Best Charger Accessories for iPhone: Cables, Adapters and Docking Stations

As displays on iPhones become larger, and the processors are more powerful, the capacity of the batteries is growing. Unfortunately, this does not mean that putting smartphones to charging are less likely.

Put the smartphone in two ways - wired and wireless. A wired connection is usually faster and the main role in this case plays the power of the charger. Until recently, each iPhone was sold with a 5 W network adapter. Today, this indicator remains relevant, but in iPhone 8 Apple introduced a fast charging function. Since then, the iPhones got the ability to charge with adapters 18 W or higher with the USB-C interface instead of the usual USB-A.

Accelerated charging in the iPhone works a little different than in Android. For this reason, Apple smartphones are required to be required to accessories with PD (Power Delivery) technology. Otherwise, the power will be supplied at minimum power and there will be no speech about any speed charging.

Wireless power is not as fast as wired, but it is more convenient to use it. Wireless chargers for iPhone provide a current power of 5 W or 7.5 W. Mobile case is usually no hindrance for them.

Charging Rugs Requires a network adapter with an appropriate power: if a 7.5 W rug is connected to the power grid through the 5 W adapter, the charging will go at 5 W and no more.

How to choose an iPhone charger?

Focus only on the price will be an error. The right solution is to figure out the charging characteristics of your current smartphone and decide on the plans for the future: you are going to update to an improved model or purchase a tablet or laptop from Apple. All this matters, since the DZH (network charger) will provide 18 W fast charging smartphone, but it will not be enough to power MacBook.

As for the interface, it makes sense to look aside USB-C, since this is the standard of the future, and it is integrated into a large number of devices. Make a choice in favor of USB-C / Lightning cables if the smartphone supports the accelerated power function.

What to watch when choosing...

... Network adapter?

to current power and connection type. For quick charging (it is present in iPhone 8 and more recent models), the power is 18 W and above, as well as the USB-C interface. From the old, but at the more common USB-a will have to refuse.

... Charging Cable?

on the braid. The key characteristic of this accessory is durability. The cables in the nylon braid are less rated. Reinforced braid plus reinforced construction In a cable connection site with a plug guarantees durability and wear resistance.

...... Wireless Charger?

to current power. Many wireless chargers work at a power of 5 W, which is a regular power indicator. Accelerated energy supply provide 7.5 W devices.

Best Cables for Charging iPhone

Anker Powerline Plus II USB-C / LIGHTNING

  • Length: 0.9 m
  • Connection: USB-C / LIGHTNING

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It is likely that PowerLine Plus II will become the last cable that you have to buy for your smartphone, because it is extremely durable and fast accessory. The USB-C compound provides an accelerated supply of energy, but of course only in combination with an elevated power charger.

A double braid from nylon is used in the cable design, it is covered with thermal insulation and aluminum shielding. In laboratory tests, the cable has stood 30,000 folds. This means that its service life is 30 times longer than the usual accessories without amplification. The manufacturer is so confident in its products that is not afraid to offer a life guarantee.


  • Fast charging rate.
  • Reliability.
  • ​​
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Shorty.


  • Length: 1.8 m
  • Compound: USB-C / LIGHTNING

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It is difficult to find a cable with a USB-C / Lightning interface of the same quality and length as the base version of Anker Powerline.

If the strength is especially important, then of course it is worth a preference to enhanced PowerLine Plus II, which is worthless more expensive. But as for the original PowerLine, its capabilities are also very good: it can withstand 12,000 bends and the lifelong warranty Anker also applies to it.


  • Cheaper than PowerLine Plus II.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Sufficient length.


  • No braid.

AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB-A / Lightning

  • Length: 3 m
  • Connection: USB-A / Lightning

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AmazonBasics iPhone charging cable varies in length. We recommend exactly the 3-meter version, as it is much more convenient in everyday life. It is easy to stretch from the outlet to the sofa or from the dashboard in the car to the back seat.

Length is not the only advantage. Nylon braid eliminates tangles, reinforcements at the junction of the cable and plugs prevent kinks that can affect performance.

Colors range from neutral (black, grey, silver) to glamorous (red and rose gold). There is, perhaps, only one serious annoyance associated with this accessory: in the iPad connector, the Lightning plug does not sit as tightly as the plug of the original Apple cable.


