Best tablets (10 inches)

Our ranking will show you the best 10-inch tablets across all price ranges.

The 10-inch tablet is an excellent alternative to netbooks and ultrabooks. It is convenient to carry such a gadget, it is comfortable to watch movies and YouTube videos on it. The objection in the spirit of “typing is unusual” is easy to counter - connect an external keyboard, and the on-screen keyboard will no longer occupy a good half of the display. It is enough to give a 10-inch tablet a chance - and you yourself will not notice how a bulky laptop is already gathering dust forgotten on a distant shelf.

In this rating of 10-inch tablets, we will talk about the best models for the beginning of 2021, present their advantages and disadvantages, and clarify where to buy inexpensive gadgets and top-class models. If you want to buy a gadget with a smaller diagonal, the rating of the best 7-inch tablets and the top 8-inch devices will help you choose a good option.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi (2020)

  • Chipset: Apple A12 Bionic 6-core, 2×2.49GHz + 4×1.6GHz
  • Memory (Live / User): 2GB / 32 GB or 3 GB / 128 GB
  • Display resolution: 2160×1620
  • Cameras (Rear / Front): 8MP / 1.2 MP
  • Battery: 8827mAh

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Before us is a representative of the basic line of Apple tablets in 2020. Externally, the standard iPad has not changed for several years. Recently, Apple has been constantly improving only the stuffing of the device.

And yet, not so long ago, the sensor size was increased to 10.2 inches. However, this did not affect the dimensions of the device, so the tablet remains quite compact.

The bottom and top bezels are still quite wide. But for some, it may even be better, because the tablet is very convenient to hold in a horizontal orientation.

The iPad (2020) has fairly loud and clear built-in speakers. But they are on the same side, which means you can't count on any special stereo sound, as it is implemented in older models (Pro and Air).

The standard iPad (2020) only has 32 GB of built-in storage. If you like to play, we suggest you look towards the model with 128 GB - it, among other things, no longer has 2 GB, but 3 GB of RAM. But buying a version with LTE, we will not recommend you, because it costs it much more expensive (about a third). And distribute the Internet if this suddenly needs, you can, with an iPhone or Android-smartphone. However, the presence of LTE can be useful if you plan to use the iPad as a navigator.

If you ever kept in the hands of the iPad, then, for sure, you understand that the best device for surfing on the Internet is simply not found. The tablet offers one of the best IPS displays in its segment. But if you need a more budget tablet, for example, for a child, in this case, it is worth looking towards popular Chinese models.​​


  • Availability of a standard audio connector MINI-JACK 3.5 mm.
  • Powerful fast 6-nuclear A12 BIONIC processor.
  • Block 20 W and Cord USB-C on Lightning included.
  • Apple Pencil (Gen 1) is optionally supported.


  • The layer between the glass and the screen, which is why the color is not the deepest.
  • A fairly weak chamber for of video conferencing.


  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Hisilicon KIRIN 810, clock frequency - 2 × 2.27 GHz + 6 × 1.88 GHz
  • memory (operational / user): 4GB / 64 GB
  • resolution Display: 2000 × 1200
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 8 MPIX / 8 MPIX
  • Battery: 7250Mach

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Modern 10,4-inch tablet on the 8-core processor KIRIN 810. The new Huawei Matepad is a direct competitor of budget Apple iPad. The juicy picture allows you to comfortably use the device, for example for Internet surfing and studying. Here there is an even account all that is necessary - and the long-playing battery, and powerful iron, there is even a read mode certified by TÜV Rheinland.

However, if you need a tablet from Huawei more serious, such as games, you can pay attention to the MatePad Pro - there and the processor is more powerful, and the memory is more, but it costs several more expensive. However, this is a completely different story, because the Huawei Matepad Pro screen diagonal is 10.8 inches.


  • Multiple microphones for Best voice and noise reduction.
  • high enough to use on the street brightness of the display of 470 NIT.
  • Ability to connect an external keyboard for a more convenient set of text.


  • Wide 7.9-millimeter frames around the display.
  • Lack of TouchID and a rather weak Faceid.
  • No classic mini-jack 3.5 mm for headphones.

