Best Chinese Smart Watch and Fitness Bracelets

The Chinese have already learned enough to create a good smart watch. Most often, with a rather wide functionality, there are very small money - that is why they are in decent demand. In this selection, those Chinese smart clocks that deserve positive feedback are considered.

The first smart watches, created in the imminent, suffered from a variety of flaws. Their screen caused only the feeling of sadness, and the proprietary firmware provided only the basic functionality. Yes, and over time, such devices had everything very bad. Fortunately, times are changing. Now you can easily buy smart clock on Aliexpress or Gearbest, which will look nice and work without any complaints. Well, the best models will give ore creation companies with world name!

In this article, consider the top Chinese smart watches and fitness bracelets that can be recommended to purchase in 2021.

Best Chinese Fitness Bracelets

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 NFC

  • Display: 0.95 inches, 120 * 240, AMOLED
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, Pulsometer
  • Battery: 125 mAh
  • Waterproofing: IP68

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MI Band 4 NFC - This Top Sales of the past year. This is the first bracelet from Xiaomi, which supports contactless payment in Russian stores. Now in order to pay for the passage of the subway or pay the supermarket, you do not need to purchase expensive devices.

In order not to confuse the NFC model with the usual MI Band 4, it is enough to look at the distinguishing mark that is placed on the touch capsule button. In the older version there is an icon in the form of a horseshoe, and in the youngest - in the form of a circle. The tracker works with the cards of Russian banks, evidence of the Marking of the EAC on the back of the hull.

But the ability to make contactless payments is far from the only dignity of the bracelet. It can be successfully used in direct intended purpose - to track sports activity. Right in the bracelet you can choose one of the training, including: running on the street, swimming and riding a bike. And it is very convenient, because in order to start training, do not necessarily get the phone from the pocket.

The tracker monitors the distance traveled (using the GPS module on the smartphone), considers the number of steps and monitors the state of the heart rhythm. And Protection according to the WR50 standard allows you to quietly train in the pool.

The strap of the device is made of hypoallergenic thermoplastic polyurethane, so it does not cause irritation on the skin. Of course, the strap can be replaced by non-original, but it is worth considering that it can be made of cheaper materials, which in turn can cause an allergic reaction.


  • Ability to binding up to 6 bank cards at the same time.
  • Contactless payment, even if the smartphone is not nearby.
  • large autonomy, especially in comparison with Mi Band 5.
  • in a pair with a smartphone measurement error passed distance less than 1%.


  • There is no function for measuring the stress level.
  • Small font in the menu from the box.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

  • Display: 1.1 inches, 126 * 294, AMOLED
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, pulsometer
  • Battery: 125 mAh
  • Waterproofing: IP68

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Decent Detector Bracelets MI Band Fourth Generation. Mi Band 5 capsule has become a little more, and this is not surprising, because the screen and the battery of the tracker were also enlarged. The brightness of the new amoled display is 450 threads, which makes Mi Band 5 with the brightest bracelet on the market.

Like MI Band 4, a new fitness tracker can display notifications from the phone, control music on the smartphone and allows you to track the pulse, the number of steps, the distance traveled, sleep phases and spent Calories. However, new features have been added to MI Band 5. The device now displays the stress level, the PAI index, the menstrual calendar and a more detailed weather forecast. Among other things, the bracelet can remotely control the camera and run breathing exercises.

If we talk about the accuracy of the data obtained by the tracker, the error is still there, but it is insignificant. The pulsometer considers the amount of heart impacts with an error of 2-4%, and the accumulation error has passed a distance of just 1%, provided that the smart bracelet is used in a pair with a smartphone on which GPS is enabled.

The manufacturer listened to users and completely revised the appearance of the charger. Now, in order to put a fitness tracker for charging, you do not need to get a capsule from the strap - the memory is attached to the back of the body, where the contact site is located. This change is very relevant, especially in mind that MI Band 5 is now running only 7-10 days with an active scenario of use.

Of course, the absence of a NFC module is a serious drawback, especially since the market at the same price can be purchased by MI Band 4 NFC. Even Mi Band 5 NFC, which can be bought on Yandex. Market does not solve this problem, since contactless payment works in it only in China. However, if for some reason you still do not yet use a bracelet or smart clocks for contactless payment, for you it may not be so critical.


