Best Mobile Applications for Earning

We live at a very strange time when you can make money not only in the usual way, but also through the Internet. In particular, there are mobile applications for money making.

Of course, with their help, it is impossible to get the amount that would have enough for the purchase of a refrigerator or PlayStation 4. As a rule, the funds earned enough of the cellular service or cable service television, but no more. And this is already a reason to consider such services, because even small money is not unnecessary!

Earnings on downloading and installing applications

One of the most popular directions of mobile earnings is downloading and installing other applications for money. Someone can advertise their creations, offering others to earn a couple of clicks.


  • The minimum amount for the output: is missing
  • where they pay: Mobile phone account, electronic wallets (Webmoney, Qiwi)

Reward will delight the impressive list of tasks - at the time of writing it, there were more than 200 (!). Each is accompanied by a detailed instruction - some applications will be required to be installed on the link, while others independently find in Play Market and also download. As in AppBonus, the task is performed on steps, and some of them have special requirements (for example, Nickname English in Play Market and so on). Payment is carried out in rubles.

From features, an intuitive interface should be noted, divided into various sections ("new", "active", "money", "History" and others). There is a rating where you can see the diligent users and turn out to be among them. Sometimes contests are held for cash prizes.

Earnings on advertising and performing tasks

In the following applications, you can earn on Perform various tasks (installing other programs, but is not a priority direction) and at viewing of advertising - that is, on fairly trivial actions, which are carried out in a couple of clicks. In contrast to the previous way, it is not necessary to expect a long time: fulfilled the task, they immediately got a remuneration for this.

Yandex. Tolok

  • The minimum amount for the output: from $ 0.02 (once a week or less) or from $ 1 (several times a week)
  • Where they pay: Electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer)

Yandex. Tell - one of the leading applications in its niche, And that is, several reasons. First, it is the official service from Yandex Giant. Secondly, the tasks here are aimed at improving the work of the company's search engine, and they differ from those that you will find in other applications.

For example, here you can go on moderation of text comments (check them on an insult, spam and advertising), evaluate video, check the presence of shock content in documents and frank content, compare pictures, fix the requests of Alice and much, much more. For each such task there is its payment in dollars, but before execution you need to "practice". Also in Yandex. You will find field tasks - those that are running on the street (for example, refer to the organization of the organization with cards and so on).

What else is interesting: the skill system for individual tasks (the better you do, the higher the skill), the rating, achievement. In general, if you do not know where to start, or other applications do not cause you confidence, we recommend trying our strength in the "push".


  • Minimum The amount for the output: $ 10 (for paypal) or $ 0.5 (for other output methods)
  • Where they pay: Mobile phone account (megaphone, MTS, Beeline, Tele2), Electronic wallets (Webmoney, PayPal), bank cards

Globus is an application for earning advertising. After registration, you can immediately begin viewing advertising for money that appears on the device automatically. All payments are made in dollars, and the earned funds can be displayed in PayPal or WebMoney.

PThe rope is convenient to use as an additional income as a source, since earnings are performed on the advertisement. Globus supports a referral system that will increase its earnings by inviting other people.


  • the minimum amount For output: 5 EUR
  • Where they pay: PayPal and Payoneer

ClickWorker - Not bad mobile An application for earnings oriented to users from Europe. There is no translation into Russian, the support of "our" e-wallets and payment systems, and the fee for performing tasks is charged in euros. Nevertheless, it can be easily attributed to the positive parties, because for pretty easy tasks they pay here in a more expensive currency.

Registration does not cause labor. To create an account, it is enough to answer a few questions about yourself (date of birth, country and city of residence, gender, etc.), confirm the email address and come up with password. Immediately after logging into the system, a list of available tasks will appear on the Jobs tab. As the account of the account and the successful execution of work, their quantity will increase. For example, immediately after registration you can offer to upload 5-10 photos of the face for 2-3 euros.

In the event that the tasks ended and no longer appear, you can pass testing and improve the profile qualification. To do this, you need to go through a small test in the "Assessments" section. The higher the final rating - the more highly paid work will be available to you. It is impossible not to mark the neat and stylish design, minimalist interface and dark theme. ClickWorker is a worthy alternative to similar "domestic" services with the potential possibility of greater earnings.


  • The minimum amount for the output: 200 rubles For PayPal and Qiwi, 20 euros for SEPA
  • , where they pay: Paidpal, SEPA, QIWI

Last The application in our ranking, where they pay for the execution of tasks - Bemyeye. The essence of the vast majority of "missions" here is to assess the level of satisfaction with the work of a particular store. In simple terms, you will need to visit certain establishments and follow the instructions for the task, each of which is divided into several sections and explains what needs to be done (take photos of the counters, for example).

