Best Slimming Apps

Today there are many applications that allow you to monitor your health. Consider those that are perfect for weight loss.

Modern mobile applications not only entertain users, but also help them follow their health and, in particular, for weight. Fitness does not always bring the result in the fight against extra kilograms, therefore even athletes have to look at the products from the point of view calorie content, and not taste. Calculate calories, and also make up a training program, start a diet diary and make other steps to weight loss will help mobile applications that we will tell in this review.

Power and diet

Speaking of weight loss and general health care is good Their indicators and any tangible progress is almost impossible if not adhere to a certain dietary diet. This category includes several applications that will be excellent assistants for you in this regard.



MyFitnessPal - The most rating application for calculating calories to iPhone. Exactly specifying when installing the Anthropometric data (weight, height) program, the user will find out the personal calorie consumption rate, which must be observed from day to day to lose weight. The application developers claim that MyFitnessPal has a number of characteristic features that allow him to go one step ahead of competitors.

Features of the application:

  1. An application can boast the largest food database - it has more than 4 million separate products and dishes. The base is replenished on a regular basis.
  2. The program includes a barcode scanner, which simplifies the search for the desired product in the database.
  3. The application is synchronized with the program site, so you can fill the diet diary from both the computer and from a mobile phone.
  4. An application for calculating calories MyFitnessPal is set not only on iPhone and iPad, but also on the clock Apple Watch.

The application has cons: first, it is placed only on devices with iOS 8 or later, secondly, a paid version of this application (without (without Advertising ) will cost the user in a penny - it costs 749 rubles.

Yazio: Diary of food

Yazio is another application that allows you to keep track of the calorie balance and keep the diary of the food. The program boasts a pleasant interface, lots of functions and even selection of an individual diet for each person. Immediately after launching Yazio proposes to pass a little testing from several questions to identify goals and learn a little about its user. Based on these answers, day goals will be selected, predicted progress and personal plan.

Features of the application:

  • A large database of recipes and products, which allows you to effectively calculate calories.
  • The function of interval fasting.
  • Many power plans and food evaluation system.
  • Tracking the amount of water drilled, instant adding breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, activity tracking (synchronized with Google Fit, Samsung Health and others).
  • Many of useful articles in the form of " Storsith", which respond to any questions about diets, interval starvation and other things.
  • Recipes for breakfast, fast snack, lunch or dinner with a detailed description of the cooking process and ingredients.
  • Personal Virtual Trainer, which will select a personal power plan.

The program is really very multifunctional, so if you list all its advantages and opportunities, the list above could have happened in 2 times longer. Only only lovers of free - most of the functional are available only in the Pro subscription.

"Calories Counter" from Fat Secret

" Calorie meter"from the developer Fat Secret - a worthy competitor to the application MyFitnessPal. With this program, you can learn about the calories of all products included in the daily food diet of the user.

Features of the application:

  1. The barcode scanner eliminates the user from the need to look for a suitable product in the database (quite volumetric) Manually.
  2. Food diary, in which the user should reflect all that he ate the day.
  3. The diary of physical exercises, which contains information about calories burned as a result of classes in the gym.
  4. ​​
  5. Society - Here users who achieved success can share useful tips with newcomers.

Annex from Fat SECRET, despite similar functionality, has several advantages over the more famous MyFitnessPal : First, it can be downloaded for free (no Pro and Lite versions), secondly, it is compatible and C iOS 7.

Lifesum: Power Planner

and the last program, ideally performing the task of the power scheduler - Lifesum. In many respects, it resembles a mixture MyFitnessPal and Yazio, since it combines a huge database of products and recipes, individually picks up diets and allows you to fill in a diary in 2 clicks. Like Yazio, when you first start and registering account, the application will set a few questions to ideally choose a diet and form a further trajectory. Whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight, here you will definitely find a lot of useful things for yourself. Once you have entered your age, weight, height, and goals , Lifesum will automatically determine the estimated time to complete the goal. If you are not satisfied with the time, you can speed up or slow down the pace.

App Features:

  • Weekly Diet Evaluation with LifeScore, which helps you develop healthy habits and Which foods are missing and which are in excess.
  • Instantly populate the diary with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack data.
  • Tracking the amount of water you drink.
  • A large database of recipes and several types of diets (Scandinavian, “food for strength”, “clean eating” and classic).
  • Convenient tracking of indicators of changes in weight, body condition and other statistics.

As in the case of Yazio, the functionality that has the main “weight” and efficiency is available here only in the Premium subscription. The basic free version will only allow you to keep a food and exercise diary, while macronutrient and carbohydrate records, diets and recipes, synchronization with medical applications, and LifeScore nutrition information (a medical assessment of your diet) will not be available.