Honor Pad V6 (2020)

  • chipset: 8-nuclear KIRIN 985, clock frequency - 1 × 2.58 GHz + 3 × 2.4 GHz + 4 × 1, 84 GHz
  • Memory (Operational / Custom): 6 GB / 128 GB
  • Display resolution: 2000 × 1200
  • Camera (Main / Frontal): 13MPIX / 8 MPIX
  • Battery: 7250 mAh

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And this is a 10.4-inch tablet already a little from another segment. According to the characteristics, it resembles Huawei Matepad Pro, only with a smaller display. However, it works on the more younger version of the KIRIN processor, 985.

The KIRIN 985 hardware platform is a bundle of one high-performance kernel (2.58 GHz), three productive, which are a bit inferior in power main, and four energy efficient (1.84 GHz). Recall that the economical nuclei the device involves to solve ordinary tasks, while productive - to run heavy programs and demanding games. In addition, the tablet supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1

The only thing that was embarrassed in the Honor Pad V6 is that when the battery is 7250 mAh, it provides time Works only up to 7 hours of active screen, but if you load the processor slightly, this time can be reduced twice.


  • brightness is quite enough For use on the street.
  • Reading mode certified by TÜV RHEINLAND.
  • Powerful gaming processor for any tasks.
  • A sufficient number of built-in memory.
  • High speed of operation 6 GB RAM up to 28 Gb / s.


  • A fairly weak oleophobic coating and, as a result, the screen collects prints.
  • low autonomy indicators with a large battery.
  • Low resolution of the used matrix (224 ppi).

Lenovo Tab M10 PLUS 64GB (2020)

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear MediaTek Helio P22t, clock frequency - 8 × 2 GHz
  • Memory (operational / user): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Display resolution: 1920 × 1200
  • chambers (basic / frontal): 8 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: ​​5000 mAh

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Lenovo Tab M10 Plus It turned out easy and convenient. Metal was chosen as the main material for a thin case, and not plastic, so it is pleasant to keep it in hand. The device has a fairly thin frame around the display. The matrix here is bright and juicy, but absolutely not suitable for use under the outdoor sun.

The device is operating at clean Android without any additional shells, and an inexpensive Helio P22t was selected as a processor. Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 are supported for basic tasks of the tablet enough, but most of the games are run only on the minimum settings.

In nature, there are two more versions of the tablet from 3/32 GB and 6/128 GB of memory. Younger modification, despite the fact that it is cheaper, we do not advise buy at all, because it is frankly not enough in 2021.


  • Thin and pleasant To the touch metal case.
  • Functional function function for comfortable viewing at different times of the day.
  • A good basic camera, as for a tablet, with autofocus.
  • The ability to choose between versions 32, 64 and 128 GB of memory.


  • Frequent interface resistance.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705F 64GB (2019)

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 439, clock frequency - 8 × 2 GHz
  • Memory (operational / user): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Display resolution: 1920 × 1200
  • Cameras (Basic / Frontal): 8 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 7000Mach

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10.1-inch tablet, which from the very beginning was positioned by the manufacturer as a laptop computer for managing a smart home. And Lenovo Yoga Tab YT-X705F is good for this adaptable - the device can be hung anywhere on the wall (for this there is a special mount) and use as an interactive display.

If we talk about stuffing, of course, the 8-nuclear Snapdragon 439 is not enough to run demanding resource-intensive games. However, the capacities of the tablet with more than enough for everyday tasks. The interface runs smoothly and does not hang. The accumulator for 7000 mAh provides 1-2 days of active operation, which allows for a while to forget about the outlet. Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2

The tablet is available in version 3/32 GB, which can be purchased several thousand cheaper. But in this issue it is better not to save, but to buy a full-fledged device with 4/64 GB of memory.


  • High-quality audio system JBL.
  • Implemented means of managing a smart home.
  • High-quality sound recording using multiple microphones.


  • The side frames are quite wide.

Microsoft Surface GO 2 (2020)

  • Chipset: 2-core Intel Kaby Lake Pentium 4425Y, clock frequency - 2 × 1.6 GHz; 2-core Intel Core M3 8100Y, clock frequency - 1.1 GHz - 3.4 GHz
  • Memory (Operational / Custom): 4 GB / 64 GB, 8 GB / 128 GB, 8 GB / 256 GB
  • Display resolution: 1920 × 1280
  • chambers (basic / frontal): 8 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 8000Mach

Modern tablet with Windows 10 on board from Microsoft is a continuation of the first generation of Surface Go. Unlike Arm architecture, which is still developing, the full Windows 10 seems more attractive. And it is this version that Windows is used in Surface GO 2.

to the tablet, you can purchase a keyboard and use it for easy programming or a text set. Discover on the keyboard are more convenient than to do the same using the touch display.

