Best LG smartphones

LG is perhaps the main innovator of the mobile market. The Smartphones of the Korean company, alas, often remain in the shade of the flagships of other manufacturers, although many of its devices certainly deserve recognition and attention.

The Korean manufacturer of LG equipment has long been trying to catch up in the market of mobile technologies of its main competitor and the "compatriot" company Samsung. Before LG made a bet on innovation, seeking to surprise users with unexpected technical solutions - like an additional display. Now she puts on comprehensive protection and good sound. But these ideas do not yet bring dividends - for example, it was decided to refuse from installing an additional display.

For which it is really possible to praise LG, this is the width of the assortment series. The manufacturer offers users of several Linek smartphones at once - and they will be able to find gadgets for any wealth and under any individual requirements. In this selection, we will tell you which of the company's devices is exactly impossible to go around.

What rules of smartphones offers LG in 2020?

For 2020, the LG directory includes 3 line of smartphones:

  • V - expensive devices, which are distinguished by wonderful screens and impressive photographic abilities.
  • Q - Middle Class Smartphones, manufactured since the summer of 2017. Over time, the Q-line has become budget.
  • G - the flagship series, which includes gadgets with excellent functional and fairly high price.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 865
  • Screen: 6.8 inches, 1080 x 2460
  • Cameras (basic / frontal): Double 16 MP + 13 mp / 10 Mp
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 8 GB / 128 GB
  • Accumulator capacity: 5000 mAh

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LG V60 is the best phone released by LG lately. The smartphone is equipped with a large bright display that looks great, although the update frequency is only 60 Hz - this is a normal indicator for most devices, but similar flagships, such as Oneplus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20, have a frequency of 120 Hz.

V60 is distinguished by a long battery life (up to 2 days without recharging!), The highest performance due to the processor SNAPDRAGON 865 and compatibility with 5G. It comes with a special bookbook case with an additional screen of the same size and permissions. It is bulky, but adds a second screen so that users can run two applications simultaneously or use the smartphone as a game panel in the style of Nintendo 3DS.

With a QUAD-DAC headphone jack and an excellent camera, LG V60 is an ideal smartphone for creating a media content.


  • Amazing battery life.
  • Highest performance.


  • Screen update frequency is only 60 Hz.
  • Very large.


  • Processor: SNAPDRAGON 855
  • Screen: 6.1 inches, 1440 x 3120
  • of the chamber (main / frontal): 12 mp + 16 mp + 12 mp / 8 mp
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 6 GB / 128 GB
  • Accumulator capacity: 3500 mAh

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LG G8 ThinQ - an LG attempt to create something like a "futuristic" smartphone. The device is equipped with a special IR sensor - a more functional biometric scanner, which determines the shape, thickness and other individual veins characteristics on the palms. Also, the device is capable of recognizing gestures that allow you to make a navigation by simply cramped with hand over the phone.

However, not all of these functions work perfectly, so LG G8 Thinq does not fully fulfill all its promises. However, the smartphone still has some wonderful features, such as an advanced processor and a vibrating screen that functions as a speaker.


  • Vibro speaker.
  • Bright OLED screen.


  • IR sensor recognizes veins on his palms.
  • Pretty expensive.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G

  • CPU: Snapdragon 855
  • Screen: 6.4" 1440 x 3120
  • Cameras (rear / front): 12 MP + 12 MP + 16 MP / 8 MP + 5 MP
  • Memory (RAM / built-in): 6 GB / 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 4000 mAh

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The V50 ThinQ 5G is LG's first 5G phone. The problem is that it's essentially an LV V40 but with 5G since both devices are very similar. The LG V50 ThinQ 5G sells for a much higher price, making it hard to recommend. In addition, it is even more expensive than some other 5G smartphones. However, the device is still impressive in some respects, especially if you're a fan of dual screens and the company itself.


  • Bright, clear display.
  • Variety of cameras.


  • Outdated design.
  • Unjustified price.

LG G8X ThinQ

  • Processor: Snapdragon 855
  • Screen: 6.4" 1080 x 2340
  • Cameras (Rear / Front): 12 MP + 13 MP / 32 MP
  • Memory (RAM / Built-in): 6 GB / 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 4000 mAh

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The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen offers the benefits of a foldable smartphone at a regular price. But, unlike true Samsung Galaxy Fold or Motorola Razr foldable display devices, the G8 is a regular smartphone that you can attach a second screen to.

