?

The high-quality router is not obliged to be in all senses advanced. Quality is something that applies not to one specific model, but describes all the products of any brand. In addition to the quality of this, other signs can also be attributed.

  • price and value. Product functionality commensurate the amount you give for it. The brand is competitive if in some cases it can afford to apply advanced technology at a reduced value.
  • Quality and reliability. An important indicator of any technique, including the router, is durability. The company should not save on the assembly in order for the cost of the finished product to be cheaper than the competitors in 200-300 rubles. Look in the Internet information about the average service life. Few people do that, but this information can strongly affect your desire to use some brands technique.
  • Client support. While you are looking for information about the average service life, on the way you will meet reviews of real buyers - satisfied and not very. If the company responds to such reviews, offers solutions to problems, has clear terms of refund of faulty goods - this is a good sign.

In the end, do not forget that the brand is just one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing a router, although not the very last one. What could be worse than throwing a useless box on the garbage, bought a couple of months ago, and start the whole process first?

The best manufacturers of routers

Immediately want to note something: the perfect manufacturer does not exist. Even the eminent companies do not have no failures, and there are failures when you have to deal with flaws in one of the parties or turn the production of an unsuccessful model.

Just remember that such situations are normal. Not a single company is insured, even those that we took to the number of the best.


Google recently came to the Google router market. As expected, a developed company with huge manufacturing and engineering resources immediately began to be born of good products. The first router in its history was OnHub 2015 release.

Today on Wireless Routers Google demand is very high. The latest model Google Nest Wi-Fi received positive reviews in all respects. It is intended for domestic use in wireless networks, and also performs the functions of a wireless speaker and a hub for a smart home.

For those who do not need so extensive functionality, Google has something easier - Google Wi-Fi router for single use and combining multiple devices into a mesh network. Mesh network is a real salvation for large rooms, where there are coating problems and signal quality. It's nice that Google has provided such cases.


NetGear is another manufacturer of network equipment with a successful history of Wi-Fi router development. Previously, this company has the highest and budget level products significantly differed in the quality of the assembly and performance, but all this remained in the past.

The road segment is Netgear NightHawk XR1000 with an incredibly fast connection to Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6, three-core processor and wide prioritization capabilities Traffic.

If all this is for nothing, choose a more budget NETGEAR R6400. It is ideal for small houses and apartments, and the bandwidth and many other indicators are little inferior to premium products.

Once Netgear pursued failures in the production of consumer routers, but in recent years the company has underwent experience and significantly pulled the quality of its products. Now you can rely on any of them without fear to spend money in vain.


Wireless Wi-Fi TP-Link Routers with a variety of functions are suitable for any budget and therefore Many years remain a popular choice of buyers.

TP-LINK Archer C5400 is a powerful three-band MU-MIMO router. Eight antennas directed up, make it similar on an inverted spider. Speed ​​limit - 5334 Mbps.

If for the Internet connection in your home such a speed is unattainable, you can choose a simpler TP-LINK Archer C3200 with six external antennas. It is excellent and equipped with equipment for working with high speed data.

The TP-LINK brand is present in the communication equipment market for a long time. The gentle pricing policy, a large selection of inexpensive multifunctional models, maintain its popularity among the wide audience.


Wireless W-Fi routers on any request and budget is also available at ASUS. Most often, the range of this company is studied by buyers, not limited to the means. Top Routers ASUS Series Republic Of Gamers (ROG) is a selection of gamers.

In principle, it is not so important how much time you spend, playing over the network. The proposals of the Gamer series should pay attention because its functions are suitable for a variety of purposes.

ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AX11000 clings a look from the first second. Support Wi-Fi 6, eight external antennas, multiplayer MIMO mode, several ports USB 3.1, traffic prioritization function and durability make it one of the best developments today.

ASUS RT-AC3200 is also a reliable option, but already from the budget category. His opportunities are enough for domestic purposes without any serious requirements.


Compared to other brands Linksys achieved less progress in recent years, but it does not prevent her In the list of reliable brands of network equipment. The buildings of many Linksys routers have a blue-black design, so you can easily recognize them on store shelves. Consider - they stand in many homes and offices.

Here, for example, model Linksys WRT3200ACM. Its reliability is proved by numerous reviews. One of the advantages is an open source firmware that allows you to conduct advanced control over the Wi-Fi network.

Linksys MR9000 shows well in Mesh networks. The coating area is 280 m², the maximum connection speed is 3000 Mbps.

What brand from listed is best?

This question is difficult to give a unambiguous answer. The field of coating, speed and design is very impressive by Google's fresh offers. Nevertheless, you will not lose anything, making a choice in favor of ASUS or TP-Link, which have long been present on the market.

It is not necessary to choose the router only from those brands that were listed in this material. There are many other decent brands whose quality is confirmed by years of operation. Maybe you know such a manufacturer? Share your experience, let other readers also know about less noticeable, but worthy players from the field of wireless equipment.