Best File Managers for Android

Many of us are used to communicating with a computer using a file manager. Do there be similar applications on smartphones and tablets?

File Manager greatly simplifies access to music, videos and various documents. If you are doing something serious on the device, I can not do without it. That is why the first analogs of the computer conductor appeared on mobile phones in the mid-2000s. With the arrival of the Epoch of Smartphones, the functionality of such utilities has significantly expanded.

This selection contains the best file managers. We will try to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of each program so that you can find a convenient application for yourself based on our experience.

Mi conductor

This application has more than 500 million downloads from Google Play and a high score, which indicates its popularity and quality. It has a wide functionality: allows you to quickly find files, open, delete, move, transmit to other users, rename, copy. Unpacking archives is supported. The conductor works with a variety of formats, including audio, video, images, text documents, APK, ZIP archives. Developers regularly update the program, expanding its capabilities and improving it with it.

Mi Explorer draws attention to the simple interface in Russian, thanks to which it is easy to use it easy and convenient. The application is able to clean the memory by removing cache and unnecessary files. Using the MI DROP function, you can pass files to other devices without Internet access. Supported work with hidden files designed to launch android or applications. If you use the application at with poor lighting, choose a dark theme for greater comfort.


  • Wide functionality.
  • Russian-language, simple and understandable interface.
  • Transfer of files to other people via the Internet and without access to it.
  • Support for a large number of file formats.
  • Working with archives.
  • Dark theme.
  • Search by keywords.
  • Regular updates.
  • Working with groups of files.


  • Advertising periodically appears on the screen.

Evaluation: 9/10

File Manager

File Manager with lots of installations and high marks in Play Market. The application has a pleasant visual interface and understandable control. The main screen displays file folders - music, documents, downloads, etc., separately there is also a breakdown on the internal and outer memory. To access the full list of folders, for example, for manual cleaning, just click on the desired drive. Like many other managers, the program has a memory analysis feature. After a short information collection, it opens a detailed information about which types of files are occupied the most spaces, the largest objects are displayed in folders (including those where the user may not guess to look), as well as applications with the largest cache. After such an analysis, it is possible to manually manually delete the deletion of the file manager.

The program has advanced settings where you can select which software to use to open a file or a file, as well as configure the display view - hide or show system folders and so on. From additional options - remote access, Synchronization with PC via FTP and access to cloud storage. The application has a paid version, but there is no particular sense in its connection, since the existing functional is enough for comfortable work. I would like to see a dark topic in the appendix, but it is impossible to consider it a minus, since with its tasks, the software copes perfectly. Also from useful features that have not found the implementation of this utility, but very useful in life - magazine (displays the latest files loaded to the smartphone).


  • Clear control.
  • Pleasant interface.
  • The ability to connect cloud storages.
  • Synchronization with PC via FTP.
  • It is possible to open files through the internal software.
  • Convenient memory cleaning in automatic or manual mode.
  • No obsessive advertising.


  • No event log.

Evaluation: 9/10

CX conductor

This file manager has good user ratings. It offers a simple interface with understandable control, a fairly good set of functions and all this is unaccompanied advertising. The simple main menu received a division into three tabs - the most frequently visited places, all folders and cloud storage facilities. Here is the analysis function, which, after a short memory scan, will show the most "heavy" files and applications. Next remains entrusting the cleaning program or do everything yourself. CX Explorer has FTP support, which allows you to organize a convenient exchange of information from a PC without using wires.

To view files there are built-in utilities - audio, video, text. With their help, the search process and removal of unnecessary information becomes much easier than when using third-party applications. However, if you wish in the settings, the built-in software can be changed to a third-party application to select the user. In general, the manager is quite functional, it has not too beautiful performance visually, but for simple tasks for searching, sorting and removing software is well suited. In future updates, developers promise to enter the function of getting root rights, which will expand working with system folders and files.


  • An understandable interface.
  • Built-in plugins to open files of different types.
  • Quick Internal Memory Analysis.
  • Support manual or automatic cleaning.
  • FTP support.
  • No advertising.


  • No event log.