  • Tracking 11 sports modes, including a bike, exercise bike, swimming, as well as exercises on the rowing simulator and orbitrek.
  • Algorithm for measuring the personal index of PAI activity.
  • Improved Sleep Phase Tracking.
  • Camera control of the smartphone at a distance.
  • The ability to track the female cycle.


  • No NFC module for contactless payment.
  • to 7-10 days of autonomy in active use mode.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4C

  • Display: 1.08 inches, 128 * 220, TFT
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, pulsometer
  • Battery: 130 mAh
  • Waterproofing: 5 atm

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The first bracelet, which in China was announced under the REDMI brand. Unlike other representatives of the MI SMART BAND line, this one has received a fundamentally different design. The device looks in a new way and can come to the soul of those who are tired of the rounded capsules classic Mi Band.

A tracker with an Xiaomi Wear application, which is something like a classic MI FIT, but it looks like something in childish. However, each of his own.

In addition to the appearance, the bracelet can offer an even lower price tag. In many stores, the device is not more expensive than 1,200 rubles. At the same time, its functionality is not much different from the classical MI Band 4.

of advantages:

  • Supports Bluetooth Wireless Module 5.0.
  • Charger built into the strap.
  • The cost is lower than other Xiaomi bracelets.


  • A more budget TFT matrix is ​​used.
  • Works less from one battery charge.

Honor Band 5

  • Display: 0.95 inches, 120 * 240, amoled
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Built-in pulsometer
  • Battery: 100 mAh
  • Waterproofing: IP68

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Budgetary fitness tracker with a maximum set of functions. Among our competitors, the bracelet can boast a pulse oximeter, which measures blood saturation with oxygen. This indicator will be useful not only from curiosity, but also in order to monitor the condition of the respiratory system, for example, during training. But there is one drawback - there is no possibility of tracking this indicator in real time. Sad and the fact that the level of oxygen in the blood can only be found in the corresponding point on the tracker - the results are not fixed in the application.

As for the sport, there is a very decent set of workouts on the bracelet, including swimming in the pool, running, elliptical simulator and exercise bike. Total in the menu 10 sports modes. Unfortunately, the gadget does not count the amount of calories and does not displays information about the maximum oxygen consumption during class. Yes, and the support of GPS is missing here, so it will not work out the distance traveled on the card. However, the device precisely calculates the distance and pace. The discrepancy is a few hundred meters of 4 km.

Another feature of Honor Band 5 is an improved AMOLED TRUE COLOR display with an elegant convexity of 2.5D. The image is clearly seen on the street even in a bright sunny day. But with the strap will have to tinker, because it is not so fast to fasten it as in Mi Band'ah. Instead of clips, it uses a classic clasp as on a wrist watch. However, there are positive moments. So, for charging the strap does not need to be disconnected from the tracker. Magnetic charging is easily connected to the contacts placed on the back of the capsule.


If you forget the smartphone at home, the tracker will warn you about it. This is possible thanks to the function of the Bluetooth bursting alert. Another nice little thing is the gadget skill to manage the shutter of the phone camera shutter. Unfortunately, the Russian version of the tracker did not receive the NFC module.

of advantages:

  • Good price / quality ratio.
  • The decent accuracy of the pedometer and the indicators of the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • Detailed tracking of sleep with recommendations based on scientific publications.
  • Maximum detailed training information.


  • Incorrect measurement of the rapid pulse (over 120).
  • The original strap can cause irritation on the skin.

Lenovo HW01

  • Display: 0.91 inches, OLED, 128 × 32 Points
  • Sensors: Pulse meter, Accelerometer
  • Waterproofing: IP65

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Lenovo HW01 is a product, very similar to the best fitness bracelet from Xiaomi. Here, too, there is a built-in pulsometer, which will warn on time that you have already reached your limit. The body of the device itself is created from ABS plastic, and the strap is from silicone. The difference is that the product of the Chinese company Lenovo is equipped with a slightly larger display. Although only basic information is displayed on it in any case - with it, you will not be able to familiarize yourself with all the results of workouts. Still in Lenovo decided to embed a 85 mAh battery in the bracelet. This crumbs are enough for a week of autonomous work! Finally, The fitness bracelet is protected from water according to IP65. This means that in it you can run even in the rain (but not to swim).