You can earn up to 1500 rubles for completing one mission, but on average 150-200 rubles are charged for most of them. Moreover, the withdrawal of funds upon reaching the minimum amount can take only 30 minutes (maximum - up to 3 business days). The more tasks you complete, the higher the account level will be. This affects, for example, how often you can withdraw money from your BeMyEye wallet. If level 1 is allowed to display once every 2 weeks, then for the 18th and above, the timeout is only a day.

Traditionally, for services of this type, there is also a referral system, on which you can also earn. For attracting one friend who downloads the application from the link and completes the first mission, you can get 35 rubles. In addition, the service is perfectly translated into Russian, which means that there will definitely not be any problems using it.

Earnings from surveys and reviews

On the Internet, you can also earn on your opinion, namely, fill out simple questionnaires and write product reviews. Questionnaires are needed for various marketing researches (for example, about upcoming movie novelties, about cars, about smoking), and the so-called “review sites” that earn on advertising pay for reviews. In general, everything here is also transparent and legal.


  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 1000 rubles
  • Where they pay: mobile phone account, electronic wallets (YooMoney, WebMoney), bank cards

Questionnaire is one of the most popular questionnaires for making money in Russia, which has a proprietary mobile application. The interface is adapted for mobile devices, the icons and blocks are quite large (which is a plus, since you don’t have to look at them under a microscope).

First, the user fills out a personal questionnaire, and then waits for polls that are right for him. Already for this action, you will receive money (up to 100 rubles) to your account, and then you can earn money by completing other surveys, express surveys and inviting friends to the project.


  • The minimum amount for the output: 200 rubles for the first payment, then 100 rubles
  • where they pay: electronic wallet Webmoney

Otzovik - another popular site for earning in the Russian Federation, but as it is easy to guess, here we get money for feedback. You can leave your opinion (both positive and negative) almost all that surrounds you - Various products, movies, books, games, products, shops, hotels, cities... people write even about lubricants for cars, hand creams, Contact lenses and other things.

They pay here for the number of characters in the recall and their views (that is, active and passive earnings). You can write text in a couple of lines and get almost nothing, but you can come with a responsibility and break feedback on paragraphs, deduct mistakes and attach pictures, and in the future it will bring even more money.


  • The minimum amount for the output: is missing
  • where they pay: PAYPAL electronic wallet

StreetBees is an application with polls in which you share the moments of your daily life and can earn for one completed quiz to $ 5. Answer simple questions, telling about yourself something: how do you feel about food additives, what health-related habits are developing, as you treat video games, etc. Each survey is served as a separate story where you communicate with a bot with a bot.

A large problem of many questionnaires can be called the absence of a large number of tasks. In StreetBees, many questionnaires are available from the moment of registration. In some, you just need to respond to thematic questions, others will have to make a couple of photos. So that the service could offer more quizes, he needs to know better than you. Therefore, the more stories you will tell for StreetBees, the more individual surveys will be available.

You can withdraw money without any restrictions, at least immediately after the story of your first story. The only nuance: Task verification takes 2-3 days (in some cases and more), and payments are carried out within 48 hours. Separately, it is worth noting the lack of advertising, which love to abuse applications of this kind.

Earnings on watching video

Watch the video and get money for it - what can be easier? And yes, here also without fraud - some people are just trying to make their videos more popular, winding views on special venues, while others perform these tasks and get money. Note that such tasks have already come across the Android applications above, but we decided to highlight a couple of programs designed for this.


  • Minimum amount for withdrawal: 10 rubles
  • Where they pay: Mobile phone account, electronic wallets (Yoomoney, Qiwi, Payeer)

Cheesefree is a video seal like YouTube (but obviously much less popular), where any users can post their video and watch others. Rollers are placed in various categories, and they can be downloaded, comment and evaluated, and you can subscribe to people.

For viewing You get the CHS currency, and for the output will have to earn at least 500 CHs, which is 10 rubles. It seems that it is difficult to earn, but if you consider various bonuses (for registration, for the scrolling of the roulette) and the fact that you just see the rollers whose duration is 10 seconds, then this process is noticeably accelerated. You can also invite friends, and for everyone you will receive 25 "Cise".


  • The minimum amount for the output: $ 3
  • where they pay: WEBMONEY electronic wallet

The Videovtope application offers to make money on the views, subscriptions, likes and comments to the videos. For this, you will receive a certain amount of VIV currency (1 VIV is approximately 1.6 kopecks), and the minimum amount for output is ~ 14000 VIV. This is a decent amount, but there are quite a lot of tasks, and besides, you can purchase VIP status and increase the earnings twice.

From the advantages - a pleasant application design, a lot of paid actions, a system of levels and rating, various bonuses. Of the minuses - a high minimum speed, which will be recruited for quite a long time.

