Best Lavalier Microphones

The lavalier microphone or lavalier is most often used for professional hands-free sound recording, which is what makes this device so popular.

A lavalier microphone is a small acoustic accessory that picks up sound waves, which are then converted into an electrical signal. Buttonholes are popular due to their miniature size, they are also attached to clothes.

The device is used by journalists or TV presenters to record and broadcast voice. Ordinary users buy a lavalier microphone, usually for recording video, at a time when the camera is far away and the recorded sound is quiet.

Features of lapel microphones

The main task of the device is to record sound without extraneous noise. Equipment can be wired or wireless. The microphone receives the signal and transmits it to the device, which, in turn, broadcasts the recorded to a special station for processing.

If multiple lavaliers are used, then all channels are processed by the mixers. They allow the sound engineer to turn the microphones on and off or merge them, and the control is carried out remotely.

Features of lapel microphones include:

  • Small, compact size.
  • Omnidirectional or cardioid polar pattern. It is sensitive to signals coming from all directions. Thanks to the cardioid pattern, the device becomes indifferent to the sound coming from behind and does not record extraneous noise.

It is important to attach the lavalier microphone correctly so that it points towards the sound source. In this case, if a person turns his head, then the voice will be recorded as evenly as possible.

where the device

, the use of equipment is quite extensive, as you can buy it by Low price. However, the cost of a professional instrument can be 20,000 rubles and higher, depending on the scope of use.

This acoustic device is used for:

  • recording an interview with a journalist.
  • vocal performance.
  • Records video bloggers on YouTube and other sites.
  • Safety of actors participating in the shooting.
  • Professional recording in the studio.
  • sounding direct ether.

Due to its compactness, various forms and sizes, the microphone can be easily hidden.

Types of Perekhekk

There are a large number of species of this equipment, but among them you can allocate the main types by means of connection:

  1. Wired. This option is suitable when the permanent movement of a person is not required. The microphone is connected to the base with the wire and the sound has good quality.
  2. USB. Connect to electronic equipment, which has the appropriate connector. Microphones of this type can be a good choice, for example, for a blogger.
  3. Radio transfer. has a radio transmitter, which represents a small box. Fasten it on clothes, at the level of the belt. Therefore, the wired connection is not required: the signal is transmitted to the database along the radio channel. In comparison with the wired type, the sound quality, of course, is suffering here, but it is more convenient to use them.
  4. Dual. has two microphones and 1 output. It can be used with a digital mirror camera, with video cameras, as well as computers and laptops. Usually, this species is used to record an interview.

Also, petrolery microphones can be divided into 2 more categories and by type of microphone:

  1. condenser.
  2. Dynamic.

The first option is suitable for the studio entry with good acoustics due to its sensitivity. The second form is better to use in adverse weather conditions or on the scene, since the petakers with a dynamic microphone will be more resistant to mechanical or temperature effects.

Advantages and disadvantages of petrolery microphones


  • The main advantage of petrolery microphones in their small size and weight. Often, viewers do not notice the speaker or the presenter of this device on their clothes.
  • A plus is the long time of using the equipment, if you use it according to all the rules. It is worth noting the simplicity and convenience of the device, which is easy to understand.
  • Sometimes when recording a video, the sound is quiet. In order for the sound to be excellent when shooting, you need to use a lavalier microphone - this is another advantage of the device.
  • The acoustic accessory has a noise suppression function, for example, if the interview was recorded outdoors, where outside noise is indispensable. Almost all models have a setting that allows you to solve the problem with noise.
  • The advantage of lavaliers is also emphasized in the extended high-frequency response, which ensures excellent sound.
  • In addition, such devices are durable, as well as resistant to humidity and temperature.


  • Compact devices have one drawback: if the microphone is touched by clothing or a hand, it will record all the crackling and noise, and this will degrade the sound and the recording will be ruined. If the device is not properly attached, there may be interference from clothes rustling or other sources of noise.

However, manufacturers are working on improving the equipment. For example, some models have built-in filters that remove background noise.