Because of this, the device allows you to run two applications or games at the same time, which is quite convenient. The design of the smartphone is stylish, but rather restrained, but given the Snapdragon 855, dual screen and price, the G8X is what we need.


  • Good price for a smartphone with two screens.
  • Excellent gaming experience.


  • Multiscreen features are limited.
  • Very bulky case.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 845
  • Screen: 6.4 inches, 3120 x 1440
  • chambers (basic / frontal): 12 mp + 16 mp + 12 mp / 8 mp + 5 megapixel
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 6 GB / 128 GB
  • Accumulator capacity: 3300 mAh

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If the smartphone from not the highest manufacturer at the start of sales costs almost 60 thousand rubles, its appearance should cause Wow effect. Over LG V40 Thinq Korean engineers worked really great. The smartphone is amazing not only the total number of cameras (there are 5 them) and an unusual matte design, but also a gigantic display.

6.4-inch FullVision-screen is made using technology OLED and has the aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. Thanks to this format , the phablet lies in hand wonderful and does not feel "shovel". With a strong desire, you can reach the long finger to the long-range corner without interception. In feedback, users separately mark the depth of black on the display. Thanks to this, wallpaper with a black background on the screen looks particularly impressive.

Pluses :

  • Powerful sound, which provides the BOOMBOX speaker.
  • Excellent performance - the Snapdragon processor is responsible for it.
  • Large high resolution screen.
  • Triple rear chamber, the main module of which is distinguished by the f / 1.5 light.
  • Supports Cine Shot Mode - You can make static photos on which only one element is moving.
  • Premium design and multiple color options.

Minuses :

  • Autonomy leaves much to be desired better.
  • High price.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 845
  • Screen: 6.1 inches, 3120 x 1440
  • Cameras (main / frontal): 16 mp + 16 mp / 8 Mp
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

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In the summer 2018, at the start of sales LG G7 Thinq cost 60,000 rubles - six months later, its price fell almost twice.

Externally, the G7 ThinQ is not impressive, but it is worth the "light" screen, and make sure that you keep something special in your hands. The brightness is 1000 NIT - that is, 2 times higher than that of competitors. The display is also characterized by the highest resolution (QuadHD) and the unusual resolution of the parties - 19.5: 9. This aspect ratio allows you to fit a large screen into a compact housing.

G7 ThinQ is notable not only to the screen, but also sound. The DTS-X technology in combination with the BOOMBOX speaker guarantees a powerful bass and high volume. Favorite films can be viewed right on the smartphone without connecting it to the speakers - the atmosphere is provided.

From all smartphones LG G7 Thinq is not the most expensive, but it is it that is the perfect combination of price and quality. This is a smartphone, perfectly "pumped" functionally, but without specific delights that may seem to the user useless - like 5 cameras.


  • Volume stereo sound.
  • Thin metal case and high-quality assembly.
  • Bright and energy-saving display.
  • Camera with artificial intelligence and 19 shooting modes.
  • Protection according to IP68 and MIL-STD-810G standards.
  • Powerful modern processor from Qualcomm.


  • Primitive design.


The flagship models of LG are obtained "to glory", but with budget gadgets and The average price segments of the Korean "Giant" is traditionally not laid. No, with the quality of the devices of Linek X and q a full order - users accuse LG company in another: it overestimates. Those buyers who do not happen to Chinese products are more profitable to purchase conditional Xiaomi or Meizu with the same functional, but much more reasonable price tags.

excluded from the selection


  • Processor: 8-nuclear MediaTek MT6750, clock frequency 1.5 GHz
  • Screen: 5.5 inches, Resolution 2160 x 1080
  • chambers (main / frontal): 13 MPIX / 8 MPIX
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 3 GB / 32 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

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LG Q7 has no rubber plugs and does not look like an anti-tank pomegranate with a display, but at the same time in terms of strength will give odds of expensive Caterpillar and Land Rover. The device meets the IP68 standard, but this will not surprise anyone now. It is more curious that it has passed the tests on the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G. As part of such tests, 14 violent tests are organized - if the smartphone does not cope at least with one, the certification does not see. LG Q7 also suffered an inspection of the temperature drop (from -20 ° to + 60 °), vibration, solar radiation, pushed the fall and dive under water. Strength is the main advantage of this average budget apparatus, since in terms of technology it cannot offer anything impressive and original.

