Best HDD and SSD for PlayStation 5

Nearly 8 million people already own the PlayStation 5. If you are one of those lucky ones, you will certainly be interested in external storage for console games.

Video games no longer weigh 4-5 GB, but 40-50 GB. More and more memory is required to store them, and the PlayStation 5 has only 667 GB SSD built in, with about a hundred allocated to the system. For an active gamer, this is not enough. Buy 5-6 modern games and you will have to think about where to save new ones. And if you had a large game library on PS4 and are planning to transfer it to PS5, then an additional storage device is indispensable.

Are external HDDs and SSDs compatible with PS5?

Yes, external storage will work with the PlayStation 5, but with some caveats. Both SSDs and HDDs are compatible with the console itself, but PS5 games require a Sony certified custom SSD that is optimized to run applications with visual enhancements.

PS4 games do not have this problem, they can be stored on external hard drives and solid state drives without special certification requirements. However, if a PS4 game has been modified for a new generation console, it is recommended that you run it from a drive with special specifications.

PS4 games without additional visual enhancements run from regular external SSDs and HDDs.

SSDs load faster than HDDs. But for the sake of launch speed advantages, you will have to spend more money. HDD is a profitable option in terms of the ratio of price and number of gigabytes, you just need to remember that reading data from them is quite slow.

Will internal SSDs work with PS5?

It depends on several factors. In general, internal SSDs are compatible with the new console, but so far Sony has not released a list of recommended models. The fact is that the latest game improvements impose special requirements on data storage. The SSDs used in the PlayStation 5 were built with these improvements in mind. And many of the third-party SSDs do not have the required bandwidth.

Older SSDs do not support the highest level of gaming performance on the new console. According to Sony technical designer Mark Cerny, the company intends to support some M.2 storage devices, but there is no word on compatible models. And in the next year or two after the launch of PS5, this data most likely will not appear, as Sony will be working closely on more important tasks - fixing problems with the console and optimizing games.

In principle, there are enough users to whom and the built-in disk space PlayStation 5 will be enough for at least the first couple of years. And by the time the memory supply will be exhausted, Sony is already certainly determined with the list of suitable drives. But if you have no time to wait and additional memory is needed now, some recommendations offer the Android Authority site.

External SSD Vectotech Rapid 2 TB

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This solid feed is not in vain standing so expensive: it provides a high read / write speed (540 MB / s), which is extremely important for quickly launching applications and loading the game universe. Its speed is 3-4 times higher than the average HDD averages, and as for the amount of memory, the manufacturer offers options for 1, 2 and 4 TB.

An important feature of SSD discs is that there are no mobile parts inside them, therefore it is characterized by resistance to mechanical effects and vibration. Durable aluminum case gives additional protection when falling. From the point of view of the design, the disk looks rude. But here it all depends on the individual preferences: what is more important for you - productivity or appearance?

SSD Vectotech Rapid works with PS4. With PS5, it is also compatible, but not with all the games (the reason was explained above).

External HDD Fantom Drives 2 TB

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Purchase of Winchester inevitably entails losses in speed. Although the disk space here is as much as Vectotech Rapid mentioned above, the data reading with Fantom Drives is significantly slower. However, the number of revolutions of this HDD is higher than that of the majority - 7200 rpm.

In addition to physical protection, the aluminum housing also performs the cooling function. The grid on one of the parties ensures unhindered air circulation. Externally, the disk looks strictly, the design is comfortable - it can be put up and vertically, and horizontally. The rear panel is the power switch. When the disk is not used, it can be de-energized, thereby reducing its service life.

Portable HDD WD Black P10 2 TB

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In addition to the basic with 2 TB, the manufacturer offers options for 4 and 5 TB for users with elevated memory needs. Having bought this hard drive, you will kill two hares with one shot: get a very capable storage for games under PS5 and durable portable disk for trips.

WD Black P10 refers to high-performance HDD. The company gives it a three-year warranty. If during this period the disk does not show factory sores, then most likely it will serve for many years without complaints.

Portable SSD Samsung T7 Touch 1 TB

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S solidopters from samsung is characterized by a high price, so they always have variations in the amount of memory. Instead of 1 TB, you can purchase 2 TB or 500 GB, depending on the needs and affordable finances. This portable SSD is produced in two colors - black and silver. Choose one that is more suitable for your gaming system (if, of course, it is important).

Now about the technical part. A storage device has read speed up to 1050 MB / s and recording up to 1000 MB / s, which is almost 10 times higher than the operation of the hard drives. The younger model T5 has good specifications, but if you are attracted to the purchase with the back for the future, it is better to stay on T7. Since it is SSD, damage from falls, random strikes and vibrations is minimized.

The rare feature of this model is the built-in fingerprint reader plus protection password. The T7 Touch uses 256-bit AES encryption, and all this is packed in a miniature body with a sizes with palm. Of all SSD and HDD in this T7 Touch list, the most compact and mobile.

External HDD Seagate Portable 1 TB

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If one terabyte is not enough, look for more spacious options by 2, 4 or 5 TB. It will take a lot of time before such a repository will be bored by the game. It is not worth doubting in his durability: Seagate is one of the most respected manufacturers of external data storage. By the color of the gaming system, you can choose a model in a black or silver case.

Since the disk refers to portable, it can be retracted to a trip to the storage of personal files. Boldly Choose Seagate Portable if you want to transfer games for PS4 to it and save a good amount to then purchase game news for PlayStation 5.

External HDD WD Elements 4 TB

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The external hard disk from Western Digital is also available in several versions of the container - 1, 2 and 5 TB. All of them are attractive at the price and the same in technical indicators.

But it should be noted that in speed, this disk loses to many other HDDs. It makes sense to gain in the event that you have a large number of games that are not demanding for a quick loading of space. It can also be called an alternative to an expensive WD Black, if it did not have enough budget, and the need for disk space is large.

External SSD Seagate Firecuda 1 TB

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Portable SEAGATE Firecuda Saltotel with a capacity of 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB - a separate case: It was developed taking into account modern game technologies.

Firecuda uses USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2, which ensures the speed of working with data to 2000 MB / s. The result is a record time downloading games. A neat aluminum housing protects the disk from damage and provides heat removal with a load. It should be purchased if you are planning not to buy other data warehouses for several years. But then it is better to stay on the version with the maximum capacity.


We remind you that any of the listed models is fully suitable for games under PS4. With applications for PS5, only special solid-state drives mounted inside the last generation consoles are compatible. Specified SSD and HDD can be used simply for storing games for PS5, but keep in mind that at startup you will most likely come across reduced game indicators.

Sony has not yet published a list of recommended SSDs for expansion PS5 memory, but rumors are rumored that until the end of the summer, it will happen.