Best Mobile Apps for Motorists

We present to your attention the best mobile applications for motorists who will simplify navigation, tell me where the nearest car wash is, they will teach how to communicate with the traffic police inspector, and help you find free parking spaces.

Any driver knows that in current economic conditions it is difficult to calculate future expenses on its vehicle. It is not easy and finding the desired address if you live in a very big city. It is not superfluous and at hand, information about fines. In short, mobile applications for motorists are more important. We will talk about the best of them in this selection.

Yandex. Navigator

Yandex. Navigator is a free navigator that is able to put routes with traffic jams, accidents and repair work. The application works not only in online mode, but also offline. True for this will have to additionally download the city map or whole region on the smartphone (depending on the goals of the trip).

Yandex. Navigator supports voice control using the built-in voice assistant, which can also answer during the trip and to other questions (for example, suggest where the nearest technology store or what a fine for speeding). The application is constantly updated and updated with new functionality, so Yandex. Navigator is an indispensable assistant of any motorist.

Auto expenses

Sometimes it is very interesting to know how much you put money into your car. This is useful and in the case of expense planning for the next months. Help in finding out such delicate information will help the application "Costs for the car".

This Russified program is distributed free of charge and serves to count the means spent on the car. In particular, information on money is introduced here, which paid for gasoline, parking and service. Taxi employees will be able to use the "income" function.


Ideally, every driver Must have a partner in the form of a navigator. Its main task is to warn about repair work, the presence of an accident and location of DPS employees. But where to find such a person who is free every day? Fortunately, there are useful applications that act the role of the navigator. One of them is Second Pilot. It warns about all the above problems that can meet on the route of your following.

The program is the fruit of the creation of a large community, so the stable database update is guaranteed.

PDD fines

  • ​​

None of us is insured against the violation of the rules of the road. Often this is done unintention. Sometimes the driver simply does not know what rules have become more rigid in New Year. How good that now information about all fines can be kept on your smartphone. It is enough to install on Android or iOS application "PDD fines".

With this program, it is easy to find out how threatens to stop on the sidewalk or speeding. At the same time, it is not necessary to look for information manually - the application recognizes voice requests. There are also additional features here, which include access to the database of discharged fines. Also, with the help of this utility, you can learn about whether any restrictions are imposed on the car.


If you are regularly parked at different points of the city, then you may be familiar to the problem of finding a car. It will help to solve the CAR FINDER AR. It acts very simple. You are parked, after which the program remembers the coordinates of the current location. When you finish your affairs, it will only remain running the utility - it will definitely show how to return to your car.

Of course, the program is most relevant in large megalopolis. In particular, she will come to the aid of parking inside a multi-storey car park.


Of course, this application will not be able to determine the content of alcohol in the blood in your breath. But it will help you understand whether there is a chance to get a fine when entering the relevant data. In particular, you must specify your height, weight, age and quantity of drinking alcoholic beverage. The program will begin counting, after which it will be diagnosed. Although we understand that behind the wheel should not be sitting even if you drank only a glass of beer.

Help Driver

Excellent application for those who have gaps in the knowledge of the rules of the road. The program is designed to suggest who is right in a particular conflict situation. For example, the utility presents information on exactly how to communicate with the inspector.

The program "Assistance to the driver" will tell you what to do after the car was taken to the storage room. It can also find detailed descriptions of the design of various protocols. Claims to the program can be presented only because of rare updates. And the application has problems with the interface - it is not correctly displayed on each smartphone.

HUD Antiraddar

An application that performs several useful immediately functions. First, it is a radiat-detector with a warning function about the nearest traffic record chambers. Secondly, it is a convenient speedometer, which will remind the speed limit exceeding. Thirdly, the application allows you to use your smartphone as a projection display to output the necessary information driver.

Program Features:

  • Digital Speedometer Function - If the allowed speed is exceeded, the application will give a beep.
  • The function of the radar detector - information about the chambers of the fixation of violations of traffic rules of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan includes information about the chambers of fixing traffic police.
  • Displays the necessary data in the projection on the windshield of the car.


The price of fuel is uncontrollably growing up, making it one of the serious items on trips. Multigo helps the car owner save, comparing and showing fuel prices on various gas stations. The program for a more convenient and fast search is a filter with parameters such as type of fuel, brand, supported payment cards, availability of shares and bonus programs. In addition, the service will help in building the optimal route, searching and booking the hotel, calling the tow truck.

One of the interesting features of the application is the "Sprint route" mode. If the fuel path suddenly ends, the program will select the nearest refueling station.

Fixy - Find my car

This application will help out, if you forgot where you forgot the place to park your car. It is especially true for travelers and those who are poorly oriented in the area. The program has the most simple interface. Working with it is easy - after parking, open the program and save the current location of the vehicle. In the application, you can also take a picture of a parked car. In addition, there is a function to set an alarm clock - it is useful if paid parking is used. To find your transport, open the program and go to the car, following the map that appears on the screen.

Numberogram - checking a car by VIN code and license plate number

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy a car from an authorized dealer. You have to turn to the used car market, where you can become a victim of an unscrupulous seller or a scammer. You can protect yourself with the help of the "Numberogram" application. It allows you to get all the necessary information about the car by its number and VIN: mileage, number of sales, accidents. You can also find out if the transport was used to work in a taxi. With the help of "Numberogram" you can quickly find out if the seller is deceiving you by hiding important information about the car.

SDA Exam 2021, SDA Rules and SDA Tickets

Traffic rules often change, and car owners are not always able to get acquainted with all the changes that have come into force in a timely manner. The application "Exam SDA 2021" is a pocket guide to the rules of traffic rules, which will come in handy in a disputable situation. The program has a simple and user-friendly interface, there is a search by rules and all topics.


A modern smartphone can become convenient and reliable assistant driver. In the Play Store there is an application for almost any task.