Best smart watches for women

If we tried to draw up a list of the best smart watches for women a few years ago, we would get a row of bad comments and nothing more. However, times have changed, and now there are many smart watches that women can be proud to wear in public.

Men's models have a rather strict style, but most smart watches and non-screen hybrids for women have a variety of design and sizes. In addition, there is even an opportunity to choose the appearance of the device. Alas, many companies have not yet been able to reduce all their leading sports and specialized devices in size (or maybe they are simply anyway), but still the times change.

We have chosen the best products, and you can see our reviews below for more detailed familiarization with the functions, design and performance devices.

Apple Watch Series 5

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Apple Watch - The best smart watches on the market. This is already the fifth iteration, and this model is likely the best for women owning iPhone.

Unlike Series 4, the fifth series does not undergo a radical change in design, as Apple holds the same dimensions - 40 and 44 mm. However, in the novelty you get what all users wanted from the very first version - Always-On Display!

Along with the appearance of aluminum and stainless steel, Apple returned a ceramic version and also offers a titanium model. This, of course, inevitably increases the price.

As fitness tracker and medical device, it is waterproof. You get the built-in GPS and LTE to make calls and streaming music, when you are away from the phone. ECG also offers serious heart monitoring. With the advent of Watchos 6, you also receive new features, such as an embedded application store and new applications designed to monitor hearing health and menstrual cycles.

Although Apple Watch does not like traditional wristwatches, they are still the most impeccable staffed by smart clocks that we have ever seen. They may look pretty chic on the wrist with a beautiful bracelet - and fortunately, for Apple Watch there is a huge selection of straps. If you do not want to spend big money, Apple offers Series 3 for 15,000 thousand rubles, which have the same basic functions as 5, but for significantly smaller money.

FitBit Versa 2

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After the rapid start with Ionic, in Fitbit, they decided to throw more forces for the development of smart watches, and the company strengthened its position in the market with the release of Versa. The third model of the clock does not only look better - they have become less, which makes the device more suitable for women. It was a serious problem at IONIC, as the clock was too big for many wrists and possess a pretty angular, possibly ugly design.

VERSA 2 works on the same software as IONIC - this means that you will have access to the application store and dial catalog, but in a smaller size. Bright AMOLED display with a resolution of 300 x 300 pixels has a brightness of 1000 NIT, and considering waterproof, with a clock you can dive to a depth of up to 50 meters (you can track workouts in the pool). In addition, tracking the status of female health FitBit, which is open to all users of the application, now you can also look at the VERSA screen.

The difference from IONIC is the absence of built-in GPS. You will still be able to track location, but for this you will need to pair with the phone. You can still download tracks and play playlists offline from Deezer and (only for users from the USA) Pandora, so this is still a pretty good autonomous companion for training. Unlike the first VERSA, FitBit Pay is now supplied on all models.

A truly excellent new feature is Amazon Alexa, which for the first time introduces a smart assistant in Fitbit clock. There is no dynamics, so you will receive only textual answers, but, of course, it is nice to see that FitBit offers an alternative Siri and Google Assistant.

Please note: There are also Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, which do not have music support and several other functions, but save the same design - of course, at a lower price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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40 mm Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 with pink gold elements are really pretty good. Watch Active 2 is not the top smart SAMSUNG clock (unlike Galaxy), but we actually think that these are the most beautiful smart SAMSUNG clock.

Active 2 is available in size 40 mm and 44 mm, although even a larger option does not look impressively on a thin wrist. Both versions have lovely amoled screens, waterproof design and almost all the functions that you can imagine in Tizen.

In addition to the fact that the clock works with their own applications for Tyzen OS - it can be a good choice for Android owners that are not convinced of Wear OS. Notifications, good fitness features and trekking exercises, as well as thoughtful design - all this helps Galaxy Watch stand out among many products on the market. While there is no rotating screen, like on expensive Galaxy Watch, the clock has a touch, which works quite well.

Battery life has been increased compared to the first Active, and Samsung promises to add more functions in the future, including ECG and Drop Detection Modes. If you want to play sports, there is also a version of the Under Armour, which is more convenient for the gym and offers several additional dials.

