Best sleep trackers

Full night sleep is a guarantee of good well-being and cheerful mood during the day. If recently you feel just the opposite, the sleep tracker will help you understand whether you relax at night.

In this material, we collected the best of topical sleep trackers in 2020.

How to choose a sleep tracker?

Sleep trackers are produced in different forms and sizes - smart watches and Fitness bracelets, mats, which must be put under the mattress. Some trackers are made in the form of rings. Wearable devices track human movements in a dream and heart rate, based on what is determined by the phase of sleep and its duration. Trackers-mats use echolocation method to detect motion and respiration. In all cases, the collected information will give you an idea of:

  • sleep depth;
  • Sleep phase ratio;
  • the number of awakening per night;
  • respiratory capacity;
  • Pulse Indicators.

Each person needs their needs, so we tried to collect here a variety of trackers. Here is a brief overview of devices, which will be discussed next.

Last devices FitBit are the best of consumer gadgets for sleep monitoring. The key to their accuracy is SLEEP STAGES technology and a detailed FitBit application.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the best of cheap trackers. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of satisfied buyers.

Samsung Galaxy Fit - an inexpensive and convenient tracker with an accurate function of determining sleep phases and their detailed analysis in the Samsung Health application.

Oura Ring 2 - an alternative wearable device in the form of a ring, which provides accurate analysis of the collected data.

Withing Sleep - It is convenient for the fact that it does not need to be worn on the body.

Sleepscore MAX is a non-contact tracker to determine environmental factors that can interfere with high-quality sleep.


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FitBit creates Products stuffed with bunch of useful functions. We cannot allocate some one, because they are all good in their own way and as sleep trackers, and as monitors of physical activity.

A great merit in this belongs to the SLEEP STAGES functions. It allows you to see how much time you spent at each stage of sleep: in the surface, deep and phase of the rapid movement of the eyes. By itself, this information carries little meaning, but here the other technology will come to the rescue - Sleep Insights. It will help advice how to improve sleep quality and will explain how each indicator is affected on well-being. In addition, in the application you will get access to statistics, which will compare your indicators with other users from your age group.

And now let's talk about specific devices.

Fitbit Inspire HR is a thin stylish and very clever bracelet. It will be a good choice thanks to a decent line of autonomous service (up to five days) and the functions of round-the-clock monitoring of heart rate. CCC data is stored at intervals of one second, accurate both in physical exertion mode and in calm state.

Even more intelligent features can be found in Charge 4, the Fitbit tracker is most advanced today. It is slightly more massive compared to INSPIRE HR, but it offers even more autonomy, automatic recognition of physical activity and built-in GPS.

If you don't want a bracelet anymore, and a smart watch, take a look at Fitbit Versa 2. They offer all the features listed, and from additional - built-in storage and broadcast music in a wireless headset.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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Wearable products from Xiaomi are in demand due to an affordable price and good characteristics. Mi Band 4 is one of the best sleep trackers in the price range up to 5 thousand rubles.

It is thin and easy enough to not cause discomfort in a dream. Like FitBit Inspire HR, the new MI BAND offers cardiac rhythm monitoring in 24/7 mode and gives a sleep estimate based on how much time you spend in deep, surface and fast phases. He also provides a sleep quality analysis and reminds of the importance of regular recreation. But compared with expensive alternatives, his informativeness is a bit limited.

The MI FIT application itself is also not perfect. The main inconvenience is that the developers have distributed user history for several menu items instead of place it in one tab. However, MI Band can send data to other similar applications, such as Google Fit and Sleep AS Android. Try each and select the one that will seem more convenient.

Before other Mi Band 4 trackers, it has another advantage - it is able to work up to 20 days from one charge. It also knows how to identify the main types of physical activity, check the steps and calculate the amount of calories spent. It does not have its GPS, MI Band 4 geolocation data takes from a smartphone via Bluetooth.


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Samsung made a lot of smart watches and fitness bracelets. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT can be called the best of them in 2020. This is a thin and powerful gadget with bulk functionality and autonomy to seven days. Like most Samsung products, Galaxy Fit is equipped with a colorful display AMOLED, and its night mode does not disturb his eyes if you wake up among the nights.

Regarding the sleep tracking functions, compatible with the Samsung Health's bracelet is rich in informative. A separate section is dedicated to a separate section where information is saved on how much time you spent at each stage, the total time of wakefulness during the day, the total sleep time, the number of calories burned overnight, change the sleep indicators for a long time, averaged and targeted values. Together, all this data will give a clear picture about what your sleep mode looks like at this time and how different it differs from healthy indicators.

But it is worth noting that the optical cardiac rhythm sensor in Galaxy Fit is not always accurate. In time statistics, spaces may be observed. However, this problem is characteristic of many wearable devices. In general, Galaxy Fit makes decent work and gives greater coverage than fitness tracker base level.

Oura Ring 2

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If wearing even the easiest and thin bracelet causes you discomfort, the tracker in the form of a ring will become the best choice. Oura Ring 2 is a small device, in contrast to its first version it is equipped with a large number of sensors, and outside is no different from ordinary decoration.

Inside it is an infrared pulsometer, a gyroscope, an accelerometer and immediately three temperature sensor. By changing the skin color Oura Ring 2 calculates the moment of immersion in sleep and collects standard data, for example, how much time you spend at each stage of sleep. It is called one of the most accurate trackers, but it is subject to failures, especially in the case of daytime sleep. This disadvantage is compensated by a detailed analysis of the information in the concomitant application: there is a sleep duration, its quality, pulse indicators overnight, the number of awakening and much more.

If you also activate the temperature sensors, you will receive data and this indicator overnight. It will help to understand in what conditions your body is best restored - at low or high temperatures. Accordingly, you can organize the most comfortable environment in the bedroom.

Withings Sleep

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Not all sleep trackers have the shape of bracelets or rings. There are also devices that do not require direct contact with the body. They do not need to wear on the wrist or finger, sacrificing their own comfort, but it is enough to put under the mattress. Such devices include Withs Sleep (former Nokia Sleep).

Smart Witch Sleep tracks the same set of parameters as other trackers - sleep duration in each phase, the number of awakening and heart rate. In the appendage, it is also equipped with a microphone that recognizes the respiratory rhythm and identifies signs of such hazardous states as apnea.

The collected data fall into a mobile application. There you will find tips on how to improve sleep quality. But withing Sleep is not only a device designed to care for health. This is also a smart home gadget. It is compatible with the voice assistant Alexa and, if there are smart systems in the house, can perform such commands as shutting down / off light and adjust the temperature mode.


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Ordinary Bracelets and sleep trackers do not provide information on environmental factors that can interfere with your holiday. For this purpose, special systems are intended, such as Sleepscore Max. This device monitors respiratory performance with echolocation, that is, a contactless way, absolutely not disturbing you.

Radio waves of low length scan the human body 16 times per second and even the slightest movements. Like other trackers in this list, Sleepscore Max recognizes sleep stages, provides general information about the quality quality with the assessment. But the key feature is a set of sensors for environmental monitoring.

The device can measure the noise, light and temperature indoor indicators. And the application with the AI ​​functions will provide a complete picture of what prevents you from relaxing normally. To enhance the accuracy of the results, you can manually enter additional data: features a diet, drinking coffee and alcohol.

Sleepscore MAX is not deprived of flaws. To work, it requires a constant connection to the smartphone via Bluetooth. There is no automatic sleep tracking in it, the function must be started manually through the application (forget about it easier than it seems). But all these nuances are insignificant, considering how accurate and informative is the device.