  • Long.
  • There are different colors.
  • Strong double braid.


  • USB-A interface.
  • Some colors cost more.
  • The iPad is looser in the connector than the original Apple cable.

Belkin Triple Pack Charge and Sync 6” Cable Set

  • Length: 15 cm
  • Connections: USB-A / Lightning, USB-A / microUSB, USB-A / Apple 30-pin

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This whole set of cables. It will be useful primarily to owners of gadgets of past generations. The kit includes three cables with different types of connectors for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The scope of their application is not limited to Apple technology, they are suitable for any device with the appropriate interfaces.

This kit saves you from having to buy numerous adapters. And since the cable is larger than the adapter, there is less chance of losing it.


  • Three kinds of connectors.
  • Good workmanship.
  • Works with older iPhones.


  • Very short.


  • Length: 1.2 m
  • Compound: USB-C / LIGHTNING

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Belkin Boost Charging cable in length slightly exceeds common models by 0.9 m. This is a positive effect on the convenience of operation. It can be used in the car, and in the apartment. This is a typical product from High Belkin. The most significant disadvantage can be called only the design without amplification.


  • sufficient length.
  • Good performance.


  • Limited selection of colors.
  • No braid.

Best Charger Adapters for iPhone

Apple 18W Power Adapter

  • Power: 18 W
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Interface: USB-C

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Apple It recommends using this network adapter along with iPad Pro, iPhone 8 and more modern smartphones that support fast charging. However, you will not receive it in the kit: the DI is purchased separately, and for some users its purchase may seem a significant blow to the wallet.

Nevertheless, it justifies its price. The difference in charging between adapters for 18 and 5 W is fantastic: with the first you can count on 50% of the charge for half an hour, and with the second to replenish the same capacity you will need three more time.


  • The power is higher than that of the complete adapter.
  • Impeccable assembly.


  • High price.
  • is not equipped with a cable.

Anker PowerPort Speed ​​Plus Duo

  • Power: 42 W
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Interfaces: USB -C, USB-A

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If the original Apple szu with increased power is not affordable, then You can resort to accessories from third-party manufacturers. But in this case, you need to take care: many network adapters with fast charging feature are designed for Android, and not for an iPhone. But in the case of Anker Powerport Speed ​​Plus Duo, you can discard all doubts: this 42 W charger works with all iPhone models from 8, 8s and above.

by price it is twice as cheaper than the original apple network adapter. It has one high-speed USB port for quick charging and one USB-A. Cables are not included.

The Chinese brand Anker is seriously coming to the release of mobile periphery, and no reason to doubt the quality of its products.


  • Supports quick charge.
  • There are USB-C, and USB-A.


  • A little cumbersome.
  • Not enough powerful for laptop.

Anker Powerport ATOM III

  • Power: 60 W
  • Weight: 142 g
  • Interfaces: USB C | USB-C, USB-A

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Power in 60 W Grab enough to power almost any technique With the appropriate interface, so this charger is also suitable for both the smartphone and tablet, and the Apple laptop. It is produced in two versions: only with USB-C and USB-C + USB-A. The price is slightly different.


  • High power.
  • There is a version with two ports.
  • is more compact than Apple analogue.


  • It makes no sense to buy it only for a smartphone.

Tecknet 30W PD USB Charger

  • Power: 30 W
  • Weight: 168 g
  • Interfaces: 1 x USB-C, 2 x USB-A

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All users are confronted from time to time Charge two or more devices at the same time. In this case, a very convenient accessory will be due to Tecknet. The device is quite cumbersome, but reliable and safe. It has one USB-C port with a power of 18 W with support for Power Delivery for quick charging, as well as two USB-A through which power is supplied with normal speed.


  • Three ports.
  • Fast charge.


  • Large.

TOMMOX PowerCenter 4 75W PD

  • Wattage: 75 W
  • Weight: 228 g
  • Ports: 1 x USB-C, 3 x USB-A

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The adapter is absolutely ugly, huge, and in addition also heavy. But this is not at all the main thing. Its maximum output power via USB-C is 60W, which is a very solid figure. TOMMOX PowerCenter will power not only a smartphone, but also a tablet or laptop. There are a total of 4 connectors on board, which means that up to four devices can be connected to it at the same time.