Lavalier microphone price

When choosing a device, you can get confused, because there is a wide range of models on the market. If you need equipment for recording video and you are not a professional, then you do not need an expensive microphone. For example, the cheapest one costs about 500 rubles, it can be connected to a smartphone and record an audio track. This option is simple, but enough for normal recording.

If you are an amateur photographer, it is better to purchase a more expensive model. But do not buy too expensive buttonhole. When choosing a microphone, you need to look at its characteristics.

Good options can be worthy in the middle price category. For example, Saramonic produces high-quality devices costing approximately 3,000 rubles.

How to choose a lavalier microphone

When choosing a compact fixture, pay attention to build quality. Parts must be made of quality material. Other characteristics are also important:

  • Manufacturer. It is better to give preference to a company that has been on the market for a long time. When buying a product, a guarantee must be issued.
  • Battery autonomy. If the microphone needs to be used for a long time, then this characteristic is of great importance.
  • Mounting mechanism. It is better to immediately check the fixation of the device in order to avoid falling and damaging the microphone.
  • Audio and recording quality. Some inexpensive devices capture the sound in a way that doesn't match the picture.
  • Soundproofing level of the room. If recording is done in a studio, a highly sensitive condenser device will do. At home, it is convenient to use a dynamic buttonhole.

Capacitor models require careful handling. If you often shoot in environments with sudden changes in temperature, it is better to choose a dynamic microphone.

The best wired lavalier microphones

Now lavalier microphones are quite in demand, since now they are needed not only by journalists, but also by bloggers. Next, let's look at a selection of six of the best wired lavaliers that we think are a good option to buy. If you are interested in wireless models, then you can find a suitable option in our thematic selection.


  • Type: condenser
  • Frequency range: 0.065 - 18 kHz
  • Destination: radio/TV, recording Podcasts
  • Diagram: circular
  • Connection interface: jack 6.3 mm / mini jack 3.5 mm
  • Sensitivity: -30 dB

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The best budget model, widely used among bloggers, will open the rating. Its distinguishing feature is its versatility, as the lavalier is DSLR compatible. The device can be connected to a camcorder, smartphone, tablet and portable recorder. The device is a miniature microphone, with a standard plug 3.5 mm and a 6 m cable.

Thanks to the long wire, you can move as far as you need. The device is powered by a "LR 44" battery, which can last from several months to 3 years. The buttonhole has a battery shutdown function. For example, if it needs to be connected to a phone, then a battery is not required.

The omnidirectional condenser microphone can be attached to clothing or interiors using a secure clip. Despite the low price and small size, this model guarantees high-quality sound recording, reducing extraneous noise. The kit includes a case, a cable, a 6.3 mm adapter, a windscreen, a mini-battery and a clip. Only here to connect to iPhone you need to buy the appropriate adapter.


  • Low cost.
  • Quality sound.
  • Good microphone sensitivity.
  • Long cable.
  • Compactness.


  • No battery indicator.


  • Type: condenser (electret)
  • Frequency response: 0.003 - 18 kHz
  • Purpose: universal
  • Diagram: circular
  • Connection interface: mini jack 3.5 mm
  • Sensitivity: -30 dB

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Another wired condenser model that has a 6m cable. Thanks to this, you can connect the device to stationary equipment and not worry that at one moment the wire is not enough. The buttonhole is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, as well as with iPad and iPod Touch devices.

The SR-LMX1+ has a 1.78-meter flexible and durable cable with a standard plug, making it easy to connect to your mobile device. If necessary, this figure can be increased, since the kit includes a 4-meter extension cable. Recording can be done using apps for Android and iOS. In addition, the kit includes a mount, wind protection.

Advantages: ​​

  • Quality and reliable assembly.
  • Metal mount.
  • Long cable.
  • Low noise.


  • Not found.


