Best drawing apps

Modern artist can easily do without easel and without paints: Special software for tablets on Android and iOS allows you to create digital work of any degree of complexity.

The benefit of the mobile studio is both in compactness: to carry a weightless canvas everywhere - absurd, but Muse never warns about a visit in advance. "Grab it for the tail" - make an outline - the artist will be able to anywhere: in line in the supermarket or in a taxi.

Graphic applications successfully replace real canvas and paints, because they offer artists such collections of virtual instruments, which in real form it would have to be collected for years. However, this is not free: artists who want to go to digital work should be prepared for significant financial spending, because modern drawing programs (especially for iPad) are as expected as expensed.

This article presents the best drawing applications that will be useful both to a professional illustrator and self-taught lover.


Art Flow is an application-canvas: the artist has more than 70 brushes and other tools for creativity. The novice Creator will definitely be carried away by extensive functionality from the first minutes of using the program. The most sophisticated user will be able to impress the following advantages of ART Flow:

  • All digital calculations within the application are made embedded in the gadget by a graphics adapter. Such technology is called GPU acceleration and guarantees excellent performance and "zero" brakes - even professional PC programs are not able to boast.
  • Export the "masterpiece" can not only in JPEG format, but also in PNG and PSD (if further processing in Photoshop).
  • The artist is capable of working with the canvas of significant sizes (for example, 4096 at 4096).
  • Art Flow includes NVIDIA Direct Stylus mode, which allows to draw in general without using the stylus or a digital pen. In addition, the application is absolutely compatible with stylus S-Pen , What makes the program "number one" for all owners Samsung tablets Galaxy Note.

Art Flow - "Conditional Free" Drawing Application for Android: Even the basic version is pleasantly surprised by the functional, the paid makes it possible to use even more advanced options.


  • Sketchbook - a family of convenient applications from the developer Autodesk, a company that gave the world famous AutoCAD. Unlike the main product, Autodesk Sketchbook is not only suitable for experienced designers, but also beginners and even children. Three versions of the program are available for download:

    • Sketchbook Express - a free version offering an artist 15 different brushes, 3 layers, as well as the ability to increase the picture by 2500%! An additional advantage is synchronization with cloud storage Dropbox, thanks to which to exchange sketches and exhibit ready-made paintings "on a common court" much easier.
    • Sketchbook Pro. Only the library of the brushes of this program has more than 100 items and customs to presets. But the rich toolkit is not the only advantage of the Pro version: the application allows you to experiment with layers, create large web, upload files from Photoshop. Such functionality is available in a paid version.
    • SketchBook Ink - the most frescent graphic application from Autodesk. Key features - ascetic interface and simplicity. Settings at least: edit layers and customizable brushes. An important advantage of SketchBook Ink is the ability to get a high-resolution image at the output (up to 101 MPIX when exporting to iTunes). The Ink application on Android as well as the PRO version is paid.

    There is also a SketchBook Mobile program, "sharpened" specifically for a small screen of the smartphone : describe it in detail its functionality is meaningless, since the application is identical to Express.

    Pro Create

    due to minimalistic design it may seem that the functionality of the Pro Create application for iPhone is poor compared to Sketchbook and Art Flow, However, it will be delusion. Pro Create developers adhere to the opinions that a huge number of buttons on the screen distracts the artist from the creative process. Therefore, the application is partially controlled by gestures.

    Pro Create has other unique "chips":

    • Tools for more realistic drawing - one of these Tools is a "wet brush". It is curious that all available brush users Pro Create can adjust - a special editor with a lot of settings is provided.
    • Many export methods - the image "output" is not only in iTunes: directly from the program it can be sent by email or publish to Twitter.
    • Silica - 64-bit engine for iOS ensures that even when using all 16 possible layers, the program will not slow down.
    • Quick Line is a simple and useful tool for straightening lines.

    Most recently, the AppStore appeared "revolutionary" Pro Create 3: despite the cost that "bites", this application is recommended to buy each artist. The abundance of all sorts of functions and regulated parameters of the program can be plunged into shock and seized designer.