Skagen Falster 2

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If you are looking for a really good watch on Wear OS with NFC and sporting functions, then minimalist 40 mm Skagen Falster 2 is a good option. It offers standard use of Wear OS.

The model is an excellent example of a combination of good design with the best practices that Google can offer in terms of software. The battery life is about 24 hours, and the performance is provided by the old Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor.

As for the display, it is sensory. The screen is smooth, small and elegant, as well as waterproof. The device is clearly designed not only for women, it is unisex, which makes it an excellent product on the market.


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Original smart watches Michael Kors Sofie have already a bit a bit, so by 2019 the company has released an update with a set of new features.

It's still a chic all-screen smartwatch, with a nice thin bezel and a 41mm case in a variety of finishes. However, now the gadget is waterproof (3ATM), also added a heart rate monitor and NFC for Google Pay.

The device still looks good on the wrist and comes with those extra features that make it more useful day in and day out. The model is better suited for fitness enthusiasts than hardcore sports fans, but if you are looking for a trendy smartwatch that strikes a good balance between design and features, you will still like the Access Sofie Heart Rate.

Michael Kors Access Runway

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Access Runway, the third smartwatch for women from Michael Kors, is a great alternative to the Apple Watch. At the same time, they work with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

The device won't beat the Versa in terms of activity tracking, but otherwise it's a beautiful, easy-to-wear all-around watch that has alerts, apps, Google Pay, and a selection of custom Michael Kors watch faces. There's also built-in GPS, heart rate tracking, and waterproofing, though it's still not one that could be used for daily sports.

The product has a 41mm screen with a 1.19-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED touch display, so it's a little big but looks good on the wrist. You can choose between stainless and leather straps for the Access Runway, as well as a more expensive ceramic model.

Bellabeat Time

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Bellabeat made its name with stylish activity trackers, and now the company is making inroads into the world of smartwatches with the release of the hybrid Time, which focuses more on overall wellness than exercise.

You get activity and sleep tracking, the watch also monitors stress levels, meditation and menstrual cycles via a smartphone app, and it uses Bellabeat's own stress prediction algorithm. In addition, the device sends a vibrating notification if the user is in one position for too long.

The watch comes in silver or rose gold with a stylish and minimalist design that should fit most wrists. Because it uses a quartz movement and is a regular watch, you also get six months of battery life, which is another major advantage over the other models on the list.

Fossil Q Neely

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Thin hybrid smart watch Fossil Q Neely with an affordable price is simple and stylish. The product is very light and small and also comfortable to wear on the wrist. The screen size is 36mm.

In addition to tracking activity and sleep using the Fossil Q app, you can also set up vibration notifications. Nice (and simpler) are the features you can customize for the three buttons on the right: remote selfie, remote music control, etc. But be careful with 16mm leather straps as they get dirty quickly.

Kate Spade Scallop 2


Kate Spade's first Wear OS watch was great, but now there's a second version on the market that retains the stunning design while bringing features in line with the rest of the Fossil family.

This means the latest Wear OS, heart rate sensor, built-in GPS, NFC for Google Pay, and 3ATM water resistance (you can dive up to 30 meters). From a cosmetic point of view, nothing much has changed here: there are new straps and dials, as well as a new shortcut button. The "Choose your look" micro app is back, helping users find the perfect watch face for clothing and accessories.

From a technical standpoint, the Scallop 2 has a round 2-inch AMOLED display.

Misfit Path

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Misfit Phase is the company's first foray into this area. The similar but not completely identical Misfit Path followed. Although the watch shares the same base as the Phase, there are a few notable differences, including round markers around the dial and a 36mm screen size - by comparison, the previous version had 41mm.

Path sends notifications, but unlike Phase does not use a color wheel to indicate their purpose. Instead, it simply uses hand movements and vibrations to alert you, which can be configured in the app's settings.

You can also assign a special smart function of your choice to one of the side buttons, such as remote control of the phone's camera. The watch is water resistant (you can dive up to 50 meters) and has a battery life of up to 6 months. And there is one big plus compared to other models on the list - an affordable price.