Best Monitors for PS5

The release of PlayStation 5 has already taken place, and the console of the new generation is scattered as hot cakes! If you are a happy owner of the console, then we suggest familiarizing yourself with our list of the best monitors for PS5.

The newest console from Sony is equipped with a huge number of functions, so it makes sense to acquire a monitor that is not only compatible with the prefix, but also can squeeze out of her maximum.

Recall that PS5 is capable of displaying an image in a 4K resolution with a frequency of up to 120 Hz. Most monitors do not support such parameters (unlike televisions), but you can still purchase a display with a 4K resolution and a frequency of 60 Hz, which is perfect for gaming.

Unlike Xbox Series X, PS5 does not support 1440p, so 4k monitor is the best option. If you want to get a higher update frequency, you can purchase a Full HD display.

It is also worth saying that monitors are usually a lower input delay compared to TVs. In addition, they are equipped with ergonomic supports, take less space, and are well suited for work.

Below we placed a list of the best monitors for PS5 available on the market right now. Note that not every model was tested on the console, and some recommendations are based on forecasts and stated characteristics.

Gigabyte M28U

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Opens our list of Gigabyte M28U - perhaps the best 4K monitor for PS5. The model is really impressive with its characteristics, as well as the presence of ports HDMI 2.1, which allow you to play in 4K at 120 frames per second!

The display can boast of good assembly quality and has broad viewing angles. The monitor supports the frequency variable frequency technology and G-SYNC, but the latter only works through the DisplayPort connection.

Other than that, the monitor has low input lag, but is slightly higher at 4K at 60Hz than most other models.

But you won't experience a lot of lag anyway - motion on the screen looks very smooth, but only when Overdrive is turned off (if you turn it on, artifacts appear on the display).

The Gigabyte M28U supports HDR10 and displays a wide color gamut, but don't expect the highest HDR quality. Peak brightness is pretty solid and better than most monitors, but the model has a low contrast ratio and terrible local dimming. Because of this, the black color looks gray.


  • HDMI 2.1 ports.
  • Excellent response time.
  • High refresh rate.


  • The input lag is slightly higher than the competition.
  • Low contrast.


  • Diagonal: 27″
  • Resolution : 3840×2160
  • Maximum frequency : 60Hz
  • Sensor Type: IPS
  • Adaptive Sync Technology: FreeSync

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If you think the Gigabyte M28U is too expensive, then there is a great alternative - Dell S2721QS. The monitor does not produce a high refresh rate and does not have HDMI 2.1 like Gigabyte's competitor, but it has much better ergonomics, which makes it easier to install and use the device.

Also noteworthy is the IPS panel with wide viewing angles, but the refresh rate is still limited - it is 60 Hz. However, the model is notable for a good response time, so dynamic content is still played quite clearly.

Brightness is also good, protecting against glare in a well-lit room, but as with the Gigabyte, the model isn't ideal in the dark as it has a low contrast ratio. As for USB ports and gaming functions, they are absent.

For a better gaming experience, choose a model from Gigabyte: it offers faster refresh rates, faster response times, and more advanced features. But if you're on a budget, the Dell S2721QS is a good alternative.


  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • Large screen and high resolution.


  • Weak contrast.


  • Diagonal: 48 "
  • Resolution : 3840 × 2160
  • Maximum frequency Updates : 120 Hz
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Adaptive Synchronization Technology: Freesync

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If you are looking for a larger display, then one of the best options is LG OLED48C1. In fact, this is a TV, but it is worth saying that most monitors with a diagonal of more than 34 inches are widescreen, whose compatibility with the consoles is chromas.

OLED48C1 - Heir LG 48 CX OLED, released in 2020, but the differences between models are insignificant.

Speaking of technical specifications, this is a 48-inch OLED TV, which provides excellent gaming capabilities due to the low input delay, almost instant response time and the large selection of additional game functions.

HDR games look great due to excellent contrast and high peak brightness.

Of course, since it is OLED, we must mention that when using a device of this type as a monitor or even for games there is a certain risk, since one of the main "sores" OLED displays is burnout.

In general, C1 is an excellent choice if you first want to get a large display that provides stunning gaming capabilities and excellent impressions when used as a monitor.


  • A large 48-inch screen.
  • Fantastic reflections processing.
  • Very wide viewing angles.
  • Frequency 120 Hz, FreeSync Support and Compatible with G-SYNC.
  • Excellent contrast and perfect homogeneous black color.