  • Small weight.
  • The display is sensory.
  • can work from one charge up to seven days.
  • Interaction with many smartphones.
  • Low price tag.


  • Swimming Can bring a bracelet in order.
  • The display displays only the most important information.

Huawei Band 4 Pro

  • Display: 0.95 inches, 120 * 240,AMOLED
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, built-in pulsometer
  • Battery: 100 mAh
  • Waterproofing: 5 atm

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Another flagship model From Huawei and the cost of her appropriate. Apparently, the clock is designed for a female or children's hand, since a small strap. The beautiful amoled display has juicy colors, but the glossy coating adversely affects the readability of the image in sunny weather.

The bracelet is able to perform some functions without a smartphone. For example, it independently writes the pulse performance and draws the route (using the built-in GPS). And the tracker knows how to measure the temperature of the user's body during training. As for the pulse, the tracker must be correctly fixed on the brush. Otherwise, the device overshow an indicator of about 30 units, instead of simply showing an error.

Special tracking function deserves separate attention. The clock records rest, even if you sleep in the afternoon or several times a day, but only if the dream lasts more than three hours.

Music reproduction management works with Android-based smartphones. The function is not supported on the iPhone.

The clock is equipped with a 6-axis accelerometer and maintain tracking 11 types of workouts, including, for example, rowing, swimming, running and treadmill. Separate attention was given to walking in the room, which seems particularly relevant, especially now in a quarantine. If you choose this workout, the GPS will not turn on, which can significantly save battery charge.

The physical buttons are not here, and they are very convenient to control the clock, for example, wet hands during training.Another drawback is not very large autonomy. The battery is enough only for a week of work in energy-saving mode. And if the bracelet was discharged to 10%, work with fitness programs is cut.


  • Clear image even in the sun.
  • A small accuracy of the pedometer.
  • The function of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • Neat and very attractive design.


  • High cost in comparison with analogues.
  • A small and narrow screen.
  • relatively short battery life.

Best Chinese Smart Watch

Amazfit Bip

  • Display: 1.28 inches, 176 * 176, reflective
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, light sensor, built-in pulsometer
  • Battery: 190 mAh
  • Waterproofing: IP68

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Smart watch, which despite the price, offer all major sports capabilities. They support GPS and GLONASS, have a built-in pulsometer and allow tracking a lot of sports activities. There are no swimming modes here, even though they are protected from dust and moisture from the IP68 standard.

Unlike most competitors, the clock never lose touch with the phone. All notifications come properly, and the data is synchronized with the application.

The device has a reflective display that is never turned off. At the same time, hours work from one charge to 40-45 days. In some cases, if the device is less actively used, can work up to 3 months. The image on the screen is very clearly visible in a bright sunny day - the reflective display works wonders.


  • 24-hour cardiac activity monitoring.
  • While sports on hand is practically not felt.
  • up to three weeks of autonomous operation in the mixed mode of use.
  • Transphlective (reflective) Display is constantly active.


  • The screen of small size.
  • Nondescript and boring design.

Amazfit T-Rex

  • Display: 1.3" 360*360,AMOLED
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, ambient light sensor, built-in heart rate monitor
  • Battery: 390 mAh
  • Waterproof: 5 ATM

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Chinese smart watch from the Huami brand in a somewhat aggressive style. But it's not just about the design of the device - the watch is protected according to the military standard MIL-STD 810G. This means that they are not afraid of drops, bumps, as well as the damaging effects of moisture, dirt and even salt water.

And they will be able to work at temperatures from -40 to +70 degrees. So this model will survive both a walk in severe frost and a rest in a sauna. By the way, the autonomy of the battery in extreme conditions almost does not suffer. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is equipped with similar protection, but they are much more expensive, and the screen is smaller there.

Despite the size, the watch remained light. This is because the case and clasps are made of plastic. Only buttons and bolts are made of metal here. There are four keys in total. They have a smooth ride and work even when the screen is locked. It is worth mentioning the soft silicone strap, which is almost not felt on the hand.

The screen resolution is not very high, so any selected watch face will be fuzzy. The display itself is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with an oleophobic coating.

