Best Calorie Application Applications

In this selection, we collected the 10 best and most popular calorie applications for the iPhone devices and OS Android.

approaching Summer, and with it for many and it is time for rest, vacations, vacation. And often it is to such a period that I want to go up as much as possible and invention. To ensure a healthy body, you just need to adhere to at least elementary power rules. It is not necessary to drive yourself into a strict framework, but control the number of calories consumed is very important.

"Fantastic Four"


will open the rating of a multifunctional power planning tool from the Lifesum developer. This utility perfectly copes not only with the calculation of calories, but also a selection of personal diet, taking into account physical exertion, detailed product analysis and not only. Here you can also track the amount of water drilled and daily consumption of fruits, set the goals for weight loss or muscle mass.

Perhaps the main advantage of the program among its analogues is the ability to analyze food quality using the Lifescore indicator. The score that displays this parameter is based on nutrition, water consumption and physical exertion for the week. Thanks to this assessment, you will see, for example, the number of products in your diet should be reduced or enlarged.

Strive for balance: For some categories, it means not too much or too little, for others - there is no more recommended quantity. The minimum score - 50 ("bad"), the maximum - 150 ("ideal"). And after testing, you will even get useful recommendations to improve the result in the future.

Program Features:

  • Synchronization with medical applications.
  • Power Information and Lifescore Evaluation.
  • Several diets and many recipes.
  • Accounting for macronutrients and pure carbohydrates in the nutritional value of products.
  • Advanced diet and loads.
  • Function "Create and Save".


Yazio calorie counter, like the previous the application also has much more powerful Functional, for which he got such a high place in the selection. This is a program proven for 6 years, which allows you to fully change your idea of ​​how the diary of the food should look like. No notebooks and handles, all automated. And smart algorithms and a large base of useful diets and recipes will help minimize your efforts on the way to goal, be it maintenance of weight, weight loss or impact of muscle mass.

Immediately after the launch, Yazio will have to go through a small testing, which will help to adapt to the program for you and choose the individual power plan. You need to choose a goal, your expectations from the program, specify the physical data (real and desired weight), growth, gender, as well as age.

The information obtained will help to generate your personal plan. After a couple of seconds, the utility itself will form you goals and plans (the number of calories consumed and waters passed daily), and will also show the projected program of progress.


Features of the application:

  • Automatic setting of goals and prediction of the result depending on the user's desire.
  • Digital Nutrition Trainer: over 30 plans and delicious recipes.
  • Tracking steps and other activities by syncing with Google Fit, Samsung Health, etc.
  • Interval fasting 16:8, 5:2, 6:1 and timing.
  • Evaluation of food, notes and feelings.


The third, no less famous calorie counting program is FatSecret. Functionally, there are not many differences from the applications we have already reviewed, but there are some peculiarities here as well. If detailed tracking of calories, macronutrients and other nutrients consumed is important to you, which is beautifully presented in the form of graphical reports, then this tool will be an excellent choice.

FatSecret is not just a calorie tracker and food diary, but also a real social network. Yes, here you can create a profile and upload photos, the so-called "posts" like Instagram and other services. You can also follow other people's accounts and share your progress.

Application features:

  • Accounting for physical activity and other parameters.
  • Ability to set any nutrient targets for different days of the week.
  • Quickly add breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.
  • Tracks exercise, sleep, and water consumption.
  • A large community of people united by common goals - sports and nutrition.
  • Advanced tools for planning meals.
  • Recipes selected by nutritionists.


one of the first of its kind - MyFitnessPal. This is a simple and user friendly meal planner for your mobile device. To enjoy all the features of the tool, you just need to create an account and fill in some useful information about yourself.

The program is definitely worth a try as a calorie counter, if only because more than 50 million users have already downloaded it on Android on Google Play, and its average rating is 4.4 points with 2 million reviews. In 2021, MyFitnessPal celebrated its 11th anniversary - more than all the modern projects that we presented in the selection.

And so that you can try out all the features of this tool, the developer gives you a free 30-day trial Premium period. In addition to powerful functionality, there is also a huge community in the form of forums on any topic: success stories, food and nutrition, fitness and training, motivation and support, and others.

App Features:

  • Get a complete understanding of your nutrition, tips and coaching.
  • Completely absent ads (in Premium version).
  • Customizable goals for calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Fitness tips and useful resources.
  • Record your meals quickly and easily.
  • Download full CSV files of your progress.

useful and rapid counters

My healthy ration

No less poor functionality in comparison with previous 4 applications, the Counter "My Healthy Diet" also has. To sort out all the features that are present here, you will have to spend a lot of time, but it will definitely cost it.

