Best Screen Locks for Android

For a long time, the lock screen in the Android operating system was not amenable to serious settings. However, now you can not say. Change its appearance can be both launchers and special utilities, called people by blockers. It is about such programs that will be discussed in this review.

For a fairly long ago, Google allowed the screen lock on Android only to smartphone manufacturers that develop their own shells. But gradually such an opportunity appeared from third-party developers. As a result, Google Play was filled with all sorts of programs that serve to change the design of the lock screen. Many of them can be downloaded for free. But you should not rejoice. Some applications are simply not launched, others almost do not work, the third fill you with such a mass of advertising, that it is not possible to get to the capabilities of the utility.

That is why we made a selection of the best applications for locking the screen on Android, but it is worth noting that they are not perfect. However, among the entire variety of options for the program below work is quite worthy, and therefore one of them can be quite suitable for you.

Emoji Screen lock

Ylya captured our world. Therefore, it should not be surprised by the fact that now you can download the screen lock for Android, based on smiley. Emoji faces are located right on top of the graphics key.

The use of emoticons significantly simplifies the memorization of the graphical key. The fact is that you need to remember the route of the finger, but the order of smiles, for which you move.

The application displays time and date on Lockskrine. A few additional additional topics are also available to the user. In general, the utility is not the riding perfection. But for a while it is possible to install it so that the lock screen has fun with a lot of funny emoticons.


  • Popular smiles on the lock screen.
  • Several decorations.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Simple memorization of the graphics key.


  • Minimum number of blocking methods.
  • Gradually, smiles may be bored.
  • The presence of a large number of advertising.

Locking the Firefly Screen

This app for locking the screen offers a beautiful interface with a fairly wide selection of settings. You can use ready-made wallpapers, live or set photos from the gallery. From above, you can use the imposition of animation effects - water, fiberglass, butterfly. There is here the ability to configure the font, color and size of the text. You can set the display of notifications (with the text of the message or without it) or you can hide them. Available in the utility setting the unlock sound. For security, 4 or 6-digit PINs are used, you can set a graphic key.

By default, the lock screen displays the time, day of the week, date, status bar (battery, connections, notifications) and has a button to quickly start the camera. Swipe from the bottom you can open the shortcut panel curtain. It contains the most beneficial functions - a flashlight, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, and so on.


  • Beautiful and informative lock screen.
  • Many settings.
  • Quick access to a number of functions.
  • You can enable or disable animation effects.


  • The application interface is not the most convenient.
  • From the Lock screen, you cannot control the player.
  • Periodically, 5-second commercials have to look at the application.


If you are looking for Laconic locking screen and ready to view advertising when setting up, then this utility will suit you. She English, but it is quite easy to understand her work. All that will be needed is to issue the necessary permissions to work. Among the settings: Automatic wallpaper change (you can select a permanent one), install / disable the lock sound, entering a PIN / graphics key to unlock the screen, display notifications partially / fully.

By default on the screen you see the date, day of the week, time, as well as the button dial buttons and cameras. Swipe down the shortcut curtain with a standard set of options, but modified under Windows 10 interface.


  • Laconic lock screen stylized under Windows
  • A simple and understandable interface.
  • There is no excessive amount of settings.
  • You can configure a way to unlock or refuse it at all.
  • The ability to automatically change wallpaper.


  • There is no way to manage the player.
  • There are advertising.


This is a good application with a minimum set of settings, but several interesting options.

The work of this utility is as simple as possible - it blocks the screen, and in order to enter the application you need to draw a predetermined drawing. It can be a digit, symbol, letter, or even a few characters. In other words, you yourself are inventing what to draw to unlock the device. In case you have forgotten your drawing, a PIN code is provided here.

An interesting option is the ability to make selfie if the picture was drawn several times incorrectly. Thus, you can leave the device at unattended, and if someone without your knowledge wants to use them, he does not only do anything, but you also see the face of an attacker.

The application appeared recently, so the functions here are at least - you cannot choose the wallpaper, configure the displayed information (only time, date, date and day of the week) or some other way to change the interface, but the developers promise, With the time, these functions will appear. A pleasant bonus is the absence of any advertising.


  • An unusual method of unlocking using a picture.
  • Maximum simplicity of settings.
  • Pleasant application interface and directly lock screen.
  • In case of incorrect input of the picture, the application makes selfie.
  • No advertising.


  • Very few opportunities.
  • Appendix in English.

Locking Screen and IOS notifications 14

If you like the screening of the screen lock in iOS, but you prefer the Android system, then with this application you can get an interface from Apple devices. The application is Russified, it is easy to figure it out with it, and if something hasn't happened, you can go to YouTube from the settings menu and watch a video that will teach you to be managed with this program.

Here it is possible to choose a wallpaper and a way to unlock (a pin-code input or finger scanning is available), and you can also configure from which programs notifications will be displayed, and which will not be displayed. It is very convenient if you do not want to be distracted by useless notifications.