Training programs and plans

Another key to success in losing weight, building muscle or increasing physical endurance is the right training programs. The following few programs will help you choose an individual training plan for yourself and streamline your classes, making life much easier. Now you do not need a notepad or pen, everything is in a convenient application. Some programs offer a more strength-based approach, such as Home Workouts, Nike Training Club. The rest are more focused on running and are perfect for those who love jogging.

Nike Training Club Pro Programs

Nike Training Club is a powerful tool from the official developer of Nike Inc., which will help you monitor your physical health and streamline your training system. The program has a large number of workouts with a detailed description and even a video file in which you can see how this or that exercise is performed. Training are distributed according to the following criteria: Level (beginner, medium or advanced), equipment (whether it is required), muscle groups.

Features of the application:

  • Listen to your own music during training.
  • A large number of programs, which will suit everyone: for training in the hall, without equipment, for beginners and others.
  • Collections on the development of different muscle groups : For athletes, cardiotry, powerful cod, strong and relief press, buttocks, breasts, etc.
  • Search for an individual plan on the group of muscles, goals and equipment.
  • Training duration. From 5-minute to half-hour lessons.

Programs are selected and performed by professionals, so each training will be as efficient as possible. Perform high-intensity programs for the press from Cristiano Ronaldo, knead before running, engage in yoga and get useful and healthy experience regularly.

Nike Run Club: Professional running tracker

This application is largely similar to Nike Training Club from the same developer Nike Ltd. The key difference is a narrower focus on running workouts and tracking jogs. Just install the program, log in in one for all services Nike account and start working in a huge team NRC, to which millions of people from around the world belong. You can proceed to the run instantly by clicking on the start button on the main application screen. Here you can choose a couple of sneakers in which you are going to exit training (you can add several pairs and track the number of steps on each).

Application Features:

  • Precise tracking Heart Rate Frequencies, tempo (running speed) and distance traveled.
  • The ability to download the necessary programs jogs for themselves.
  • Signs with the objectives set (by distance, time or speed).
  • Jobs of any category : short, long or high-speed.
  • The ability to listen to music and synchronization with service Spotify.
  • Rating and marks among friends in tape NikePlus.

The program has a simple and intuitive interface, which also highlights it among competitors. At any convenient time for running Nike Running Club will be an excellent helper.

Training for home

In contrast to the previous application from Nike, this utility is mainly aimed only on force training. The program can offer a wide functionality and a set of exercises to work out various muscle groups: hands, chest, press or the same body. Select the level that is perfect for you by load and do at any time of the day without any gear. "Training for home" does not contain any programs requiring any professional equipment, so you can train anywhere. Each programs are divided into 4 clusters for 7 days. Upon completion of one level, you can again select a new program, for example, more complicated if you feel that it has grown to more heavy loads.

Features of the application:

  • Convenient charts and graphs, which displays all progress during classes.
  • Trainer tips and brief videos, showing the right technique for performing a particular exercise.
  • Get detailed information on the number of calories burned and duration after the completion of the workout.
  • A huge number of programs for different levels of preparation.
  • Choose customized plans:"VIIT: burn fat on the stomach", "wide shoulders", "harsh etchant" and others.

In addition, there are also workout plans in the appendix, which suggest some equipment - in case someone plans to do in the hall. It increases efficiency and allows you to achieve higher results. Also, there is a whole section dedicated to the warm-up, which is an important part of any workout. Some stretching plans will help not only warm up, but also get rid of many problems: "From pain in the knee", "relief pain in the lower back", "Stretching back for 7 minutes."


The penultimate place in the selection among this category is allocated under Samsung Health. This is a smart tracker, which in real time can track any of your loads. With the help of special sensors that the smartphone is equipped, the program will count the number of steps traveled daily. All basic information is located in a convenient menu on the main screen: steps, period of activity, exercises, food (you can add calories and keep a diary of the power supply), sleep diary, the amount of water drilled, weight. This can also add data about blood pressure, blood sugar and not only.

Features of the application:

  • for women : Tracking menstrual cycle.
  • Indicators at hand : The steps over the day, the data on sleep and calories, the number of water drilled and so on.
  • Comfortable summary per week.
  • Function for friends "TOGETHER", allowing competing with their friends in the distance traveled.
  • Pleasant design and convenient interface.

Also in Samsung Health There is one interesting feature - world competitions. Every month a contest appears to which users from all over the world can join. After that, the number of steps passed during the entire competition will be synchronized and displayed in the overall rating. Will be able to go through the month most and take the honorable place in the world ranking?