  • Type: Condenser
  • Frequency Range: 0.065 - 18 kHz
  • Purpose: Radio / TV, recording of podcasts
  • Chart: Circular
  • Connection Interface: Jack 6.3 mm / MINI JACK 3.5 MM
  • Sensitivity: -30 dB

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Third place in the list - Universal Condenser Petlek Rode SmartLav +, designed for professional record and having a standard 3.5 mm connector. The device is perfect for creating high-quality sound in the field of television, broadcasting or shooting the film.

The microphone can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet and start writing, and thanks to its compactness on clothing it will be almost impaired. The equipment was made only for working with the Rode REC program, but now it can work with other audio programs for iOS. The software turns the mobile device into a field recorder having all the necessary functions.

The microphone diagram is omnidirectional (circular), capable of writing sound from all sides. A durable cable in a braid with kevlar thread allows you to work in adverse weather conditions and not worry about the issue of reliability.


  • High sound quality.
  • Excellent noise reduction system.
  • Good quality materials.


  • A short cable - just 1.18 m.
  • require an adapter to connect to a computer / laptop.


  • Type: Condensatory
  • Frequency range: 0.006 - 18 kHz
  • Purpose: Podcast recording, use in TV / radio
  • diagram: Cardioid
  • Connection interface: MINI JACK 3.5 MM
  • Sensitivity: -40 dB

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The fourth line is a petition from the manufacturer of Sennheiser. The diagram of this model is unidirectional (cardioid), so the microphone copes well with the professional record of speech and vocal. The difference between the device from many other petroceptions in high-quality sound recognition, even in a high level of noise. In addition, it is very compact and practically not visible, and its length is only 12.5 mm.

The wire has a length of 1.6 m, at the end of which there is a single MINI jack 3.5 mm connector. The hull in the petitioner is reliable and combines such materials as plastic and metal. Perhaps this microphone is one of the best among similar inexpensive devices in terms of the price / quality ratio.


  • excellent clean sound.
  • High sensitivity and elimination of background noise.
  • Reliability and uninterruptedness.
  • Little sizes and weight: almost not noticeable on clothes.


  • Weak plastic fastening.


  • Type: Condenser
  • Frequency range: 0.003 - 20 kHz
  • Purpose: For Apple devices
  • Diagram: Circular
  • Connection interface: Lightning
  • Sensitivity: -42 (+/- 3) dB

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Another loose wired microphone is BOYA BY-DM1. It connects with the Lightning connector, which are equipped with any smartphones, tablets and other Apple devices. Thanks to the long 6-meter cable, you can create video without moving movements.

The device has a condenser principle of working with an omnidirectional diagram. In addition to the main equipment, the fastening, cover, windproof is also included. Microphone sensitivity 42 dB, thanks to which the device does not recognize the extra extraneous noise, and the sound is cleaner.

This model has a twin brother in the face of BOYA BY-DM2, which is almost completely identical in terms of characteristics, but it is cheaper and has a different connection interface - USB Type-C Instead of Lightning.


  • Good sound quality.
  • Long cable for 6 meters.
  • Lightning connector and compatibility even with old iPhone / iPad.
  • Fully metallic design.
  • Convenient transfer case.


  • Not found.

Shure MX150B/C-XLR

  • Type: capacitor
  • Frequency response: 0.002 - 20 kHz
  • Destination: TV/Radio/Podcasts
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Interface connections: XLR 3 pin (M)
  • Sensitivity: -39 dB

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And the selection will be completed by an expensive and professional condenser model from Shure, which is distinguished by high-quality and clear sound, thanks to which it is capable of transmitting beautiful shades of vocals. Boasts special CommShield technology, which provides protection against the noise often created by digital transmitters.

There are 3 clip options for mounting the microphone. Thanks to its matte black color and miniature size, it can be placed almost discreetly. Also included is a linear preamplifier - RK100PK, which gives immunity to radio frequency interference. In addition, the manufacturer has provided 3 squeezing screens that protect against explosive noise.


  • Superior sound quality.
  • Several modifications with different mounts.
  • Extraneous sound suppression system and wind protection.


  • High price.