Evaluation: 8/10

RS File Manager: RS Explorer EX

  • ​​

Wide functionality, simplicity of the interface, work Local and network files were popular with this application (over 5 million downloads) and high marks. With it, you can not only work with files in the phone, but also in Google Drive, ONEDRIVE, on the local network. You have access to copying, moving, deleting, changing the name, archiving and retrieval from archives, as well as many other file operations. The application you can hide documents or open them for collaboration.

To quickly find the desired file, a search string and a number of filters by category are provided. Supported with the archives of ZIP formats, RAR, 7ZIP, OBB. FTP allows you to view files on your phone, on your computer or other devices. Management Android TV helps remotely control the TV, including working with files and applications. By Bluetooth technology, you can connect to other gadgets and manage them.

The application supports not only Russian, but also a number of other languages. There is a dark topic. The conductor interface is simple and convenient, intuitively understandable even to inexperienced users. Much attention is paid to security: you can not only set Password to access the application, but also hide personal files and protect them with a secret combination. The application is available for free, but it has advertising. Disable it, and you can expand the functionality by purchasing Premium. You can first get acquainted with it within 7 trial days.


  • Support for multiple file formats.
  • Working with cloudist warehouses Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Yandex.
  • Working with archives.
  • File management on the phone from a computer.
  • Android TV and Bluetooth devices.
  • 128-bit encryption of files.
  • root conductor.
  • Convenient interface.


  • There are advertising in the free version.
  • To get full functionality, you need to buy Premium.

Evaluation: 8/10

File Manager - Local and Cloud File Explorer

File Manager has a very stylish and advanced design with the ability to change windows and setting topics. In this case, the transfer of the application is quite curve - some items and functions are not Russified at all, while others are named so that it is necessary to immediately understand what is heard, for example, in the "Compressed" folder contains archived files. If you do not look at the interface, the application is very functional. There is a standard folder breakdown, display of free and busy space, a list of directories with a maximum content volume, a list of installed software (broken down to native and user). In the settings, you can specify which folders will be displayed in the main window, open root access (system files and directories), put the lock password. Like many managers, File Manager works with cloud storage and supports FTP.

The cache cleaning mode is strange - after clicking on the appropriate menu item, hidden in the settings section, the application will begin to clean something, but what exactly and what effect it is impossible to understand. The program clearly lacks the analysis functions that displays the most capacious files for automatic cleaning. The utility has a paid version of Pro, which removes advertising.


  • Beautiful and configured interface.
  • There is a log of events.
  • The ability to lock the application to the password.
  • Root access to system files.
  • Work with FTP and cloud storage.


  • There is no analysis function and automatic memory cleaning.
  • Cleaning the cache memory works incomprehensible - not a fact that it works at all.
  • Incomplete translation of the interface.
  • obsessive advertising.

Score: 6/10

File Manager (File Explorer)

A file manager from a well-known company Asus has been downloaded by more than 800 thousand people. The program has a nice design with a beautiful and clear display of information. Everything is conveniently located, the functionality is not too great, but in fact it is more than enough - access to the root directory, displaying hidden files and folders, connecting cloud storages, transferring files to a PC via FTP, the ability to create a password-protected storage.

The application has an option to estimate memory and delete large files and allows you to find duplicate files. This is true for Android devices, because files sent via instant messengers or social networks are copied and heavily clutter up the memory. Given the lack of advertising, the program is one of the best of its kind.


  • Nice design.
  • Simple operation.
  • Access hidden files and folders.
  • Cloud storage can be connected.
  • File transfer via FTP.
  • Duplicate file search function.
  • You can create a secure file folder.
  • No advertisement.


  • The application in automatic mode does not always find large files created by applications, and not downloaded by the user.

Score: 9/10

Total Commander

Many of us have Total Commander installed on our computers. Now it is the most convenient file manager with a two-window interface. In the meantime, the developers are not asleep - some time ago they decided to create a separate version of the application, sharpening it for the Android operating system.

If desired, you can also enable the dual-panel interface here through the settings. If you have Root rights, the program provides access to absolutely all folders. There is a function here that allows you to connect to the FTP server, useful for any owner of the website. Displaying files can be different - it all depends on how much you want to put on the screen of your smartphone. If you wish, the Android file manager will show even thumbnails of photos. Theoretically, this will allow you to completely abandon the standard "gallery".