Pleasant fact is support for players. Unlike many other blockers screens here to control music, it is not necessary to unlock the smartphone. And also provides fast access to the flashlight and camera.


  • Design in the style of iOS.
  • Supports the unlock by Dactyloskop.
  • Allows you to select from which applications notifications will be displayed.
  • Easy use.
  • There is a training video.
  • Supports managing the music player on the locked screen.


  • Accepting advertising inside the application.

AppLock Pro - Protect the castle

AppLock Pro is one of the most advanced applications for locking the screen and not only. It should be immediately emphasized that the utility in English and without his knowledge to figure out is not so simple. However, if you are ready for this, you get a lot of interesting and useful functions.

The lock screen here is decorated strictly - you should not wait for bright wallpapers or animation effects. The task of the application to protect the device - therefore everything is directed to practicality. For example, in addition to the standard screen lock methods (fingerprint, PIN, Password, graphic pattern) Here it is possible to disable protection by entering a specific tape sequence. Moreover, it is necessary to do it quickly, and therefore it will be very problematic to choose it.

Inside the application you will find a lot of functions, some of them are available only in a paid version (for example, selfie the unwanted guest, the output of the system error when trying to enter some application, as well as loud alarm with incorrect input Password). But even in the free version, interesting options are available. For example, you can set the password applications for you. It is convenient if you are afraid that the device will be in other people's hands.


  • Effective protection of the smartphone.
  • You can set blocking to applications.
  • There is alarm with an incorrect password input.
  • The ability to make selfie if the phone is trying to take advantage of a person who does not know the password.
  • Many settings.
  • lack of advertising.


  • Part of the functions are paid.
  • You can not control the player on the locked screen.
  • Appendix in English, the interface is quite complex, and the possibilities are extensive - not everyone will easily understand.

AppLock - Protection and Lock

The application offers an impressive set of functions. Like other similar programs, AppLock serves to protect the user's personal information from prying eyes if the phone was for a while unattended. It should be noted that the utility interface is fully in Russian.

To block the screen, you can use a digital password (PIN), a regular password, a graphic key, gestures and fingerprints. In addition, the program allows you to create different types of locks for each application.

Among the interesting features there is unlocking applications after connecting to the network Wi-Fi.

For forgetful users, the developer made it possible to restore the forgotten password using a special question with the answer.


  • Pleasant visual design.
  • Convenient interface in Russian.
  • Wide functionality.
  • It is possible to recover passwords.
  • The program is well compatible with devices with weak characteristics.


  • After rebooting the phone, the blocker has to be launched again.

Solo Locker

This screen blocker allows not only to protect personal information from prying eyes, but adjust the display styles. The application has a large selection of high-quality wallpapers broken into different topics: flowers, animals, holidays, landscapes and others. It is gratifying that the utility is Russified, and the interface is understandable and not overloaded by options.

Another pleasant feature of the application is built-in weather forecast widgets, dates and time, music player, cameras. Of the interesting features, it is also worth noting the setting of the reverse report to important events and the battery charge indication.

To block the phone, the utility offers to use the PIN, a graphic key or a photo. To create a graphical key, you can use not ordinary numbers, but funny figures of animals or badges.


  • Advanced functionality.
  • The ability to adjust the screen style.
  • Large selection of wallpapers for different topics.
  • The presence of widgets.


  • The utility can work unstable on some models of smartphones.

screen lock

a rather unusual program offering to unlock the display Draw on it shapes. However, you can install both the usual PIN code or use a fingerprint.

Although the interface of the application in English, the utility does not constitute difficulties. Come up and draw some kind of figure on the screen, symbol or signature and then repeat the drawing. In case the user will forget which gesturing password it installed, there is a second unlock method - with the help of a PIN code.

One of the useful features of the program is a picture of the person who has been unsuccessfully trying to unlock the phone several times.

The program does not offer many additional features and enjoy users who prefer applications without excessive functionality.


  • Locking the screen using the geometric shapes created and user-drawn, letters and signatures.
  • minimalistic visual design.
  • An understandable interface.


  • Utility in English.

Screen lock password

Simple application to establish a display lock using a PIN code. Additionally, you can change the screen styles using a small wallpaper collection. In addition, the user can use as wallpaper and image from the device gallery. The application has a simple and understandable interface in Russian, not overloaded with additional features.


  • Pleasant visual, simple and understandable interface.
  • There is support for the Russian language.
  • You can configure the styles of the screen using the built-in wallpaper collection.


  • Screen lock only in one way.
  • There are advertising.

Summing up

Google Play is replete with applications for the lock screen. As we said above, many of them do not work or function so badly that it is almost impossible to use them. We tried to select those programs that make comfortable work and have any interesting features. Share your experience using applications for locking the screen and tell us about the software that you think it should be included in this review.