Best-selling smartphones on Aliexpress

annually on Aliexpress Millions of smartphones are sold. Let's find out what models are the most popular?

Chinese Online stores traded the most different smartphones. On Aliexpress The number of available brands over four dozen. It is easy to guess that some devices are real hits. This selection will show you which devices enjoy the greatest demand. Note that the data is true at the time of writing the material (December 2017).


Of course The more active on Aliexpress is currently buying products Xiaomi. To speak more specifically, Xiaomi Redmi 4x is enjoyed by popular popularity. The two largest seller shipped about 18 thousand copies of this model. But there is still a lot of smaller stores selling this apparatus as part of AliExpress! What a smartphone liked this to buyers?

This is one of the cheapest processor database devices SNAPDRAGON 435. The presence of such allows you to start almost any games, without observing from time to time the brakes. Also, the device includes a fingerprint scanner and a battery with a capacity of 4100 mAh. The picture is displayed on a 5.0-inch display with HD-resolution. The amount of memory is used different, depending on the acquired version. In any case, the lack of RAM or the ROM will not be felt. In short, it is a real hit for his money (from 8 to 9 thousand rubles)!

If there are few permissions 720p, then you can pay extra, having received Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Many buyers are used by such logic. One of the sellers put 17 thousand instances of this device. The gadget received a 5.5-inch display, the resolution of which was brought to Full HD. The rear panel is the lens of the 13-megapixel camera. The processor uses Snapdragon 625, which is enough for solving any tasks. The battery here is left for the same - the container is 4100 mAh.

The smartphone has a read number of flaws. Some people do not suit the standard Wi-Fi 802.11n - I want to get a higher-speed module. Also, the device does not have a gyroscope. Disappointment can cause a 5 megapixel front camera. However, they quickly forget about these minuses after spending only 9-11 thousand rubles for the purchase.

In just a few months, Xiaomi Mi A1, one of the sellers has developed a circulation of 15.5 thousand copies. Many people waited a very long time to create a Chinese smartphone company with a clean version of the Android operating system. You can not recognize that the Miui shell likes not everyone. In MI A1, the interface developed by the Chinese is completely absent, which also reduces the load on the processor and RAM.

The characteristics of the smartphone are quite worthy. Snapdragon 625 is used as a processor, and double chamber is used for photography. An important fact looks like a Wi-Fi 802.11ac module that can transmit and receive data at a very high speed. You must also please the buyer USB Type-C connector - the charger cable will be inserted from the first time. The device also includes 4 GB of operational and 64 GB of permanent memory. Some discontent with buyers causes only a battery, the container of which does not exceed 3080 mAh.


Prevagancing the aliexpress balance on Aliexpress, about the brand OUKITEL remember last. Meanwhile, the model called OUKITEL C8 is delivered by a circulation of 13 thousand copies - only one of the sellers! People like a very low price tag, not exceeding 5 thousand rubles. Also on sales affects the fact that the device is already on a Russian warehouse - this significantly speeds up delivery.

Despite the low cost, this model has an adequate amount of memory. A distinctive feature of the device is a 5.5-inch display having aspect ratio of 18: 9. Frames on the screens sides are minimized. On the rear panel of the device you can detect a dactyloscopic sensor. Of course, without saving on components it was not. First, the battery is built here in modern standards. Secondly, the front camera is not suitable - the resolution of this module is only 2 megapixel.


Another unexpected participant in the rating of the best-selling smartphones on AliExpress. The greatest demand is used Leagoo KIICAA POWER - several sellers put 7-8 thousand instances of this device. Such figures are achieved through the use of warehouses in other countries. In particular, this unit is already on the territory of Russia, and many buyers prefer to get a device in the shortest possible time.

Smartphone costs from 4 to 6 thousand.rubles, depending on the configuration and location of the warehouse. For such money, you should not expect advanced characteristics. The front panel of the device is a modest 5.0-inch IPS display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 points. Under the body there are 2 GB of operational and 16 GB permanent memory. Surprisingly, the device has even a double camera. However, the function of operability of the second module is not installed. It is unlikely that the MediaTek MT6580A processor is able to process a picture obtained immediately from two sources. The most economies of creators are noticeable by communication modules - the device is not capable of transmitting data on 4G networks.


Successful sales on Aliexpress can boast and doogee. In particular, the official store of this company sold more than 6 thousand copies of the DooGee X10 - one of the most cheap smartphones. For the device asks only 3 thousand rubles. For this money, the buyer receives a device operating under Android 6.0. The battery capacity is 3360 mAh, the picture is displayed on a 5.0-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

The success of this model is connected only with very low cost. People buy a smartphone in order to call it. The larger apparatus is almost no capable. There is very little memory (512 MB of operational and 8 GB constant), the resolution of the cameras calls only chagrin, and there is no support for 4G.


From some time, you can find on Aliexpress products of Chinese companies. In particular, as part of Tmall, Apple trade is made. The highest sales, as easy to guess, can boast iPhone SE. The discounts regularly apply to the budget "apple" smartphone, and therefore the acquisition of such a device decided at least 5 thousand people. The official Russian warranty is distributed to the device, so buyers are not infringed in anything.

Now it is really the most adequate option if you want to join the Apple ecosystem. According to the standards of "apple" products, the device is inexpensive - even outside the sale for it is asked about 18 thousand rubles. At the same time, disappointing the device can only with a volume of permanent memory constituting 32 GB. Recall, the slot for the memory card MicroSD is not there, so we will have to use cloud storages. Otherwise, the gadget does not have serious shortcomings. The main thing is that IOS works quickly, and the camera shows well.


These are the best-selling smartphones on AliExpress. It is necessary to recognize that Xiaomi technique uses the greatest demand - it trades a huge number of sellers. The rest of the brands people seem to be trying not to notice.