    Sketch Master

    The Sketch Master application for smartphones on Android and iOS is not able to boast a wide functionality and excessively a variety of tools - there are only 7 brushes. However, this program has other advantages that are more than compensated by the poverty of the settings:

    • Unlimited number of layers, which can be adjusted by visibility, transparency, copy and unite.
    • Ability to import photos from the gadget library.
    • ultra-zoom - the image increases by 3000%!
    • Availability - application can be downloaded for free.

    "Spoon of Deaf" is that the Sketch Master program does not support Russian, however, judging by the huge number of positive feedback on Google Play, it does not represent a big problem.

    Art Rage

    The ART RAGE application is characterized by increased realism - graduates of art schools who know what "pastoral smear" and "Mastikhin" is, it will probably have to do.

    In Art Rage is adjusted literally all. First, the artist will have to choose the appropriate canvas resolution - the maximum is 2048 by 2048 points. Then he needs to decide on the type of paper (or fabric), the type of instrument is available pencils, crayons, watercolor, rapidographs and airbrushes. After that, you can start creating a picture. If the artist already has an outline, it can also be attached to the canvas.

    Art Rage is surprisingly well developed from the point of by the social component: complete pictures can be put on Facebook or in DeviantArt - special social network directly from the phone. The price of the program is small regarding, for example, Pro Create - Download the application is only 289 rubles. The only minus, according to users, is that the program slows down a bit when scaling, but it is quite explained, given the huge toolkit.

    IBIS Paint X

    IBIS Paint X is one of the best applications in the section "Art and Design" of the Google Play store. It boasts a huge amount of material and drawing tools. Create illustrations on any topic using dozens of image processing filters, set of overlay modes comparable to PC programs. And if you do not have a stylus for more smooth drawing, there is a stabilizer for creating smooth lines and similar functions.

    The interface is not the most convenient and intuitive, as it may seem at first glance, but they quickly get used to it in the learning process. The developer of the program has even youtube channel, on which small videos periodically appear, helping to master the entire functionality of the utility. Ibis Paint X potential is huge. The only question is whether you have enough patience to view annoying advertising and search for the next desired function somewhere in an endless list of settings.

    The service has the version of "Ibis Paint", which allows you to unlock additional processing filters, opens premium materials, fonts and provides 20 GB of space in the cloud storage for their work. In addition, advertising fully disappears in the paid modification.

    Opportunities ibis Paint X:

    • Smooth and stable operation Even with a large number of layers Using OpenGL.
    • Function recording the drawing process in one video.
    • Several thousand brushes, hundreds of fonts and dozens of filters.
    • Useful textbook on drawing and learning functions in video format.
    • Line for smooth lines and stabilizer.
    • Simplified drawing of the contour by downloadable image.
    • Function selection of backgrounds for manga.


    This is not just a "drawing", which are literally clogged by Google Play and App Store, and Service that allows you to combine all creative people in one place. Share your works and get a response, inspire other people's drawings and communicate with other users from around the world. In addition, Penup can be involved in thematic contests that are held twice a month and fight other authors.

    Create Sketches, paint ready-made sketches and learn to draw from scratch. On the Living Figure tab, you can watch small videos on which the picture creation process is recorded. Moreover, here you can find both drawings of a small complexity with a small number of items and more difficult to play sketches. For convenience, you can choose the category of interest to you ("Landscape", "Architecture", "Plants", etc.) and gain access to a large number of recorded video tutorials.

    Tools for drawing in Penup are not so much, but even there will be enough for the artist of any level to show certain skills. It is worth noting that the appendix does not have ads and various paid subscriptions. To enjoy all the functions just enough to register.

    PENUP Opportunities:

    • Big Community: Share the works with creative people and communicate.
    • There is no advertising.
    • Pleasant design and convenient interface.
    • Regular competitions: Participate in contests and paint on new topics.
    • Creating any work: Start work on a new canvas or using a photo.
    • Relax, painting ready-made paintings.
    • Training drawing: Watch videos and repeat the movements, creating pictures of different complexity.

    Adobe Fresco

    Exclusive for users of iOS database - FRESCO program from the Adobe line. Regarding the number of tools for creating paintings, this is one of the best mobile services for drawing. The application offers a wide range of functions together with a convenient interface, navigation and support for sensory gestures, which simplifies the process of creating sketches.

    In Fresco, all the necessary tools will always be at hand, thanks to which you can draw faster, without spending a lot of time searching for a brush or other item. And with the help of the integration of the application with the Creative Cloud repository and other services from the Adobe ecosystem, you can start creating a new project or to continue working on any device when you have inspiration.