Like many chargers of this type, it is dual voltage, so you can take it with you abroad (unless you don't mind an extra 228 grams in luggage).


  • High power.
  • 4 ports.


  • Very big and heavy.
  • Not the most attractive design.

Best iPhone Charging Docks & Car Adapters

Mophie Wireless Charging Pad 3-in-1 Wireless

  • Power: 7.5W
  • Portability: no

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Wireless charger station Mophie is rich in merit. It is compact, stylish, easy to clean, very convenient in everyday life and travel. And it is also suitable for various Apple gadgets.

iPhone is powered up at a maximum of 7.5W. It is not necessary to remove the cover: if the thickness does not exceed 3 mm, energy will be supplied through it. Connector for Apple Watch is angled. This is very convenient, because when charging the watch, sometimes it becomes necessary to look at the display. The AirPods charging area is positioned so that it does not overlap the display of the smart watch.

Unlike many similar devices, this device does not require any special network adapter.


  • Suitable for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch.
  • It is convenient for night charging.


  • High price.

Wireless Charging Panel Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless

  • Power: 10 W / 7.5 W (for iPhone)
  • Portability: Yes

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Like wired chargers, wireless docking stations work with iPhone somewhat different than with Android.

For example, a 10-W rug will be supplied to the Android current of this power, but when used with the iPhone, the indicator will drop to 7.5 or even 5 W. This is due to the fact that Currently, Apple smartphones do not support wireless charging at 10 W: only 5 or 7.5 watts. Plus, IOS 13 limits the power of some Qi devices to 5 watts.

It should also be noted that this docking station will provide your iPhone to 7.5 W, subject to connecting to a network adapter with Quick Charge 3.0. Otherwise, power will decrease to a minimum.


  • Thin case.
  • Anti-slip coating.
  • Power is higher than many wireless analogs.


  • A network adapter with QC 3.0 is required.

BELKIN POWERHOUSE docking station

  • Power: 12 W for a wired compound, 5 W for a wireless connection
  • Portability: No

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Powerhouse from Belkin - Elegant and efficient Charger for iPhone and Apple Watch. From the Morphie docking station, it is primarily distinguished by the lack of recess under Airpods. The connection to the iPhone is carried out using the Lightning plug: the smartphone is almost vertically, and it does not have to remove it from the cover. For charging Apple Watch, a separate magnetic area is designed.

Typically accessories from Belkin is characterized by high quality, however, in the case of this docking station there is one unpleasant nuance. Some owners report that if the smartphone is dressed in the original leather case from Apple, when heating the docking station on its body, traces of paint can remain from the case.


  • Pleasant and comfortable design.
  • Simultaneous charging of the smartphone and smart watches.
  • Moving Lightning connector.


  • Wireless function is intended only for Apple Watch.
  • When heating, the station's housing can be painted from the cover.

Automotive charging Anker Power Drive PD 2-port

  • Power: 30 W
  • ports: USB-C, USB-A

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Many automotive power adapters provide gadgets only with a minimum amount of energy. And it is annoying, especially when you need to charge a smartphone quickly or save something more powerful, such as iPad or laptop.

This problem successfully solves the POWER DRIVE PD from Anker. This is a 30 W charger with a fast USB-C port, as well as USB-A for older devices and those that do not support the function of accelerated power.

The adapter itself is characterized by a small size, and it will not take a lot of space on the dashboard. And the fact that two devices can be powered from him at once, is definitely a plus.


  • Powerful chargers for cars.
  • Fast charging on USB-C is supported.
  • There is a USB-A.


  • When the engine is turned off, the charger must be disconnected.

Car charging Anker PowerDrive 2 ELITE

  • Power: 24 W
  • ports: 2x USB-A

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If your iPhone does not support quick charging or you do not need to use it in the car, then it's not necessary to use the USB-C and PD adapter. Instead, you can purchase an inexpensive adapter with a standard current, for example, Anker PowerDrive 2 ELITE. He has two USB-A connector, and this means that at the same time two mobile devices can be delivered to charging at once.

This is a great option for the gadgets of old generations and in case the smartphone is used as a car navigator and it requires a constant feeding.


  • inexpensive.
  • There are two ports for charging.


  • Restrictions on output power.
  • There is no quick charging.