  • The risk of burning out the display.
  • In the game mode, the brightness leaves much to be desired.
  • No DisplayPort.

Philips 436M6VBPAB

  • Diagonal: 43 "
  • Resolution : 3840 × 2160
  • Maximum frequency Updates : 60 Hz
  • Display Type: VA
  • Adaptive Synchronization Technology: freesync

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Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB - an excellent alternative to the previous model if you are looking for a cheaper option with Large display.

The television contrast ratio is not as good as LG 48 C1 OLED, and the update frequency is limited only to 60 Hz, but the model is more affordable and quite bright, so it copes perfectly with highlights even in conditions of strong illumination.

We note the brightness in HDR mode. In addition to everything, the TV boasts a great response time (although it may not be enough for competitive games). Input delay is also small, and, as in the case of LG, the TV supports Freesync VRR.

LG OLED48C1 It is worth choosing in case you want to purchase the best monitor for PS5 with a large display and exceptional image quality, and the Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB is a good and more affordable alternative.


  • Deep homogeneous black color.
  • High peak brightness.
  • Wide Color Gamma.


  • Bad local blackout.
  • The Cross Hatching effect (thin diagonal and vertical stripes appear on the screen from time to time).

Acer Nitro XF243Y PBMIIPRX​​

  • Diagonal: 24 "
  • Resolution : 1920x1080
  • Maximum frequency Updates : 165 Hz
  • Type of matrix: IPS
  • Adaptive synchronization technology: Freesync

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Acer Nitro XF243Y PBMIIPRX - Best Budget Game Monitor for PS5. This is a compact display with a diagonal of 24 inches and a 1080p resolution (Full HD). Here is not the highest pixel density, but the image quality is still good, with full SRGB coverage and excellent clarity directly from the box.

In addition, the model is ergonomic, and all thanks to the stand, which allows you to adjust the monitor. Also note the wide viewing angles.

The XF243Y excels at dynamic content thanks to its high refresh rate and low response time. The display also supports VRR, which minimizes screen tearing. However, it is worth noting here that the PS5 itself does not yet support this technology, so you will have to wait for a firmware update.

The input lag is also low, which is great for gaming. In addition, the monitor copes well with glare even in the most lit room.

Worth mentioning is the software, with which each user can control all monitor settings, as well as view FPS and even add a virtual crosshair.

Given that the monitor is a budget monitor, it is not capable of a wide color gamut, does not have a local dimming function, and the brightness in HDR mode is not the best, which, of course, affects the perception of high dynamic range. There are no USB ports, but there are a couple of built-in speakers.

All in all, the Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx is a simple but great gaming monitor that won't break the bank too much.


  • Low response time and input lag.
  • High update rate.
  • VRR support.


  • Not the best contrast.


We have shown you the top 5 monitors for PS5, but there are also other models that deserve attention:

  • ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ: good alternative to the Gigabyte M28U, but lacks HDMI 2.1 ports, so when playing on PS5 in 4K resolution, the model is limited to a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • LG 27GN950-B : Great 4K gaming monitor, but again limited to 60Hz refresh rate because it doesn't have HDMI 2.1 ports.
  • BenQ EW3270U: an alternative to the Dell S2721QS mentioned above, but with less wide viewing angles and worse ergonomics.
  • ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM: A good alternative to the Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx, but it has high input lag at 60Hz.
  • AOC 24G2: Another alternative to the Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx, but with worse viewing angles and slower response time at 60Hz.
  • Acer Nitro XV282K KVBMIIPRUZX: Good gaming model with 4K and HDMI 2.1 ports, and the input delay when playing in 4k and the update frequency of 60 Hz is much lower than that of Gigabyte M28U.
  • Dell S3221Qs: Large version of Dell S2721Qs, but with a VA matrix, which is why the model is the worst viewing angles, and spots appear in the dynamic games on the screen.
  • LG OLED48CXPUB:"Senior Brother" LG OLED48C1, but this is still a good monitor. As we said, the differences are not so much, so we advise you to purchase the model that will be cheaper.
  • Gigabyte AORUS FI32U: More than the Gigabyte M28U is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 ports, but the input delay rate is higher.
  • Dell U2720Q: Looks like Dell S2721Qs, but it is more expensive and does not support VRR.