Note that from relevant at the beginning of 2019, LG smartphones immediately comply with the MIL-STD-810G standard, but Q7 among them is the cheapest.

Pros :

  • Protection according to IP68 and MIL-STD-810G standards.
  • FullVision display with high resolution.
  • Support for quick charging through the USB Type-C port.
  • Fingerprint scanner recognizing gestures.
  • Support for DTS: X format, providing a volumetric sound.


  • Weak and not modern processor.
  • mediocre autonomy.

LG Q Stylus +

  • Processor: 8-nuclear MediaTek MT6750S, clock frequency 1.5 GHz
  • Screen: 6.2 inches, resolution 2160 x 1080
  • chambers (main / frontal): 16 MPIX / 8 MPIX
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Accumulator capacity: 3300 mAh

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Smartphone LG Q Stylus + is, of course, not Galaxy Note, it does not have a multifunctional S Pen. Nevertheless, the stylus here is also an extremely useful thing. Remove it from the slot below - and the smartphone will turn into a notebook. You can write directly on the screen without activating any applications.

The stylus is suitable not only for handwriting data entry, but also to create GIF animations, personalization of photographs. In addition, with it, you can manage the device - it is very convenient if you are in winter on the street in gloves or dinner with evaporated souls.


  • Protection according to the IP68 standard and MIL-STD-810G military standard.
  • Huge FullHD display.
  • Support for DTS: X format, providing multichannel sound.
  • Stylus, allowing you to quickly make notes on the screen off.
  • Fingerprint scanner recognizing various commands.
  • Support for quick charging through the USB Type-C connector.

Minuses :

  • Single chamber - according to the current standards of the "last century".
  • The weak processor from MTK - on the phone worth 20 thousand rubles you expect to find Snapdragon.

LG V30 +

  • Processor: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, clock frequency 2.45 GHz
  • Screen: 6 inches, resolution 2880 x 1440
  • chambers (main / frontal): 16 MPIX + 13 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Memory (operational / Built-in): 4 GB / 128 GB
  • Accumulator capacity: 3300 mAh

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Even Melomanan, having experience with professional musical sequences, will have to be pretty well to deal with all the sound settings in LG V30 +. The device is equipped with a sound chip Hi-Fi Quad Dac Saber ES9218P. The previous model V20 had an ES9218 chip, whose main task was to make a sound look like studio.

The updated chip is more flexible - it has digital filters and presets. If you like more, for example, concert sound, not studio, it can easily arrange, activating the preset " Live" and the digital filter " Sharp" - the latter guarantees extremely natural sound. The user can configure sound and manually, without presets using the equalizer. True, this tool is criticized for a small number of bands - they are only 5.


  • 6-inch FullVision-screen with the aspect ratio of 18: 9.
  • IP68 Standard Protection and Mil-STD-810G Military Standard.
  • Rear camera with a record for "Mobiles" Light F / 1.6 light.
  • Wide-angle self-organic chamber.
  • Excellent sound that can be configured individually.
  • A large amount of operational and user memory.
  • B & O Play headphones included.


  • Model not new - came out in the fall of 2017.


  • OS: Android 7.0
  • Chipset: 4-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, clock frequency 2.35 GHz
  • Screen: 5.7 inches, resolution 2880 × 1440
  • Battery: 3300 mAh
  • Operative Memory: 4 GB
  • Built-in storage : 64 GB

LG G6 - flagship of the 2017 Korean company. This smartphone, of course, cannot boast the modularity of A la G5, but in order to confidently feel it in the premium segment it is not necessary.

G6 is a surprisingly balanced gadget, it has practically no weak points. Gamers will surely please what the device is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm processor - no, perhaps, such a mobile game, with which G6 would not have coped. For photographers, a pleasant surprise will be a double widescreen chamber with a viewing angle of 125 °. Musicians will find two AOP microphones in the LG smartphone - and can write ringtones anywhere. Even lovers of extreme recreation will suit - because it is protected according to IP68.

Pros :

  • FullVision's branded display with QUADHD + resolution and unusual (so far) by the ratio of the parties 18: 9.
  • Support HDR 10.
  • Dust and moisture protection.
  • Support for Google Assistant.
  • Premium appearance and excellent assembly.

Minuses :

  • Combined slot - You have to choose between the second SIM and FLACK.