The developer even created enough volumetric manual, as it would be definitely not possible to fully master all the advantages of the instrument in a couple of minutes. If you are looking for the most economical (even in the basic version, the functionality is not so hard) and an advanced power scheduler, it is precisely necessary to pay attention to this program.

After registering in the system, trial 5-day access to all possibilities will be automatically activated. After this period is activated by the basic plan, which can also be freely used, but with some limitations. At the same time, it is possible to activate the analogue of Premium'a - the social version (issued free of charge for activity in the social network).

Program Features:

  • Selection of Calorie Corridor: Buzh, Omega-3-6, saturated LCD and Transjigriors with accounting to your goal.
  • Accounting for the loss of nutrients during thermal processing.
  • Creating its products and recipes.
  • Extensive base of strength and cardio exercises with photos and description.
  • Creating your exercises and ready-made programs training.
  • Health Diary: Blood Sugar, Pressure, Female calendar, Course of healthy weight loss.
  • Publication of diaries and recipes.
  • Maintaining blog and live forums.

Calorie Table

The sixth line is occupied by a rather simple application, which is more focused on nutrition and diet. It does not provide the ability to create your own workouts and physical activity, communicate with other users or automatically generate the best plan for yourself, but there are all the necessary functions for simple calorie tracking.

In the "Statistics" section, you can find out detailed information in the form of graphs about changes in weight, drinking regimen, energy or diet analysis (which foods contain the most carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other important trace elements). And on the “Diet” tab, it is possible to add dishes or a snack in a couple of clicks.

Program Features:

  • Basic nutritional information.
  • Access to food database.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • Completely ad-free (paid version only).
  • Ability to create your own dishes.

Calorie counter

Even the name of the program speaks for itself. There aren't any advanced features to draw attention here, but it does have all the essentials of a regular counter, served up under a simple and intuitive interface. Unfortunately, at the moment the application is only available on Android OS devices, although it is possible that the developer will soon release a version for iOS.

You can use the diary without registering (then it will not be possible to synchronize with Google Fit) or passing any tests. Opened the application, entered the data, closed it. The search for the desired product can be done using the camera by scanning its barcode, which allows you to take into account even the food that is not in the database. And if the search does not return results, you can add your record to the database by manually selecting the basic information from the package: name, trademark and composition.

Application Features:

  • Clear the diary history.
  • Data sync with Google Fit.
  • Accounting for salt and fiber intake.
  • HTML formatted nutrition report.
  • Subtract tare from Diary and Recipe products.

EasyFit kcal Counter

Another interesting diary is EasyFit. It is interesting in that it allows you to adapt to such user groups as "pregnant", "nursing mother" and others. And from the obvious shortcomings, one can single out only the lack of an interface in Russian (inaccurate translation) and quite common advertising.

You can learn about the main points in the management and interface from the hints, which greatly simplifies life at the first start. It will be difficult to get confused, since the developer has done a good job on all the elements in the menu, so using this counter is very comfortable.

Features of the program:

  • Import and export of nutrition and exercise history.
  • A memory mini-game to distract you from the desire to eat something unhealthy.
  • Ability to change the theme and other graphic effects.
  • Daily reminders to keep a diary, to drink water, etc.
  • Quickly calculate calories and add food.

Lose weight together. Diary of calories

In the penultimate place an application with the most simplified interface. All basic functions are structured and focused on only 2-3 tabs, which allows you to quickly switch in the interface and find the desired one.

In the section "Diet +" you will find everything about proper nutrition: information about vitamins and various nutrients, as well as a whole collection of extended myths about diets. Each entry in the program can be commenting and discuss with other users. In the "calculations" there is a database of products and several useful calculators, and the "Calorie Diary" tab allows you to keep track of meals, which is so understandable of its name.

Features of the application:

  • Useful information for athletes.
  • body mass index and the calculation of the perfect weight.
  • Calorie Calculator and Buzz + Table of Popular Products.
  • All about exercises, intricacies of nutrition and training.
  • Vitamins and trace elements: benefits, harm and daily need.
  • Diets for every taste.
  • Decryption of food additive codes E *** and hazard classification.


Final tool for Calorie Tracking - Caloric. The utility is perfect for weak devices, as it takes only 5-10 MB of space in memory. At the same time, it will be quite good as a simple diary with minimalist and beautiful design.

The main functionality of the application is the "rational calculator", the statistics of food and the counting of food intake. The calculator is necessary for the rapid calculation of the required amount of calories, which is individually selected based on the following parameters: age, growth, weight, gender, goals and physical activity.

Program Features:

  • Tips to achieve a target.
  • Fast adding meals.
  • Global user rating.
  • Statistics on consumption for 5 days or at a specific date.
  • Several color topics and shades.