Of course, in terms of its capabilities, the gadget is more like a fitness bracelet. The watch runs on its own operating system. There is no app store and watch faces, but there are standard options for displaying notifications, sleep analysis, heart rate monitoring and tracking fitness indicators. The training set includes running and training on simulators, including an elliptical.


  • Battery autonomy is sufficient for 20 days.
  • Can be used as a flashlight.
  • Built-in GPS module.
  • Good value for money.


  • Poor performance statistics during training.
  • No function to play music without a smartphone.

Huawei Watch Fit

  • Display: 1.64" 456*280,AMOLED
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, built-in heart rate monitor
  • Battery: 180 mAh
  • Waterproof: 5 ATM

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Something between a smart bracelet and a smart watch. The elongated display seems frameless, especially if you put the corresponding dial with a black background.

As for a budget smartwatch, the choice of features is obscenely rich here. The device can measure the level of oxygen in the blood and heart rate, monitors the quality of sleep and stress levels. There are 96 types of workouts available on the menu, including breathing exercises, laser tag, fishing, taekwondo, darts and swimming. Almost every lesson has an animated trainer that shows you how to properly perform a particular exercise. You can sync your fitness data with the Huawei Health, Google Fit, or MyFitnessPal apps. The clock will not work with other programs.

The clock can be controlled using the button on the side of the case. It is worth noting that it is pressed quite tightly. And the microphone built into the watch will not be useful to the Russian user, since the function of calling the voice assistant is not available in the country.


  • Original design with a rectangular screen.
  • Blood oxygen measurement function.
  • The video trainer clearly shows how to do this or that exercise.
  • Do not increase the number of steps.


  • Does not display an incoming call from WhatsApp and Viber.
  • No NFC module for contactless payment.
  • Very loud and annoying vibration.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Classic

  • Display: 1.39 inches, 454 * 454,AMOLED
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, altimeter, illumination sensor, built-in pulsometer
  • Battery: 455 mAh
  • Waterproofing: 5 atm

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Huawei Watch GT 2 Classic - Chinese smart watches in strictly classic style. If you do not consider yourself to adherents of classics, in the Huawei Watch GT 2 line, other models made in sports and premium styles are presented.

Smart watch received a metal case, juicy bright display and durable glass 2,5D GORILLA GLASS. Thanks to the external lighting sensor, the screen brightness is automatically adjusted (5 gradations are supported). In the dark place from bright light will not hurt eyes, and on the street on a sunny day the image remains readable.

The manufacturer embodied in the device all the sought-after smart functions: receiving calls, control audio player and support for Bluetooth headphones. Now for a walk or jog is not necessary to take a smartphone with me, because you can communicate or listen to music without it. 2.3 GB of memory is assigned to store music tracks. In addition, the clock is able to control the playback of audio on the smartphone.

Accuracy of tracking cardiac rhythm at a high level, so the clock is suitable even for professional sports. All user actions are voiced out loud, including the beginning and end of the workout, as well as statistics with an interval of 10 minutes.

In the process of use, the received data is processed by the program on the smartphone, after which professional recommendations are offered to improve the results. So, for example, if the stress level is overestimated, the user will be asked to make breathing exercises.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Classic meets the energy efficient KIRIN A1 processor, which was designed specifically for wearable devices. As for autonomy, the charge of the battery is enough for 14 days of work, and with the GPS tracker included - for 30 hours. The clock is based on the Liteos operating system. They work in a pair with Huawei Health's branded app.


  • Stylish design and bright display.
  • The response function to the call.
  • Excellent Quality Communication, Clean Sound.
  • The ability to play music without a smartphone.


  • There is no NFC module for the implementation of contactless payments.
  • Not very high-quality oleophobic coating.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTS

  • Display: 1.65 inches, 348 * 442, AMOLED
  • Sensors: Pulse meter, accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, illumination, measurement of atmospheric pressure
  • Battery: 220 mAh
  • Waterproofing: 5 atm

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externally By form and size, Amazfit GTS watches resemble budget amazfit BIP, so if you do not look after, you are unlikely to be able to distinguish one model from another. However, everything becomes clear if you turn on the display and consider the device closer. With an identical amount of Amazfit GTS received a larger screen on which much more useful information is now placed.

