Best Touch Screen Gloves

Winter is close. And since we do not part with the smartphones either in the summer, nor in winter, it would be nice to have warm gloves in the wardrobe, which do not need to be removed to work with Tachkrin.

Designers of clothing did not lose sight of the fact that even in the bodied frost there is a need to answer a call or gain an urgent message. And among the winter accessories, gloves with special inserts on the fingers, through which can be controlled by the display. Lovers of smart gadgets like this invention, and now sensory gloves can easily find in clothing stores.

How are such gloves differ from ordinary? At first glance, nothing. They are made of fabric or polymeric materials, but with the addition of special conductive fibers. Due to these fibers and contact with the gadget display. Usually, the contact property has not the entire surface of the sensory gloves, but only fingertips. Sometimes these areas are highlighted by color or pattern, and sometimes they do not differ from the rest of the surface.

Sensory gloves are well warmed. They look good and with sporting equipment, and with casual clothes. Most models are performed in the unisex style, which means that such gloves are equally suitable for men and women.

The North Face Unisex E-Tip

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Everything is thought out in gloves from North Face. The material for them is the superelastic fleece, which is adjusted under the shape of the brush. He perfectly holds heat, and the silicone inserts on the palm do not give the smartphone to slip out. The uniqueness of these gloves is that in them the conductivity technology is implemented over the entire surface of the palm.

Columbia Omni Heat Touch Glove Liner

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Residents of the northern regions and winter sports lovers are familiar with the Columbia brand. This company specializes in tourist and insulated clothing. There is an assortment and sensory control gloves - this is the model Omni Heat Touch. It can be worn as an independent detail of clothes or as a lining for other gloves for extra heat. Omni Heat Touch is universal, they are suitable for outdoor activities and everyday socks, and their main feature is the branded moisture and heat conservation technology.

Head Sport Touchscreen Gloves

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HEAD sports gloves are suitable for whom the minus temperature is not a reason to abandon running. They are light and thin, but in cold weather it is warmed not worse than thick mittens. Sensory pads are located only on large and index fingers. This is enough so that the main set of operations with a smartphone is available, such as switching tracks and a text set.

Achiou Winter Knit Gloves

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Survive the protracted cold will become a bit simpler with knitted gloves from Achiou. They use a warm breathable lining, it will save your hands warm in the coldest season. To work with sensory gadgets, inserts on three fingers - large, indicated and average. It is very convenient if you are used to driving a smartphone with gestures.

Timberland RIBBED-KNIT Gloves

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Timberland knit gloves are the perfect balance between practicality and comfort. They are suitable for athletes, climbers, motorcyclists and cyclists who do not part with their favorite hobbies with the onset of cold weather. The tissue surface provides a reliable clutch, elastic cuffs will not give gloves to slip with the hands, and the sensory zones on each finger allow you to control the smartphone with several touchs.


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Winter I want to have not only warm, but also stylish things like Chevron from Isotoner in the wardrobe. These gloves are 86% consisting of polyamide. They are wear-resistant, well stretch, but do not lose shapes over time. Inside a soft fleece lining. Sensory zones are located on large and index fingers.