The tablet is produced with two different versions of the processor. Preferably, of course, the option with Intel Core M3 8100Y, since this processor is more productive. In addition, it is on this processor that can be purchased from 8/256 GB of memory.


  • Case from durable Magnesium Alloy Like Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7.
  • High-quality assembly - the device looks quite expensive.
  • A convenient leg with which the tablet can be installed in any position.


  • High cost in comparison with competitors.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S6 10.5 SM-T865 128GB (2019)

  • chipset: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM855, clock frequency - 1 × 2.96 GHz + 3 × 2, 42 GHz + 4 × 1.8 GHz
  • Memory (Operational / Custom): 6GB / 128 GB
  • Display Resolution: 2560 × 1600
  • Camera (Main / Frontal): 13 + 5MPIX / 8 MPIX
  • Battery: 7040Mach

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Today it is not easy to find the tablet on Android with the flagship stuffing. Perhaps only Samsung releases devices of this level on Android on a large scale.

Despite the fairly large screen diagonal, 10.5 inches, the tablet is very compact, and all due to the small framework around the display. It is even less than other tablets with the same diagonal. It is believed that due to the fine edging, the device is more difficult to use, but in practice it does not affect the convenience of operation.

There is a simplified modification called Samsung Tab S6 Lite, which has only 4/64 GB of memory and does not work on the top of Snapdragon, but on the company Samsung Exynos 9611.


  • A small recess for fastening and charging the magnetic stylus S Pen (like iPad).
  • Camera control using S PEN gestures.
  • The ability to make calls using the built-in LTE module.
  • Dex mode is implemented, simulating the desktop OS interface.


  • The quality of the chambers is below average, which is typical for tablet PCs.

BlackView Tab 8

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear SpreadTrum SC9863A, clock frequency - 8 × 1.6 GHz
  • Memory (operational / user): 4GB / 64 GB
  • Display Resolution: 1920 × 1200
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 13MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 6580Mach

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inexpensive solution for office applications, Internet and watching videos on YouTube. The tablet does not differ special: large frames, massive case and budget characteristics. However, its modest possibilities are enough to carry out simple everyday tasks.



  • ultra-budget processor.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S5E 10.5 SM-T725 64GB (2019)

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, clock frequency - 4 × 2 GHz + 4 × 1.7 GHz
  • Memory (Operational / Custom): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Resolution Display: 2560 × 1600
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 13 MPIX / 8 MPIX
  • Battery: 7040Mach

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A very thin 10.5-inch tablet that weighs only about 400 grams. This features Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E from all known competitors. For comparison, 10.2-inch Apple iPad 8 (2020) weighs almost 90 grams more, despite the fact that the diagonal of the screen is less. The device body is made of aluminum, so it is pleasant to keep it in hand. Three color solutions are available. If you summarize the foregoing, it is one of the most interesting ultraportative devices in kind.

The tablet on the basis of the Snapdragon 670, the SNAPDRAGON 670, has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of the integrated. The last tradition can be expanded using microSD memory cards. The good slot for their connection is there. If the basic version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E is not enough for you, you can purchase an extended version with 6/128 GB of memory, and this is higher above.

In all available modifications, the Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 module is installed. LTE can be optional - it all depends on the version you will use.


  • One of the most Thin and light 10.5-inch tablets.
  • Very loud built-in speakers, which already at 70% give a comfortable sound.
  • High-quality juicy and bright AMOLED display.


  • The power key is recessed into the housing.
  • is not suitable for drawing, since there is no support for s Pen.

Apple iPad Air (2019) 64GB Wi-Fi

  • chipset: 6-nuclear Apple A12 BIONIC, clock frequency - 2 × 2.49 GHz + 4 × 1.6 GHz
  • Memory (operational / user): 3GB / 64 GB
  • Display resolution: 2224 × 1668
  • chambers (main / frontal): 8 MPIX / 7 MPIX
  • Battery: 8134Mach

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In general, the IPAD AIR line is something between the flagship iPad Pro and inexpensive basic iPad. Of course, the comparison is correct if you take the tablets of one year of release. But even if you compare the iPad Air (2019), let's say with the iPad Pro (2017), the first one still looks much easier. However, thanks to a more modern processor, the device shows a little shorter. So, I will emphasize again: the iPad Air will suit those who do not want to overpay for the iPad Pro, but wants to see in your tablet a little more than the basic iPad can offer.

of dignity:

  • no air layer Between the display and sensor.
  • Ideal compatibility with keyboard for iPad Pro.
  • Support Apple Pencil of the first generation.
  • Apple A12 processor is more powerful than in iPhone XS.


