Best Mobile Apps for Learning

The smartphone is not only the entertainment center, but also a useful tool for performing different tasks. For students, he can become an excellent assistant in studies. But for this you need special applications.

To meet the student now without a smartphone is almost impossible. The cost of such devices has decreased greatly, due to which it is difficult to find a person they are not available. The main feature of modern devices is to install a variety of additional applications. A rare student it will not use it. However, many prefer to download games to kill time on pairs. We offer to install mobile apps for students who are able to help in their studies.

iStudiez (MyHomework Student Planner)

In the old days, the schedule was recorded in a notebook, a diary or notebook. Do you need to say that all these objects are easily lost? And such a schedule quickly turns into a series of crossed notes, if the classes are regularly transferred in your educational institution. In short, it is better to use a smartphone that is always at hand to save the schedule.

Many useful applications provide the ability to record a work schedule or schedule of lessons. The utility of this kind is iStudiez (version for Android has the name Myhomework Student Planner). She knows how to remind of pairs and provides the function of fixing homework. Moreover, the developers even implemented the possibility of accounting for estimates on various subjects! Consequently, the program can be used not only to students, but also to schoolchildren. The latter will be very happy with the availability of an application if the diary turned out to be forgotten at home.


Take a picture of the textbook page or any other book, you can and without the help of auxiliary applications. And if you need to take a picture of several tens of pages, and also from different books? It is better to use the scanner and the corresponding computer program. But if you do not have such a device, Scanbot will come to the rescue.

This application allows you to take pictures of text with comfort. With it, you can immediately explore the created snapshots on albums so that they are not confused. And the program can automatically convert images to PDF files. Scanbot consistently recognizes the text written both in Russian and in Ukrainian. But this concerns only the paid version of the utility.


in some educational institutions Teach astronomy. If you visit such pairs, then download on your smartphone Star Walk. This application contains the names of the set of stars, constellations and planets.

Use it is very simple - just run the program and bring the gadget chamber to the sky. Immediately the application will show which stars are located at this point of space. If you touch some astronomical object, the utility will display all the information about it.


An indispensable application for those who want to improve their understanding of the English language. The program is not just teaches the user, she motivates him! If a person does not ignore notifications and successfully passes the proposed lessons, he gets achievements. The highest pilot cattle is to pass the entire training course, having received the maximum number of achievements. After that, one can belight can be considered a real polyglot.


How to study without books and textbooks, especially in our time, when you do not need to overload backpack or heavy talmud bag, and everything can be worn in electronic form and in the smartphone. Preparing for study or just reading for pleasure will help FBReader - one of the most popular free "readers" on Android. The default application supports most of the most popular formats of electronic books. If you downloaded some file with a book, and the program does not open it, you can expand its capabilities and load a pair of a triple of free extensions.


Evernote application helps bring things In order not only to students, but also to all other users. This popular program will also help you in your studies, because here you can store a ton of different information: to-do lists, class schedules, files with books and useful training videos, coursework information, lectures, scans, abstracts and many, many other useful information.

Evernote is free, but there are paid plans. But don't worry, even the basic version is enough for studying, and there is also synchronization between two devices. For example, between a smartphone and a laptop or PC.


Coursera is a huge selection of different courses and electives for students, schoolchildren and those who simply wants to acquire new skills and knowledge. Coursera has more than 1000 lectures from 140 world universities in Russian, English, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Spanish, which will allow you not only to study the subject of interest, but also improve your knowledge of foreign languages.

In addition to the usual text lectures, there are video courses with test tasks and final cuts of knowledge at the end. After completing the chosen course, Coursera issues a certificate of completion, which you can even bring to the university or to an interview for your first job.


TED is the official application of the global educational conference TED (Technology Entertainment Design), which means "Technology, entertainment, design." TED has collected thousands of video lectures in more than 100 languages ​​about various sciences and areas, from design to business, from politics to entertainment, from art to ecology.

In addition to absorbing useful knowledge in video lectures, you can learn languages ​​— if the video is in a language you don’t know, or one that you are just learning, then you can turn on subtitles in Russian and do two things at the same time.

The TED application has bookmarks for topics of interest to the user. Here you can also download video and audio lectures to your smartphone and listen without the Internet, and the TED account is synchronized on all devices.


Panecal is a multi-stroke scientific calculator working with numerical formulas. The application applies for free and is suitable not only for students, but also for engineers.

Calculator Support all major functions and can be used for complex computing, calculations and inspections of formulas. The application is characterized by a convenient, intuitive interface and wide opportunities for entering and editing values.


Cheat sheets are a free reference book with brief information and tips on the main subjects (biology, mathematics, conversion, physics, chemistry, etc.). The application loads the database during the first start, so it is not required to further access the Internet cheat sheets.

The directory fits not only for students, but also those who want to refresh their knowledge. For quick access to the materials, you can add to your favorites. This application is available only for Android, although you will easily find excellent analogues for iOS.

PocketBook Reader

Convenient and visually pleasant reading app documents and books in PDF and DJVU formats. In them, as a rule, most often on the Internet there are training aids and scientific literature. The program supports 19 book formats, including CBR and CBZ for comic reading.

The service is characterized by a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality. The user can configure the text display to its taste, changing the theme, font and a line interval. The application allows you to make notes and add bookmarks, supports the read function out loud, synchronization between devices and search for words in Google.

One of the useful chips PocketBook Reader is the ability to draw up collections of books. So more convenient to quickly find the necessary textbook.

Add textbooks, books and scientific literature to the manual application do not need - when you first start the program scanning a smartphone or tablet and add all the results found to the library.

diplomas 2 dictation

Students, especially future teachers and journalists, need to be perfectly known Russian. The application of "Dimensions 2" in a fascinating game form will help not only check the level of knowledge of the Russian language, but also tighten literacy. It is noteworthy that it is necessary to work out in dictations not only by orpography, but also punctuation.

It should be noted that the dictation material is compiled by professionals and in such a way as to test knowledge on the basis of not only classical works, but also of modern prose, texts from contracts, popular science articles.

In "Dimensions 2", two game modes: in the first you need to insert the proposed answer options, and in the second - to search in the text hidden errors and celebrate them. Four levels of complexity of tasks are designed for students with different levels of knowledge of the Russian language. The latter will be very difficult even for excellent students.

WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel

Each student faces that he has to write abstracts, coursework, prepare presentations and tables. On the smartphone, it is possible to work on these projects on the way to study or home using cross-platform application WPS Office. This is an office package for creating documents of various formats, presentations, tables, reading PDF files and text recognition.

Externally and functionality The application is an analogue of Microsoft Word. By the way, WPS Office is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Additional features of the program:

  • support cloud storage with the ability to download and save documents;
  • built-in file manager;
  • integration with email clients;
  • document encryption function;
  • handwriting support;
  • spell check;
  • autosave document function;
  • document sharing;
  • Support for 44 languages.

Puzzle Alarm - Alarmy

Waking up in the morning for a student is a difficult task. There is a danger of turning off the normal alarm clock and falling asleep again. You can't do this with Alarmy. It's one of the most annoying alarm clocks in the world and does an excellent job of waking you up.

To turn off the alarm, the user needs to perform some mental or physical task: solve an arithmetic problem, take a picture of a certain object, shake the phone. Just press the "Turn off the alarm" button and continue to sleep sweetly will not work.

Alarmy allows you to create multiple alarms and customize them to your liking. One of the features of the program is the ability to make it uninstallable by activating this option in the settings.