From other interesting options, you can note the presence of an embedded archiver. Also, some users should like the management function of other applications. There is also support for plugins that will allow access to LAN, WebDAV and USB flash drives. In short, Total Commander can easily turn into a completely professional application.


  • The presence of a bipoon mode.
  • the opportunity to download for free.
  • Support for plugins distributed free of charge.
  • The presence of a built-in archiver.
  • Managing installed applications.


  • Complex interface.
  • Not every person guess the existence of plugins.

Evaluation: 8/10

FX File Explorer

If you want to download a file manager On android with such a name, then be prepared for the fact that it will be on the English language. Unfortunately, the authors of the application do not think about the Russian-speaking localization. But this is not a reason to pass by him. The fact is that there is excellent two-unit regime. In this case, the interface is simplified as much as possible, thanks to which the newcomers will not arise.

Like many of its competitors, FX File Explorer creates media file miniatures, thanks to which you do not need to navigate only on their names. The built-in archiver helps to work with files in ZIP, 7zip, GZIP and even RAR formats. Please play a player. A pleasant bonus is a hex editor that is useful to application creators. Did not forget the developers and about the usual text editor.

It is curious that to transmit files using FX File Explorer to another device, not only through traditional Bluetooth, but also by Wi-Fi. If you have no problems with understanding the English language, then be sure to read this application.


  • Plugins support.
  • A simple and understandable interface, complemented by a bipathone mode.
  • Transfer of files via Wi-Fi.
  • Built-in archiver.
  • The presence of a hex editor.
  • FTP support.
  • Working with cloud storage.
  • Not bad built-in media player.


  • Only a trial version is available for free.
  • Lack of Russian.

Evaluation: 7/10


This file manager, many remember since Symbian times. Interestingly, developers from Lonely Cat Games with the arrival of the Android era did not seriously modify their creation. Here is a familiar interface in which the file system of the device is depicted in the form of a tree structure. The built-in music player easily replaces a separate application for listening to an audio file. The creators and the Hex editor also did not forget, which was also present at Nokia N73 and other legendary smartphones of past years.

Any folder here can be added to the "Favorites". If there are root rights, an absolutely all file system is displayed. The archiver is available here supports work with 7Zip, RAR and ZIP formats. Webmasters will like the possibility of sending files through the FTP protocol. Conventional users will reproduce cloud warehouses. By simple manipulations, send files can be transmitted via Wi-Fi.

It would be safe to say that the X-Plore is the best file manager. But we understand that the conductor for the Android should have the most simplified interface, because most of the smartphones use ordinary people who do not want to learn something new. And the interface available in the X-Plore is difficult to understand - this could be said about the versions of the file manager for Symbian.


  • Sending files via Wi-Fi.
  • Cloud storage support.
  • Built-in archiver.
  • Ability to use dual panel mode.
  • FTP support.
  • Presence of a HEX editor.
  • View images quickly.
  • Distributed free of charge.
  • Music player present.


  • The interface is rejected by beginners.
  • Developers ask for money unobtrusively.
  • Not everyone likes the tree structure of the file system.

Score: 8/10

Solid Explorer

This is a simplified file viewer that does not have a built-in media player. But here you can view photos without any problems. The function of editing documents is also available.

If you find folder and file icons too big, you can easily make them smaller. There are also a large number of sorting criteria here, which also helps to quickly find the file you are interested in. The creators endowed Solid Explorer with a built-in archiver. It is capable of creating ZIP and TAR archives. As for RAR, the file manager can only unpack such archives.

Experienced users will be delighted with the two-window mode implemented here. The function of creating a backup copy of all files should also be liked - this is rarely found in such programs (if we are not talking about their computer versions). Finally, the possibility of using cloud storage is not superfluous.


  • Plugin support.
  • Working with cloud storage.
  • FTP support.
  • Simple user interface for beginners.
  • Built-in archiver.
  • Ability to edit documents.
  • Ability to change the theme.
  • Smartly implemented two-pane mode.
  • Back up files.


  • The free trial mode lasts only 14 days.
  • Unstable operation on some devices.
  • Doesn't handle large archives well.

Score: 7/10