Best Forest Saving Cameras

In the household plot, you found strange traces. On a person or a neighbor's cat, it does not seem like a bird too. What a strange beast walked unnoticed? Spring light on this riddle will help the photo station.

The photo station (or trail camera) is a present window into the world of wildlife. She will tell a lot of interesting things about the representatives of the animal world. It is possible that a rare scene will fall into its lens, and you will become the owner of unique frames.

How to choose a photo gallery?

When choosing a security chamber, you must consider several factors: video resolution, flash power, number of megapixels, motion detection area, shutter speed and duration of autonomous work.

If you expect to receive HD-video wildlife, look for tracking chambers with a resolution of 1080p and higher (all models presented in this list have such permission). The details of photographs depends on the number of megapixels: the more they are more, the image is more distinct.

Also for the trail cameras are important detection range. If this parameter is small, the camera will be able to move the movement only when the object approaches the lens. As a result, you will skip the curious scenes that occur at a distance of 20-30 steps.

The speed of the trigger is the time that the camera is required to descend the shutter after the movement is detected. With a high speed of operation, you with a large share of the likelihood, get an animal snapshot before it disappears from the field of of the device.

Foxelli Trail Camera 14 MP 1080r: Best price / quality ratio

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This forest chamber with a disguise under the trunk of a tree works out its price to the last penny. The camera removes high-dimensional 14 MP photos and video in HD. Before downloading the material on the computer, you can view it on the built-in 2.4 inch LCD screen.

120-degree wide-angle lens combined with a distance of 20 meters detection ensures that no live soul passes by unnoticed. The shutter is triggered for 0.5 seconds after the sensor determines the movement. During the day the camera takes off in full color mode, at night in black and white.

Case Waterproof, there is protection password, timer and the ability to put temporary marks. The camera works on AA batteries, they are enough for about 8 months of work. The storage use microSD a card with a volume of up to 32 GB (not included).

Toguard Trail Camera 14 MP 1080p: Best Multifunctional Photo Hall

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The device is ideal for any purpose - observation of wildlife, hunting, tracking of the house territory, etc. In addition to high-quality HD rollers and 14 mp images, the camera records also sound.

The photo station is equipped with three passive infrared sensors. They instantly surface movement and provide high detail during night filming.

The shutter works in just 0.3 seconds. As in the previous device, it uses a wide-angle lens with maximum visibility of 36 meters. However, the motion detection range is less: it is 22 meters.

Apeman Trail Camera 20 MP 1080p: Best of budget photo galleys

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This inexpensive trail chamber with a wide range of detection and high response speed manufactured Chinese Apeman company.

A wide-angle lens with an angle of view of 130 degrees was used in the traile chamber. Shutter speed - 0.2 seconds. Choosing such a high response speed, you will have to sacrifice the quality of the image, since the device removes the photo in the resolution of only 12 Mp. Despite the low quality of the static image, the device is capable of writing HD video.

Waterproof housing allows the camera to use for any purpose. Many features are available: interval shooting, timer, time stamps, password protection. When the batteries are discharged, the device gives a signal. It is convenient, you don't have to guess how much charge remains.

CAMVILD 4G LTE TRAIL CAMERA: Best photo station with cellular bond

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This chamber of tracking is not cheap, but its uniqueness is worth the money spent. The device is able to work in 4G networks of AT & T and Verizon operators, as well as send photos and video to the smartphone and email. But if you do not want to wait until the rollers fall to you through the air, look at them on the built-in 2-inch display.

The manufacturer did not save on the quality of the shooting. You will be available HD video and clear 16 MP photos. The camera is reliable and durable, suitable for use in all weather conditions. Includes batteries with it. You don't remember them about the need to change them for a long time: they are enough for two years of work.

Included with the camera, you will receive an SD card with a capacity of 16 GB and card reader. The device supports memory cards by volume up to 64 GB.

Campark Trail Camera 14 MP 1080p: Camera with the highest rating of buyers

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If your choice is based on feedback and ratings, pay attention to this gadget: it received thousands of positive responses from real buyers. The 120-degree wide-angle lens gives excellent 14 megapixel photos and video in the resolution of 1080p. Trigger time - 0.3 seconds, movement detection range - 20 meters.

The device is distinguished by reliability, makes great pictures and at night, and during the day. Like other forest cameras, in the evening and at night, Campark takes off in black and white, during the day in full color. Do not worry about the outbreak: it is not, nothing will move the night visitors. Before purchasing this model, do not forget to buy a microSD card and AA batteries.


Forest chamber is an excellent way to find out On the representatives of the fauna that live around your home or cottage. The record will show which birds fly to the feeders, what animals come to the site, how they build dwellings and care about the offspring.

If you have never experienced the interest in the wild, tell us about the photo gallery to your children. We are confident that they will take the acquisition of this device with delight.