STRAVA: Running and cycling

and completes the selection in the category "Training and Plans" category utility from the developer Strava Inc. In many ways, the application is very similar to Nike Running Club, but still it has its own characteristics, which will be happy with the runner and, especially, cyclists. Strava is not just a program that allows you to track your workouts, but also a huge community in which you can find friends and go on jogs together. Just create an account, provide access to GPS and the application will automatically find sports clubs Strava in your city. You can join clubs, leave various records and communicate with other participants as in the usual social network. Or simply go for a single training session by choosing one of the many sports: race, check-in, walking, canoe, skates, skiing, climbing, snowboard, crossfit and not only.

Features of the application:

  • Huge Sports Social Network, where you can find friends for joint training.
  • Several dozen sports, including power training, swimming, yoga, surfing, skiing, rowing and others.
  • Precise tracking of the route.
  • Viewing areas for running / check-in near the map, which were formed thanks to other community participants.
  • Detailed statistics for classes over the week, year or all time.
  • Prevention of injuries Thanks to the selection of best and secure routes.

Given all the features of the program, it can be easily note that Strava is one of the best applications for runners and athletes engaged in cardio training (and even by others sports). The whole functionality, traditionally, will be available only after the subscription is design. But it should be noted that after registration Strava gives 2 months of free use to understand whether it is necessary. "


In the last heading included applications that cannot be unambiguously attributed to any of the previous categories, but they will also be useful when weight loss and improving physical condition.

Healthy Sleep - MEDITOPIA

In the matter of health, no last place is a dream. As we know, it is during sleep a person restores and updates various fabrics, strengthens immunity and other protective functions. Sleep is the only "place", where the body truly rests and regenerates cells. Therefore, all diets, proper nutrition and ideally selected training programs will not be effective if you do not adhere to the rules of "healthy sleep". It is for this reason MEDITOPIA and occupies the first line in this category.

Features of the application:

  • Formation of a useful habit.
  • A large number of programs meditation before bed for more efficient recovery.
  • Remove stress, anxiety, learn to manage your emotions, love yourself and feel the body.
  • Many meditations for each category : "For beginners", "emotions", "self-development", "relationship", "health", "reunification with you", etc.
  • Special pleasant melodies, contributing to a deeper and strong sleep.
  • Sounds of Nature: Water, earth, fire, air, planets and others.
  • Make Notes and evaluate Well-being every day to see the real picture.
  • Individual selection of meditations based on well-being, which you can fill out every day.

Get different icons and share the achievements and successes with your friends, becoming better with them. Strengthen mental health together with physical, because it is also an important success factor. This progress is possible only when all components are in harmony.

Water balance

Another important key to success is a sufficient amount of water in the body. Water is a huge importance to the element that allows processing food and the most consumed calories into energy, takes care of the joints, participates in metabolism and helps better absorb useful elements and nutrients. And although some applications above have this functionality (help track the amount of water drilled), it is this program that has a slightly wider functionality, for which it falls into this selection. The water balance will analyze your preferences and will timely resemble drinking water to support health, feel ease and vigor.

Features of the application:

  • Personal calculation of the day norm based on health data (age, weight, physique).
  • Rapid addition of drinks (water, coffee, tea and others).
  • Smart reminders, which will adapt to your routine.
  • Synchronization with Google Fit.
  • Many settings for better formation of the norm.
  • Smart achievement system.

When a lack of water in the body, the head begins to hurt, the quality of hair and leather, swelling may appear, the cell membranes are beginning to suffer from lack of moisture, nutrients are poorly absorbed (What is critical in training and compliance with proper nutrition) is already this small list, it is enough for you to really pay attention to this factor. It is worth noting that excess water can also harm the body as its disadvantage. Therefore, the application calculates the personal daily rate and reminds drinking as much as it is useful.

Lose weight together

This application is a real encyclopedia for weight loss; Information for it was collected not only on the Internet, but also in paper sources for a long time. Especially nice for users that this useful program on Android is completely free.

with the application " Lose weight together" The user can:

  • Get acquainted with a huge amount of diets - Kremlin, economical, Atkins and Elena Malysheva diet.
  • read Articles, dedicated to vitamins, microelements and biological additives.
  • Use one of several functional Calorie calculators (Section "Calculations") - This will help to follow the power mode.
  • Establish your own loss diary in graphical form - This will allow you to track the dynamics of overflow discharge and draw conclusions about efficiency diets.
  • Study a detailed table of calorie, which includes more than 25 thousand different products and ready-made dishes.

The lack of an application is only one - obsessive advertising, however, if you believe 2 million users, it is not a big problem. If desired, you can get rid of it by setting the paid version of the program.


Applications for weight loss and in Google Play, and AppStore - a huge amount, therefore it is not surprising if the user "disgusts eyes."It is very important to approach the choice of a program for weight loss or counting calories wisely, because your health depends on the advice that will be given to you by the application. It is better to download programs with high ratings, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by millions of downloads - such programs include, for example, " Lose Weight Together" and " Calorie Counter" from Fat Secret.