Earnings on social networks

Likes, subscriptions, reposites - these words are so familiar to those who Self freezes in social networks. If you have a page in one of the networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram ), then on these simple actions you can earn. Nothing "dark" - everything is also, for someone's advertising.


  • Minimum amount for output: $ 25
  • Where they pay: Electronic wallets (PayPal, Payoneer), bank transfer

In this attractive application, you can make money on such social networks as Instagram (followers, likes, watch videos), Facebook (Likes of pages and posts, promotions, videos, joining To the event), Tiktok (followers, huskies, video views), Twitter (followers, huskies, tweets, retwests), YouTube, "VKontakte" and on many others. You just need to choose a category, type of work, and after the list of tasks opens.

In addition to social networks, in ZarekLamy you can also get money for polls, viewing sites, video and advertising, writing comments and reviews, registration of accounts and games.

Earnings per cappeted

Surely moving According to the websites in the worldwide network, you stumbled into a captcha - a set of difficult-to-distant characters to be entered into a special window to continue surfing. Before letting a trap in work, it is checked (it is possible to distinguish what is written) on special sites, and pay money for it.


  • The minimum amount for the output: 150/700 rubles for bank cards or from 15-30 rubles for other methods
  • where they pay: electronic wallets (Webmoney, QIWI, PAYEER, Yoomoney), bank cards, mobile phone balance

English-speaking application from the site of the same name for Earning, intended for convenient operation of its users. As for the convenience, we would argue, because the authorization in the program is not obvious and described by the developers in the 8th (!) Steps. However, overcoming this obstacle, you can solve a capping from the phone and get money for it.

RucAPTCHA Bot offers to solve a graphic and text captcha, and pays for it in dollars. There is nothing superfluous in the interface - only the "start" session and that's it.


  • The minimum amount for output: From $ 0.5
  • Where they pay: Electronic wallets (AdvCash, Yoomoney) or crypto wallets

Another interesting application But with a much more detailed interface that allows you to track the earning process, the number of tasks performed, glasses, level (additional motivation for work). Otherwise, it's all as well as: We launch the session and trust the captcha, until you get bored.

Earnings on Games

Is it possible to make money on games? Yes, but not exactly the way you think. For example, it is impossible to get money, playing for hours in some shooter - for this, special games are created, a couple of which we will consider below.


  • Minimum amount for output: $ 0.5
  • Where they pay: Electronic wallet PayPal

Appsttion offers to play other Games with Google Play, achieve a certain level in them (or spend some time) and get for this remuneration in the form of coins that are translated into real money. This Android application has a pleasant design, and there is nothing "dark" in earnings - just play the games of the AppStion partners and earn money for it.

Make Money making money

  • (465]
  • Minimum sum for withdrawal: $ 5
  • Where they pay: Electronic wallet Paypal

Make Money - Another way to earn, spending time in games. The service has a large number of partners providing different tasks: Download a specific program, install the application and achieve the specified level, etc. Payment for the implementation of the "missions" you get in the game currency that is converted to dollars and then rubles.

The tasks are divided into several categories of complexity: "Easy", "middle", "difficult". These include not only game quests, but also passage of fast or long and more paid surveys, viewing video on YouTube. For example, for downloading the application and registration of the account, about 1 million virtual coins can pay here - it is almost 30% of the minimum threshold and about 120 rubles. And for the regular entrance to Make Money you will receive a daily free award.

Among their analogues, the service is characterized by the fact that it is simply filled with a variety of quests, which seems to end here in general. Choose the easiest and most profitable missions from hundreds of other, constantly updating tasks. Tired of passing surveys? Take the task associated with pumping the character in a fascinating game, or earn a remuneration for viewing YouTube.

Other applications for earnings


Official product of the Life News TV channel. Download the app is recommended to everyone who regularly encounters those or other accidents - accidents, fires or rally. For shooting appropriate videos, the TV channel will pay you from 10 to 3000 rubles. The amount depends on the resonance of the events you have taken and the quality of the picture. For example, Life News makes no sense to pay big money for not going to ether. But for the collision of two buses it is quite possible to pay 800-900 rubles.

Examples of paid works can be found in the "Ribbon" section. Unfortunately, funds are displayed only on a mobile account or bank card. But registration and verification here are noticeably simplified - no one from you will require no passport data nor other important information.


Our selection gave you It is understood that while making money on the smartphone is associated with certain difficulties. However, some services still allow you to get money that we usually spend on calls and using the Internet.

One of the best is the Yandex.tolok. The application boasts a wide choice of available tasks and convenient ways to output earned funds.

But also to other applications, we also recommend paying attention to how we were taken manually. We hope that you will find a way to make money for yourself!