In the clock there is a pulsometer, a 6-axis accelerometer and a measurement sensor for atmospheric pressure. Like Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and 5, they allow you to remotely switch musical tracks on the phone. And if the smartphone is also connected to the home audio system, you can control music throughout the house. In addition, it is convenient that for a single physical button that is in the clock can be assigned any action.

As for smart hours, Amazfit GTS demonstrate high autonomy performance. In standby mode, they are able to work up to 2 weeks or more. It will depend, of course, first of all from the selected use scenario. Of course, with respect to autonomy, they are inferior to Amazfit BIP and even a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 NFC. However, if you compare the model with most smart hours, which are found today on the market, competitors remain far behind.


  • Two weeks of work with regular training or one day when GPS is enabled.
  • Very light (less than 25 grams) and practically not felt on hand.
  • Big bright and informative display.
  • Updated optical AOD measurement sensor.
  • Good implementation of the ALWAYS ON DISPLAY function.


  • For its price category, they are not.

Xiaomi Amazfit Sports Watch

  • Display : 1.34 inches, 320 × 300, IPS
  • Sensors: Pulsometer, Light Sensor, Gyro, Accelerometer
  • Battery: 280 Mah
  • Waterproofing: IP67

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If you look at the photo of the device, it seems very simple - you can say toy. But in fact, this is quite a serious watch that many athletes can be satisfied. The housing of the gadget is made of ceramics, and the strap is used silicone. Waters are not afraid of these hours - at least a soul or rain. Another important feature is the presence of a GPS chip that captures the route of your wanders. A pulsometer issues cardiac abnormal information. If the pulse rolls up, the smart system will ask you to stop training, interrupted on vacation. There is also a built-in memory where you can store songs. However, the speaker is not here, so some Bluetooth device will need to output.


  • There are 4 GB of integrated memory.
  • Built-in microSD memory card slot.
  • Pulse measurement is possible.
  • GPS and GLONASS are supported.
  • Not bad screen with protective glass.
  • Synchronization with many smartphones.
  • Fast charging (about 40 minutes).


  • The longest work from a complete charge.
  • It is impossible to control the player on the smartphone.
  • Swim in hours is not recommended.

Zeblaze VIBE 5ATM

  • Display: 1.1 inches, monochrome
  • Sensors: Accelerometer

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In China, it produces a huge number of simple smart watches. It is cheap models that enjoy the greatest demand. Some of these devices do not even have their own battery! For example, Zeblaze VIBE 5ATM provides the CR2032 battery. Its energies are enough in order for the segmented monochrome screen all the necessary information was displayed. For example, the clock is notified of an incoming SMS, received by the letter and the presence of missing calls.

Otherwise, this is typical electronic clock. However, there is another difference from ordinary models - it lies in stock pedometer. Synchronization Here is possible with any smartphones based on iOS and Android. The clock is sold in two versions that are characterized by the case materials and their strap. But in any case, you will receive some moisture protection - the small rain will definitely do not hurt the device.


  • Operate with the most different smartphones.
  • The information is visible constantly.
  • Waterproof housing.
  • Standard strap that can be changed.
  • Very low cost.


  • Minimum functional.
  • In the clock it is better not to swim.
  • Battery After some time will have to change.

Lemfo Les1

  • Display: 1.39 DUM, OLED, 400 × 400 Points
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Pulsometer

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In our rating, it was not possible not to get a typical Chinese smart watches created by a little-known company. This device is running Android 5.1. The use of a full-fledged operating system forced the creators to increase the volume of RAM to 1 GB. As for the memory of constant, it is built here 16 GB - the microSD slot is missing.

Communication with the smartphone is carried out by Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Another available wireless modules includes Wi-Fi and GPS. In fact, this watch is a miniature smartphone - there is even a SIM card slot here. The main disadvantage of the gadget is the short stand-alone work - yet Android 5.1 is not intended for use on devices with a capacity of 350 mAh battery. Another problem is a complicated synchronization with a smartphone. However, even such a device is buyers. Moreover, they rarely write strictly negative reviews.


  • Not bad appearance.
  • Not only the pulsometer is embedded, but the GPS chip.
  • There is a 2-megapixel camera.
  • Good high resolution screen.
  • a lot of memory.
  • Low price.
  • can be used as a smartphone.


  • The longest work from one charge.
  • Pulse meter issues not the most accurate data.
  • Sometimes the clock is strongly heated.