Best wireless charging

The rare thing facilitates life as wireless charging. We offer to get acquainted with the best chargers Qi for home and car.

Wireless charging - the most modern solution for the smartphone. Sits the battery? Just put the phone to the wireless panel, and the percentage will automatically go up. Need to answer the call? Easy peasy. Take the phone and answer. You can even walk with him around the room, because you will not limit the cable length. Just do not forget to return it to the panel to charge continue.

Whatever premium smartphone you bought in 2021, it will certainly be implemented by the QI power standard. Charger compatible with Qi, quite a lot. Regardless of the budget and preferred form factor, you will find a suitable solution.

Best Wireless Charging for Home

Hama Wireless Charge SET Qi-FC15S

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This wireless charging received two coils, which allows it to produce the maximum power of 15 W. The model can be used in a horizontal and vertical position, its surface is rubbering, A Stand made of metal. On the perimeter there is a LED disconnected state illumination.

For charging, a complete cable USB-C is 1 meter long and power supply with QC 3.0 support. Pleasant bonuses are the presence of protection against short circuit and overvoltage.

Baseus Simple Wireless Charger

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This QI charging attracts not only an affordable price tag, but also several films. In addition to standard black and white, it happens transparent, which allows you to see the entire internal filling of the device. The housing is made of glass and metal, a powerful coil provides a power of 10 W and can charge smartphones even through a cover, provided that its thickness does not exceed 8 mm.

The device is able to independently go to sleep mode when the smartphone will type the full capacity of the battery. And it distinguishes the phones from other metal objects, therefore it does not turn on in good.

Xiaomi MI 20W Wireless Charging Stand

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This inexpensive wireless charge from Xiaomi is capable of charging 10 W power devices, and if using branded brand network units, the indicator can reach 20 W. To connect a network cable, the connector USB-C is used here. The model has a simple and pretty design, a small emphasis is provided for the stability of the smartphone.


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This minimalistic charging has a magnetic mount, which provides automatic centering on the rear panel of the smartphone to achieve accurate and correct fixation for quick charging. The device is small, has a fixed cable with a length of 1 meter. It is compatible with the supply blocks with QC 2.0. The case of this charging is equipped with a LED status indicator. Output power - 10 W.

Ubear Stream

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If you do not want to save and look for a stylish, high-quality QI charging, then this model will have to do with you. It has sensors that recognize the device and select the optimal charging parameters. It controls the temperature, and it will also understand that there is an extraneous object on the surface and will not turn on.

The housing is made of anodized aluminum, the tissue surface ensures that the gadget will not receive mechanical damage. The model issues up to 10 W power and can charge with a thickness cover not more than 3 mm. This charging is supplied in two colors, the kit includes a 2-meter cable in one color scheme with the device itself.

Apple MagSafe MHXH3ZE/A

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Apple MagSafe was introduced for the new generation iPhone 12, but it is compatible with all smartphones from the 8th series and AirPods. The feature of the model is that it is automatically centered on the back surface (only the iPhone 12 series is supported) and thus guarantees fast charging 15W. Model built-in USB-C cable 1 meter. As an adapter, the manufacturer recommends using a proprietary 20 W power supply with a USB-C connector.

Aukey Qi

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Aukey's Qi-compatible charging pad is attractively priced, but this fact does not mean that it is significantly limited in its capabilities. The device has an output power of 10W and is suitable for most smartphones.

10 W is the limit. The extended power profile is not supported, so you will not be able to charge the Google Pixel 4 XL at maximum speed. The same applies to the Galaxy Note 10 and later flagships Samsung. As for the iPhone, with them, the charging speed reaches 7.5 watts.

The design of the charger is simple: it is a round block in a discreet design. The panel is capable of transferring charge through covers 3 mm thick. Of course, there is protection against overcharging.

Yootech Wireless Charger

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In terms of functionality, the Yootech charger is almost identical to Aukey. The panel supports three charging speeds and can switch between them depending on the characteristics of the device being charged.

The charger uses components manufactured by Samsung. With older devices, Yootech operates at up to 5 watts. With the iPhone, the figure rises to 7.5. The maximum value is 10 W. Unlike Aukey, Yootech has USB-C support, which for some users may be a deciding factor in their purchase.