  • No version with 4 GB RAM.
  • The screen does not support the image of 120 Hz.


  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, clock frequency - 4 × 2.2 GHz + 4 × 1.8 GHz
  • Memory (Operational / Custom): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Display Resolution: 2560 × 1600
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 8 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 7700 mAh

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We have the first alldocube tablet on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Of course, it is much better than past versions on MTK. The tablet turned out really good. In addition to the processor, you can note: the presence of a fingerprint scanner is still more convenient to use the unlock key each time, the LTE module, 4/64 GB of memory and a high-quality amoled matrix with deep black.

The only thing that confuses a little is design. No, he is not bad. But for 2021, the framework is slightly large. But we will not be very strict to Alldocube, because the device is much less than the gadgets from Apple or Samsung.


  • Matte rear panel Aluminum looks quite expensive.
  • The speakers are located on opposite side faces of the device.
  • Ability to purchase a keyboard connected to a separate POGO-PIN port.
  • Quality AMOLED display from Samsung with high pixel density 287 PPI.


  • Low frequency lack in embedded stereo speakers.
  • A little old style design and the Velic Frames.

Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 LTE

  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Hisilicon KIRIN 930, clock frequency - 4 × 1.5 GHz + 4 × 2 GHz
  • Memory (Operational / Custom): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Display resolution: WUXGA (1920 × 1200)
  • Cameras (basic / frontal): 13 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 6660 mAh

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in 2019 Huawei MediaPad M2 still is in all sorts of ratings of the best tablets in 10 inches - and who will dare to say that undeservedly. The tablet from Huawei is good in everything, but its main advantages are performance and sound.

The Hisilicon Kirin 930 of its own production Huawei earned a mass of flattering reviews from experts - it is able to cope with any loads. Even the most resource-intensive applications and games will not make it "brake". As for sound, the tablet from Huawei is equipped with 4 speakers: 2 of them reproduce low frequencies, 2 - high. Plus, the sound is processed by ClarI-Fi technology, created by Harman / Kardon in musical circles. The user can count on the volume, panoramic sound, even if Music files of mediocre quality reproduces.

Add a stylish metal design to the described advantages, support 4G Cat, a couple of excellent cameras - and get a tablet that will shut up for the belt of any Galaxy Tab! Huawei MediaPad M2 is exactly worth the money that sellers ask for him - let the amount and not the smallest.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Productive branded chipset.
  • Single-card support - from the tablet you can call.
  • Shower fingerprint scanner installed in the "Home" button.
  • Premium metal design.


  • EMUI shell, which many users consider difficult to master.

Xiaomi MiPad 4 Plus 64GB LTE

  • Chipset: octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, clocked at 2.2 GHz
  • Memory (Live / User): 4GB / 64GB
  • Display Resolution: WUXGA (1920×1200)
  • Cameras (rear / front): 13 MP / 5 MP
  • Battery: 8620 mAh

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Experts in the mobile market have long put on MiPad tablets from Xiaomi the unflattering label “copy of the iPad”. And although it is difficult to believe that such a reputable company is capable of plagiarism, arguing with these same experts is no easier.

MiPad 4 Plus really looks like an iPad so much that if you stick two letters on the back that unequivocally hint at the manufacturer, you can easily pass it off as a gadget from Cupertino. However, is it bad? MiPad 4 Plus is perfectly built, has well-thought-out ergonomics and a durable aluminum body. It has a modern processor from Qualcomm, with which it is a sin to complain about the lack of performance. The gadget lives for a long time without recharging - thanks to a battery with a capacity of more than 8000 mAh - and is equipped with a bright and clear screen with WUXGA resolution. So MiPad 4 Plus can serve as an example of how to learn from the best.

Advantages :

  • Impressive autonomy (7 hours in game mode).
  • Metal design.
  • USB Type-C port available.
  • IPS screen with excellent viewing angles.
  • Powerful stuffing led by Snapdragon processor.

