Best Private Browsers

It is impossible to remain anonymous all the time on the Internet. Even deleting cookies ten times a day won't help. But there are still ways.

It's not just advertising agencies that crave information about you. Personal information is of interest to scammers. Yes, and any curious acquaintances are not too lazy to spend several hours at the computer, studying online traces of unpleasant facts from your biography. Browsers can't protect you from all the pitfalls, but there are some that will handle your desire to remain incognito with care.

Don't want someone to rip your anonymous mask off? For starters, give up Google Chrome. And then install one of the browsers recommended by Digital Trends as the most anonymous.

Brave: Best Private Browser

An extensive list of security and privacy features makes Brave top of the list. The main things in it: automatic update of the HTTPS connection, blocking ads and scripts, cookie management, built-in password manager . Protection settings are configured both for the entire browser and for individual sites. If you want to see how well Brave is blocking inappropriate content and trackers, check out the blocking statistics in the quick view.

No need to fiddle with individual settings. Once installed, Brave will block phishing and malware by default. For most users, this is enough.


Firefox: flexible browser

For those who want to keep everything under personal control, Firefox is ideal. Mozilla takes great pride in the fact that its default browser provides "strong user privacy protection from the moment you install it" but leaves the option to set a personal privacy bar.

Complete privacy is enabled by selecting the "Strict" mode, which blocks every detected Internet tracker. Standard mode isn't bad either: it's a balance between browser performance and the number of blocked scripts. Also in the arsenal is blocking cookies. Tracking protection features are active in any mode, not only in private.


Tor: a browser for maximum security

If you are looking for a browser for private access to Internet content, choose The Onion Router. He will even take care of even the smallest details of the window turning on the entire screen: when trying to do it, the warning will jump out, that the size of your monitor allows you to see what you are doing on the Internet, and will recommend to reduce the size of the window.

There are in TOR and other privacy measures: automatic cleaning of history and cookies upon completion of the session, blocking third-party trackers and three levels of encryption traffic.


Safari: Best private browser for Mac

Apple believes that the best browser for Mac from the point of privacy is Safari. For the prohibition of online surveillance, advertising trackers and other actions in it uses machine learning. Other useful features include sandbox mode, try to open an unsafe resource, private mode with DuckduckGo default search system and the function of creating reliable passwords with automatic filling and saving on all your Apple devices.

Safari works with ICLOUD KEYCHAIN ​​- an additional storage function and automatically fill out forms on sites. At the same time, it is available to create, storing and viewing such personal information as a username, passwords, credit card data and accounts in social networks on any of the devices approved. ICloud Keychain uses end-to-end encryption to protect all this data from all unauthorized persons, even from Apple.


I2P: Best P2P browser

Technically, the I2P browser is a network layer supported by the Clearnet infrastructure. It uses the Internet to provide encrypted P2P connections. Distributed structure based on a network of volunteer users is amenable to hacking more difficult than an ordinary browser. I2P is free, it has an open source code. Community members constantly work on improving its functions.

The network core at the moment is 55,000 computers. I2P traffic is completely internal, therefore data transmitted through it does not fall into the usual, the Internet known to us. Thus, it is easy for regional blockages and remain incognito when visiting any resources.


In the last couple of years, I2P received high-quality changes in the design and interface, it became more convenient and clearer for those who did not work with him before. There are a lot of guides that will be told by beginners, how to use P2P connections and applications to protect privacy. At first glance, it may seem that before using the I2P will have long and tediouslyroiding the match, but in fact everything is easier. This is a very modern and convenient tool for anonymous web surfing and protected file sharing.


Microsoft EDGE: Alternative

Microsoft development is available for not only for Windows, but also for MacOS, iOS and even Android. It can be excellent alternative to such browsers as Firefox or a default Safari on MacOS.

Microsoft Edge appeared when the intortality of Internet Explorer has become a global memb. Its confidentiality settings are not inferior to competitors. As in Firefox, Microsoft Edge users can switch between three levels of security - basic, balanced and strict. After configuring privacy options, you can configure access to sites, block tracking scripts, pop-up windows and even hide your location.

This is not all. Microsoft Edge provides protection against malicious programs that penetrate the computer through the browser. It is implemented in the form of a region, completely isolated from the main system, that is, the sandboxes.

In the latest version of Microsoft Edge there is a Windows SmartScreen Defender feature. It is automatically activated along with the latest renovation of the browser. SmartScreen is necessary to ban random transitions on phishing links and loading infected files. Also SmartScreen notifies when trying to go to a potentially dangerous site.