Anker PowerWave

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The Anker PowerWave wireless device has a rare feature. The charging area is located at an angle and allows you to conveniently work with your smartphone right in the process of powering.

The device is based on Samsung hardware. Its capabilities include support for accelerated wireless power with a power rating of up to 10 watts. There are also weaker modes. For iPhone, as in the case of other chargers, the maximum power will be 7.5 watts. The lower 5 W is maintained. 5 mm action zone.

Samsung Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger

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Samsung flagship holders It is desirable to purchase a wireless charge from the South Korean manufacturer. The fact is that these smartphones are capable of taking a current of great strength.

The charger is powered by Fast Charge 2.0 technology, that is, with an output power up to 15 W. The panel is located vertically with the slope, which will be very convenient if you want to work with your smartphone while it is charging. With the phones without supporting the accelerated power function, the output power will be limited to the standard Qi 5 W.

For the price, this device is a bit more expensive than its competitors. But additional costs are justified, because in addition to the function of quick charging, a wall holder is included in the kit.

Anker PowerWave 10 Dual Wireless Charging Pad

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Sometimes two devices must be recharged at once. In such a situation, the Charger Anker PowerWave 10 Dual will be very helpful. The panel is equipped with two charging surfaces and gives energy at maximum power to both connected devices.

Like other products ANKER, PowerWave 10 Dual can charge smartphones in a case, but no more than 5 mm thick. Included in the DC adapter. The disadvantage of this device is that it is not able to charge Samsung's mobile phones with a capacity of 15 W, since the maximum indicator is limited to 10 W. But there are standard 7.5 W modes for iPhone and 5 W for low-power mobile devices.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad (EP-P5200)

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On the simultaneous power of two Qi-compatible devices, a powerful Samsung Duo panel is calculated. She is not inferior to its competitors, but on the contrary it offers a little more. Support for accelerated nutrition is implemented here. This means that smartphones from the latest Samsung releases can be charged at the maximum speed, which is 15 W.

In addition to impressive power indicators, Duo Pad has another important feature. The panel can be installed at an angle to view incoming notifications and work with a smartphone without interrupting charging. Like most original accessories, this charger is not cheap, but the feature set definitely justifies the money spent.

Best Wireless Car Chargers

Hama FC 10 Flex Set

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Good car charger with Qi support - Hama FC 10 Flex Set. This is an inexpensive model with a convenient car mount and a well-thought-out phone clip that pleases with simplicity and reliability. You can charge your smartphone with one hand. After that, the beginning of the capacity recovery process is immediately activated, no additional actions need to be taken.

This charger is designed for models with a width of 6.5 to 9 cm, for safety, silicone inserts are provided to prevent scratches. The maximum power reaches 10 watts.

The kit includes a cigarette lighter charger with one USB-A output, a one-meter USB-A to USB-C cable, and a holder itself that acts as a Qi charger.

Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W

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Wireless charging from Xiaomi has a power of 20 W, which allows it to charge smartphones quite quickly. It has a well-implemented cooling system, there is an LED indicator of operation, it is suitable for any phones with a width of 81.5 mm.

For the convenience of installing the device, there are hidden sensors in the case that automatically push the clamps apart when the smartphone approaches them. At the same time, they securely hold the gadget, so that even sudden braking will not make it fly out of the holder. There are also built-in security features.

Aukey Wireless Car Charger


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Aukey charging holder looks very modern and will fit into the interior of any car. It is Qi-compatible, supports different power levels: 5 W for low-power devices, from 7.5 to 10 for modern iPhone, Samsung and other brands.

The mount will fire automatically. Press the button on the side to open the clip and place your smartphone on the panel. The intelligent recognition system will work and the clamp will gradually close. The holder is attached to the duct. Thus, during the charging process, the smartphone is not in danger of overheating, it will be constantly cooled by air flow even on the hottest summer day.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger

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The iOttie wireless charging pad is functionally similar to the Aukey solution, but differs in installation location. It attaches to the dashboard with a suction cup, and is a good choice if you don't want the charger to block the air duct. The hinge mechanism allows you to adjust the position of the holder, giving it the optimal angle.

The iOttie charger is compatible with all Qi devices. The clamp is equipped with an intelligent recognition system. And it also has a built-in battery that will continue to charge your smartphone if the cable is disconnected from the car's USB port.