    To expand the basic FRESCO functionality, you can purchase a paid subscription. It allows you to access the expanded number of brushes (more than 1000) and opens the possibility of importing, gives free 100 GB in a cloud storage and much more. In general, even the standard program tools will be enough to create any work without any problems.

    Adobe Fresco features:

    • pixel and vector brushes in one place.
    • Thousands of PHOTOSHOP brushes: Submire the most convenient for yourself.
    • Fast export of work in.png,.jpg,.psd files.
    • Training tools in the form of text instructions and video tutorials.
    • Record the drawing process in Time-Lapse mode.
    • Import your brushes (. ABR).
    • Synchronization with Photoshop on all platforms.


    Create comics and draw on any mobile device or computer with MediBang Paint. The utility offers hundreds of brushes, ready backdrops, many fonts and other materials, including training guide. In one place you can create art from scratch and work with them on different platforms. The service also gives access to the cloud storage so you can easily share pictures or save them.

    On the main screen, you can start working in a pair of clicks using a new or previous canvas, or by downloading a sketch from the gallery or the online library. And ready-made drawings can be divided into social networks or community MediBang in a couple of clicks. If desired, you can work on one project and simultaneously with other artists using the co-edit function.

    From the shortcomings of the program, it is possible to allocate not to the highest quality translation into Russian and the presence of third-party advertising, often appearing between the screens. Also, part of the functionality will be unavailable in the basic version. For example, if you often store outline in a cloud storage or in the device's memory, you can only load them in the "Premium" subscription.


    • Synchronization and drawing on different platforms: MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android.
    • Participate in contests.
    • Add inscriptions and dialogs in comics, Using voice input.
    • Pen correction: Add smooth and clear lines.
    • Convenient operation with several layers.
    • Use photos when creating a background.
    • Excellent for drawing comics and articles in style anime.

    Infinite Painter

    In the Infinite Painter application, there is almost everything that has lacking previous MediaBang Paint utilities or, for example, IBIS Paint X. First of all, it is a sufficient set of tools: from basic to advanced Functions, pleasant design and interface, in which you do not need to constantly dig, the absence of annoying advertising.

    When creating a project, you can choose a clean canvas or import an image from the gallery, Google Drive, internal storage or Pixabay service. InFinite Painter is available transformation of layers (reflection, transition, slope, distortion, etc.), import / export images in the.psd format (also.jpeg,.png,.zip), formation of seamless textures, applying clipping mask and many other functions.

    "Drawing" is completely deprived of any paid subscriptions. The entire toolkit is available immediately after the application is started. Just create a new canvas, specify dimensions or use ready-made templates (A4, 4 × 3, 4 × 6, 5 × 7, " Instagram" and other) and proceed to work.

    Features Infinite Painter:

    • Configuring workspace: Move the tool panel so as you wish.
    • Intuitive navigation and gesture management.
    • Stylish minimalistic design in the Material style.
    • Share the pictures on the Instagram social network or Penup and Infinite Painter communities.
    • Wide selection of the palette and colors from Colourlovers.
    • No advertising.


    The last program in the selection has become Picsart Color. There are only the most simple tools that do not require special skills, so the utility is best suited for lovers or beginners who only develop their drawing skills. However, even such a functionality will be enough to create amazing and colorful digital illustrations.

    Among similar PICSART COLOR programs is highlighted by simple navigation and control. Immediately after starting, the main menu appears, where you can create a new web of any size and proceed to creating an art. It is possible to choose a canvas using templates: "Facebook Cover", "Full HD", "3: 2", "3: 5", "1: 1", "2: 3" or "4: 3".

    imposition of text, geometric shapes and objects of different categories ("Florals", "Animals", "Nature", "Faces", "Fashion", etc.), several dozen brushes, work with a lot Backgrounds, inserting photos from the gallery - all these and other tools are already available in the basic version. Additionally, the developer offers the "GOLD" plan, which unlocks the entire repository of auxiliary textures and templates.


    • Colored and textural brushes.
    • There is no advertising.
    • Color Mixer: Mix the paints and choose any shades.
    • Automatic maintenance of work.
    • Symmetric drawing on any axes.