Drawbacks :

  • Mediocre cameras.
  • Tablet cannot make voice calls.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T585 16 Gb

  • Chipset: 8-core Samsung Exynos 7870, clocked at 1.6 GHz
  • Memory (RAM/User): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Display Resolution: WUXGA (1920×1200)
  • Cameras (Rear/Front): 8 MP / 2 MP
  • Battery: 7300 mAh

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The first devices of the Galaxy Tab A line of mid-price “tablets” were released back in 2015 and then earned a lot of criticism from users and experts.4 years of Samsung was enough to carry out careful work on the bugs - the modern device SMT585, belonging to the Tab A line, is one of the best in terms of value for money.

The main advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T585 is a bright and clear WUXGA screen that allows the user to enjoy natural rich colors. Watching live broadcasts of sporting events on such a screen is a real pleasure; Moreover, thanks to the Wi-Fi Direct function, you can connect your gadget to your TV without any wires and not worry about the consumption of traffic.

The Korean company did a great job on the design of the device. The case is not metal, but it’s even better for a tablet, because the metal dampens the Wi-Fi signal. The plastic that makes up the SM-T585 case is pleasant to the touch and does not look cheap at all. The frames around the screen are very thin - thanks to this, the device itself is smaller than its "predecessors". The disadvantages of the SM-T585 include a significant weight - 525 grams. The developers decided to sacrifice this parameter in order to put a capacious battery in the tablet, capable of providing up to 13 hours of work in video mode.


  • Good screen with decent resolution.
  • Attractive design.
  • Large battery.
  • 4G support.
  • Support for a huge number of video formats.
  • A brand that is “not ashamed of”.


  • Weighs a lot.
  • Front camera is mediocre.

Microsoft Surface Go

  • Chipset : 2-core Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y, 1.6 GHz
  • Memory (operational / user): 8 GB / 128 GB
  • Display resolution: 1800×1200
  • Cameras (rear / front): 8 Mpx / 5 Mpx
  • Autonomy: 7-9 hours of continuous operation

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People who use "tablets" Microsoft Surface claim that these are more laptops than tablets. Controlling such a device with your fingers is another challenge: the elements are too small, so after several unsuccessful attempts you will lose your temper and go for the stylus. The line is often criticized, and most of all - for high prices.

Surface Go is a compromise device and inexpensive by Microsoft standards. The emphasis is on compactness - the Go model is lighter and smaller in size than the "predecessor" Surface 3 (10 inches versus 10.8). The tablet is running full-fledged Windows 10, which by default runs in S-mode - this is a strong barrier to viruses, however, it implies a number of restrictions for the user (search engine - only Bing, browser - only Edge). If you do not want to put up with such restrictions, you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 Home.

Please note! It is recommended to take the version with exactly 128 GB of user memory, since Windows alone takes up about 15 GB.

Advantages :

  • Robust metal case.
  • Too much user memory (for tablet).
  • Facial recognition support.
  • Good autonomy (when watching video - up to 9 hours).
  • Modest dimensions.
  • Support for Surface Pen with 4096 pressure levels.
  • Availability of S-mode operating system (protection against hacks and viruses).

Disadvantages of :

  • Too expensive for the cheapest device in the product line.
  • Slow processor.

Apple iPad (2018) 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular

  • Chipset: 2.34 GHz A10 Fusion + M10 Quad Core
  • Memory (Live / User): 2 GB / 32 GB
  • Display Resolution: 2048×1536
  • Cameras (Main / front): 8 MP / 1.2 MP
  • Battery: 8827 mAh

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iPad 2018 (6th generation) received the pathetic title “king of tablets” for a reason. This productive and attractive outwardly “tablet” is also relevant in 2021.

iPad 2018 does not offer the user something radically new - something that, for example, is not in the iPad Pro 10.5. It uses the same 4-core chipset found on 7th generation iPhones, and there doesn't seem to be as much RAM - but the device is still fast. It is impossible to go around the attention and the fact that the 2018 model received support for the Apple Pencil Stylus, which allows it to turn it into electronic easel - however, the stylus itself does not go to the kit, it will have to be purchased separately.

Advantages :

  • Support for Apple Pencil's branded stylus.
  • Good performance (with not the most modern stuffing).
  • The presence of an updated LTE module.
  • Cream Battery - iPad operates 9 hours without recharging.
  • The presence of a standard connector for connecting headphones.
  • reasonable price.

Disadvantages :

  • Air layer between Glass of screen and matrix - because of this, the image is not as clear as on the iPad Pro.