  • Processor: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 435, clock frequency 1.4 GHz
  • Screen: 5 inches, resolution 2160 x 1080
  • Cameras (Main / Frontal): 13 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

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LG Q6A is not a new model. This smartphone came out back in 2017, and then it turned out to be one of the most affordable gadgets with the FullVision screen. In 2019, the advantages of LG Q6A are no longer exclusive. There is a huge number of models of the average price segment that have better characteristics - therefore the cost of Q6A has fallen by half (compared to the price at the start of sales), and the apparatus itself began to be considered a budget.

LG Q6A can be recommended to the buyer who is looking for an inexpensive smartphone with a good screen, but it is frightened. The Korean "budget" is equipped with a modern screen with thin frames, with the aspect ratio of 18: 9 and the resolution of FullHD +. Users in reviews about the quality of the image on the display are solely heat - noted that the picture unexpectedly high-quality for the device, which is just over 8 thousand.

Pros :

  • modest price.
  • FullVision-screen with the aspect ratio of 18: 9.
  • Attractive minimalistic design.
  • Face recognition system.
  • Wide-angle front camera (100 °).

Minuses :

  • low performance.
  • Outdated software is running Android 7.1.


  • OS: Android 6.0
  • chipset: 4-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 210, clock frequency 1.3 GHz
  • Screen: 5 inches, HD resolution
  • Battery: 2100 mAh
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Built-in storage : 16 GB

X style - not the most affordable smartphone from the LG directory; There are still models of the K-series, for many of which you can pay one bill. However, from all LG devices belonging to the budget segment, this, of course, is the most pretty.

The key pluses of the X style gadget are its dimensions and ergonomics. The smartphone weighs a little more than 120 grams and has a thickness of only 6.9 mm. This is not a record - there are already 5-millimeter models - but a very worthy result. The gadget is also equipped with excellent quality IPS-screen and a good 8 megapixel camera with digital zoom. However, all these advantages are equalized by one big disadvantage - extremely mediocre performance. The processor at the X style is so "ancient" that there is no longer anyone on other devices.

Pros :

  • High brightness screen, which thanks to In-Sell technology does not fade even in the sun.
  • High-quality front camera with autosoque mode.
  • Special reading mode, when activated which bright light is muffled so that the user's eyes are tired less.
  • Thin case.

Minuses :

  • Low performance - On the smartphone weak processor and little RAM.
  • Too large display frames.

Other budgetary smartphones: K10, K8, K7, K3 (better to take the models of 2017).

LG Stylus 3

  • OS: Android 7.0
  • Chipset: 8-nuclear MediaTek MT6750
  • Screen: 5.7 inches, HD resolution
  • Battery: 3200 mAh
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Built-in storage : 16 GB

This smartphone from LG is a representative " Mailing tribe "devices with stylus. The STYLUS 3 user can draw on the screen and make handwritten notes - even when the screen itself is turned off. The technology here does not apply not so modern, as, for example, on the latest gadgets of the Note series from Samsung - the smartphone is not able to recognize thousands of levels of clicking on the screen. But the "knob" will definitely not lose - thanks to Pen Keeper, the device flashes as soon as it begins to suspect that the stylus is too far from the slot.

Pros :

  • The thin case is only 7.4 mm.
  • Fingerprint scanner - let it stand quite unsuccessfully, but at least they have not forgotten about him.
  • Big HD display with In-Cell technology.
  • 13 megapixel camera capable of making clear and detailed pictures.
  • The stylus is a real gift for those who have not yet learned to write with their hands.

Minuses :

  • Plastic case - Not equally metallic in terms of strength.
  • The mediocre front camera - permission of 8 megapixels in this case does not help.
  • The overestimated price - when buying a device from China with a similar functional, it will be accurately able to meet 10 thousand rubles.


  • OS: Android 7.1
  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 435, 1.4 GHz
  • Screen: 5.5 inches, resolution 2160 × 1080
  • Battery: 3000 mAh
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Built-in storage : 32 GB

LG Q6 Experts consider the "younger brother" of the G6 smartphone - although it is very far from the flagship functionality. However, in terms of the quality of the display, the Q6 is currently inferior to a little: on the device it is worth 5.5-inch full-link brand screen with fullHD + resolution and the aspect ratio of 18: 9. The screen takes 79.31% of the front surface - according to this indicator Q6, even surpasses a vulnerable and expensive G6, which has "total" 78.57%.

