Best Cables for Fast Charging

How many gadgets with charged batteries exist, the same people dream about the speedy charging process. The latest improvement in this area has become the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ technology, but even it is not able to charge the phone quickly if the power will go through a slow cable.

For this material, we selected the best models of charging cables from well-known manufacturers. But it should be noted that Qualcomm is not the only charging player. Be sure to make sure that the selected accessory meets the specifications of the charger, which is used in your device.


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Anker among the leaders in Production of external batteries and charging cables. To his work, the company is suitable responsibly. If you do not want to spend a lot of time to choose a charging accessory, stop at Anker Powerline III Plus and you won't lose. This is a cable with an interface USB-C / USB-C. It is certified USB-IF, has a convenient length of 1.8 m, has a high strength and can withstand 35,000 bends. It supports power supply to 60 W.

Another Anker product for high-speed charging is the USB-C / USB-C Thunderbolt 3 cable with Intel certificate. It provides power with a maximum power of 100 W and a data transfer rate of 40 Gb / s. It has claimed backward compatibility with charger USB-C old generations. The disadvantages include only its length - only 0.5 meters.


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Accessories from Belkin is familiar to many apple vessels. If you are looking for the fastest charging cable, choose Belkin Thunderbolt 3: It supports high-speed charging up to 100 W, it can be used not only with smartphones, but also with laptops that have a power function via USB-C. This product is also suitable for connecting external monitors with resolution of 4K. Length 0.8 m.


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Probably, there are no one thing left in the world that Amazon would not be released. Manufacture of charging cables The company entrusted to its subbrend Amazonbasics. Among the set of products there is a USB-C / USB-C accessory with a double braid, data transmission 10 Gb / s and a 5V output 3 A. On the strength to worry, it is not worth it: the product is withstanding up to 2000 flexions by 95 degrees at the base.

Each of the above options had the Type-C interface on both sides, but Amazonbasics has products of another plan, for example, a USB-A / USB-C cable. It is available in length from 0.3 to 1 meter and four different colors. Its outputs - 5V 3A, and the data transfer rate when connected to a computer reaches 10 Gb / s.

Cable Matters

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This brand does not use such fame as Belkin or Anker, but its products are very available in price. Cable Matters USB-C / USB-A has a relatively low data transmission rate (maximum 5 Gb / s), but with the power of 5 W charging mobile devices will go much faster than under normal conditions. And the gilding on contacts gives the cheap accessory the type of brand.


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Apple perfectly copes with the production of complex devices, and in the area of ​​accessories does not lose faces.

The two-meter USB-C / USB-C will be by the way not only to power the newest iPad, but also for MacBook. The cable is produced in white without strengthening the design to protect against the inflection.

for charging iPhone, iPod or other device with Lightning You can select one of two options - USB-A / Lightning or USB-C / Lightning. These are the fastest charge cables for Apple smartphones from 1 to 2 meters compatible with Apple charger adapters by 29, 61 and 87 W.

Another option - Apple Thunderbolt 3 / Thunderbolt 3. Cable 3. It provides data transmission at speeds up to 40 Gb / s and charging up to 100 W. The length is 0.8 meters. An important feature is support for serial connection up to 6 Thunderbolt devices.