The user who is going to purchase a 10-inch tablet, there is from what to choose - just need to immediately decide with a budget and preferred operating system. If the budget is not limited, it is worth choosing between the iPad and a bright powerful tablet from Huawei. If you wish to acquire a gadget representing the average price segment, it is better to pay attention to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is one of the best tablets in terms of price and quality ratio.

excluded from the selection

ASUS Zenpad 10 Z300CNL

  • Chipset: 4-nuclear Intel Atom Z3560, clock frequency 1.83 GHz
  • Memory (Operational / Custom): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Display Permissions: WXGA (1280 × 800)
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 5 MPIX / 2 MPIX
  • Battery: 4 890 MAK

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The Chinese company ASUS was famous for a long time only with his laptops, but in recent years and in the mobile device market has been greatly entrenched - the smartphones of the Zenfone line are in demand in Russia. Zenpad tablets are not so popular yet, but this line has faithful fans - especially among those who prefer budget equipment.

The ASUS Zenpad 10 Z300CNL model cannot boast of such outstanding performance as Huawei MediaPad M2, however, thanks to the qualitative video statement of PowerVR G6430, it is able to cope even with demanding applications - during the same Internet surfing the user will definitely not collide With hanging and lags. Huawei gadget We were noted for excellent sound - the apparatus from Asus with this is also all right. Two stereo speakers allow you to listen to music with comfort and enjoy movies - high-quality sound is ensured by the DTS-HD Premium technology.

The ASUS Zenpad 10 Z300CNL tablet is equipped with a slot under the SIM card and supports 4G - it is also important advantage. The disadvantages of ASUS apparatus are not devoid - users most often criticize the tablet screen, which has an insufficient resolution (HD), and therefore looks grainy.


  • Support 4G.
  • Qualitative audio system.
  • Beautiful and comfortable Zenui sheath.
  • The presence of a connector for connecting a third-party keyboard.
  • Productive video chip PowerVR G6430.


  • Weak Cameras.
  • A short resolution screen.
  • Thick frames.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 32Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular

  • Chipset: 2-nuclear Apple A9x, clock frequency 2.25 GHz
  • Memory (operational / user): 2 GB / 32 GB
  • Display Resolution: QXGA (2048 × 1536)
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 12 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 7 306 Mach

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Looking at the "naked" specifications of the iPad Pro 9.7, it is possible to doubt that the price of the gadget is adequate. However, it is worth the criticism to resemble the apple from Apple week, as all its skepticism evaporates. Moreover, it is hardly possible to translate it back on android.

Apple products can not be measured by "general arches." Yes, a pair of gigabytes "RAM" is really a little. However, the performance of the gadget at height is a limited amount of RAM 100% compensated by a powerful processor developed by Apple personally. It is true that QXGA is not the "champion" display resolution. But if the display is performed using Retina technology, you do not think about the resolution - just enjoy the image of amazing clarity with alive and natural shades.

iPad Pro 9.7 deserves to be called the best tablet 2017, because in fact it is a device without weaknesses, perfection, closed in a stylish aluminum case!


  • Retina-display with high resolution.
  • Professional grade 13 megapixel camera.
  • Premium design and excellent ergonomics.
  • Powerful chipset.


  • Impressive price.
  • Closed "operating system" iOS.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO LTE 2Gb 32Gb

  • Chipset: 4-core Intel Atom x5 Z8500, 2.24 GHz
  • Memory (RAM/User): 2 GB / 32 GB
  • Display Resolution: WQXGA (2560×1600)
  • Cameras (Rear/Front): 13 Mpx / 5 Mpx
  • Battery: 10200 mAh

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The key advantage of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro becomes apparent as soon as you look at its specifications. The battery capacity is as much as 10,200 mAh - this is an excellent indicator for the modern tablet market! Running an hour and a half of HD video only drains the battery by 15%, so you can watch an entire season of your favorite series on just one charge.

The presence of a capacious battery is reflected in the massiveness of the device - the weight of Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro is almost 700 grams!

An interesting "chip" of the gadget is a built-in projector capable of transferring a picture with a diagonal of 70 inches to the wall. Of course, there can be complaints about the quality of the picture - the image is rather dim even in the dark - but other manufacturers have not even tried to offer something similar. Lenovo definitely deserves a "plus in karma" for the courage and non-triviality of decisions, and the Yoga Tablet 3 Pro gadget deserves the right to be called the best travel tablet.


  • Very capacious battery.
  • Built-in projector present.
  • Unusual design with a comfortable stand.
  • Productive hardware.
  • Powerful audio system including 4 speakers.


  • Large weight.
  • The old OS is Android 6.0.