Pluses :

  • Display FullVision with minimal thickness frames and an inquiry aspect ratio capable of ensuring impeccable quality images.
  • Durable housing, strengthened by an aluminum frame in the form of the letter "H".
  • Support NFC and, as a result, Android Pay.
  • Wide-angle self-ancient camera.

Minuses :

  • No dactyloscopic sensor.
  • No USB TYPE-C connector.
  • The demanding shell LG UX, which "eats" an impressive share of RAM.

Other smartphones with thin frames: Q6A, G6, G6 +.


  • OS: Android 6.0
  • Chipset: 8-nuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 652, clock frequency 1.8 GHz
  • Screen: 5.3 inches, resolution QHD
  • Battery: 2800 mAh
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Built-in storage : 32 GB

LG G5, published in 2016, turned out to be the world's first modular smartphone, which went "into broad masses." The idea of ​​the Korean company engineers, however, was not as large-scale as the developers of Project ARA, which were going to offer users to "collect Frankenstein". On the G5, it will be possible to change the bottom block along with the battery.

Instead of the standard, you can put LG Cam Plus - a rather "scary" and bulky nozzle with an additional battery and camera control buttons - or Hi-Fi Plus, To the development of which the "Musical Circle" Bang & Olufsen was put on the hand.

Despite the fact that LG promised to float shop windows with a variety of replaceable modules for G5, others, alas, did not appear. G5 headed popularity ratings in Korea, however, in Europe and the USA model was met very cold.

Pros :

  • Innovative design.
  • Double chamber - one of the "eyes" has a widescreen lens.
  • Shouche dactyloscopic sensor.
  • Metal design.
  • Supports the "Always-On Display" function - the basic information is visible even on the locked screen.

Minuses :

  • Module high cost - For the one from Bang & Olufsen, we will have to give about 5 thousand rubles.
  • Battery of a small container.

Other smartphones with curious design: V20.


  • OS: Android 7.0
  • Chipset: 8-nuclear MediaTek MT6750, clock frequency 1.5 GHz
  • Screen: 5.5 inches, resolution HD
  • Battery: 4500 mAh
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Built-in storage : 16 GB

Smartphone LG X POWER 2 is not included in the cohort of premium smartphones LG and in general is notable only to one - the duration of autonomous work. The manufacturer assures that the gadget provided by a 4500 mAh battery is able to withstand 18 hours of continuous watching of films, 19 hours wandering through the pages of the Internet and 12 hours in the navigator mode! Skepticism of those who advise users to "remove noodles with ears", is divided into test test results - X Power 2 Indeed, one and a half hours of working with Google cards discharges only 5%.

It is important that the "long-liver" from LG supports the quick charging function Quick Charge 2.0. True, since the battery capacity is quite high, there is still plenty of feeding time - only 27% are added half an hour.

Pros :

  • Long-term offline operation.
  • Support OTG - With the help of X POWER 2, other devices can be recharged.
  • Good rear chamber with high resolution (13 megapixes).
  • Support 4G and NFC.

Minuses :

  • Primitive design, You can even say, boring - X Power 2 does not look like a modern phone.
  • Heavy price - Chinese manufacturers sell gadgets with similar functionality much cheaper.
  • No fingerprint scanner.

Other smartphones with good batteries: X VENTURE, X POWER.

inexpensive cameraphone


  • OS: Android 6.0
  • Chipset: 4-nuclear MediaTek MT6753, clock frequency 1.3 GHz
  • Screen: 5.2 inches, permission FullHD
  • Battery: 2520 Mach
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Built-in storage : 16 GB

LG X CAM will suit the user who is looking for an inexpensive device with two cameras from the proven manufacturer. The main chamber can boast a resolution of 13 MPIX and a 78-degree lens. An additional module has smaller resolution (5 MPIX), but the lens wide-angle - 120 degrees. Acting in a pair, two modules can give the user panoramic high-quality snapshots on which even the smallest details will be visible.

Pros :

  • Low weight is only 120 grams.
  • FullHD display, which thanks to in-cell technology is able to very accurate colors.
  • Double Camera.

Minuses :

  • mediocre performance - The X CAM processor is not powerful.
  • Plastic hull.
  • The overestimated cost is the overall problem of many Korean devices.