Best Keyboards for TV (Smart TV)

technology Smart TV, except for viewing various films and TV shows, capable of many other things, such as browsing web pages and streaming of all types multimedia!

However, the remote control of the remote control does not allow all the interesting features offered by the service. It is here that by virtue of the keyboard for smart TV, allowing you to easily use all the features of the technology! In addition, the market of wireless keyboards and accessories are so huge that it is sometimes very difficult to determine which model is best suited. That is why we decided to collect a list of the best keyboards for the TV available to date.

Logitech K830

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This model is excellent for printing, even in the dark! The fact is that a special sensor determines the amount of light in the room and automatically darkens or brightens the keyboard. K830 simplifies navigation, combining the keyboard and touchpad together. The sensory panel smooth and responsive, and also has extended gestures.

Bluetooth radius - up to 10 meters, thanks to which smart TV can easily use sitting on the chair or lying on the bed. Model is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, the latest versions of Android 5.0 and Chrome OS, as well as a computer with Bluetooth SMART support.

The keyboard is also convenient to control - the layout is optimized for convenient navigation. The device is equipped with hot keys for media, such as disconnecting the sound, increasing or decrease the volume to quickly control the content. Keyboard shortcuts simplify navigation in Windows or Android. The cable length (for charging and power) is 129 centimeters.

As for the appearance, it is necessary to highlight the unique design of the keys, made in a compact, durable form. The noise occurs when typing is up to 55 dBa (for all keys).

Logitech K400

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This keyboard boasts a reliable wireless connection of Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz with a radius of up to 10 meters. The model provides easy and convenient printing due to the quiet keys to which readable characters are applied.

A large 3.5-inch multisensor panel is also installed here for a more convenient viewing of web pages. USB Dongle is located in the keyboard battery compartment - as soon as the user passes it into a PC / laptop, the computer instantly recognizes the device.


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This is a compact and portable QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad, providing comfort in combination with the freedom of wireless connection. The user can easily connect to all favorite devices. There is a Bluetooth 3.0 with a working range of about 10 m.

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is able to work up to 10 days with intensive use and up to 50 days in standby mode. LED indicators report when the battery is completely discharged, and vice versa. As for charging, the kit includes a USB cable.

The device is equipped with backlight, which is ideal for the use of the device in the dark.

Logitech K600 TV

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The model offers multifunctional content navigation - simply use the built-in touch panel to control the cursor and the digital keyboard to move according to the main functions Smart TV.

The device provides a very reliable wireless connection (up to 15 meters!) With SMART TV or PC connected to TV.

It is also worth highlighting and easy switching between devices: Connect to your Smart TV, Windows or Mac PC, as well as to Android and iOS mobile devices, and you can switch between them by pressing one button.

The device is equipped with multimedia keys to play and pause movies, volume control, screen brightness adjustment and more. Buttons "Home", "Back", "Search" and "Switch Annex" were specifically designed for use with Smart TV.

K600 compatible with Samsung SUHD / UHD (TIZEN 2016 or newer), LG OLED / SUHD / UHD (WebOS 2016 or newer), Sony BRAVIA UHD ( Android TV 2016 or newer) and has a Bluetooth technology with low power consumption. Please note that Sony LCD TVs are not currently supported.

AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard

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Universal wireless keyboard with touchpad for easy PC navigation. The slim design is quite comfortable, and the 10-meter range ensures a reliable connection even in large rooms.

This keyboard has a QWERTY layout and convenient media keys, plus a large built-in multi-touch touchpad - just use 2 fingers to scroll up/down or left/right, and zoom.

Plug-and-Play design with USB receiver for easy setup. The device is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10; ChromeOS; MacOS; and Smart TVs that support HID technology.

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 for Smart TV

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The characters on this keyboard are easy to read, making typing a pleasure, and the large 3.5-inch touchpad with multi-touch navigation makes web browsing easy.

Operate a laptop connected to the TV from the sofa with a range of up to 10 meters.

The keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Rii K18 Plus

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This wireless keyboard is backlit in three colors (red, blue, green), which is great for typing in the dark. The large trackpad has a convenient multi-touch function, a touch keyboard and two-finger zoom.

The green media keys are used as hotkeys and the keyboard itself is wireless. The model is able to work with Android TV BOX, Smart TV, PC, tablet, Android, Windows, Mac OS (some media functions cannot work on Mac OS).

Rii K12+ Mini Wireless Keyboard with Large Touchpad Mouse

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panel. Also compatible with MacBook, iPad, laptops, Raspberry Pi 2, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Smart TV, Windows 2000 XP and Vista!

As for the layout, there is a standard QWERTY and combined touchpad, quiet keys and a touchpad with multi-touch support (3.8 inches). It also has a sleep mode to conserve battery power. To activate, you need to press any key!

Bluetooth has a range of 12 meters and provides uninterrupted connectivity even in the largest room. The range, however, may vary depending on the operating environment and computer settings.

The case back is made of high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum with a charming touch of metallic color. As for the battery, a standard lithium-ion battery is installed here. It is worth highlighting two modes of automatic transition to sleep mode.

iPazzPort KP-810-21SDL

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The iPazzPort Smart TV Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad offers 2.4GHz wireless connection using the included plug-and-play USB dongle. The model has 92 keys and a touchpad that supports multi-touch, as well as keys that simulate the left and right mouse buttons and copy/paste.

In addition, iPazzPort Smart TV is equipped with a backlight function for use in the dark and at night, and you can change the color by pressing the Function + F2 buttons, which looks very good.

The touchpad perfectly mimics the function of a mouse wheel when you touch your finger anywhere on the touchpad. Another advantage is that iPazzPort Smart TV is ideal for devices such as PC, Xbox 360, PS4, Android TV box, Smart TV, etc.

Rii i8+ Smart TV Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse

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The Rii i8 Wireless Mini Keyboard + Smart TV is equipped with a multi-function touchpad with LED backlight and a USB adapter.

In addition, the model is ideal for any device that supports USB connection, and includes PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox one, Smart TV Box and more. The Rii i8 has an automatic sleep mode that helps save battery life. In addition, the ergonomic portable design makes it easy to carry. As for the battery, there is a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The maximum operating range is 15 meters (works smoothly). Another advantage is that the keyboard is perfect for PC, tablet, Android TV, Smart TV, HTPC, Sony PlayStation 3, etc.