Best Browsers for Windows Phone

The Windows operating system contains a built-in Internet browser: in Windows Phone 7 / 8/8.1, this is Internet Explorer, in Windows 10 Mobile - Microsoft Edge. However, the standard browser functionality does not always suit users, and they start looking for other Internet surfing programs.

This selection presents the best browsers for Windows Phone, combining abundance of opportunities, ease of use and pleasant design.

Opera Mini

Opera has released its browser version for windows background. The utility can offer users the following advantages:

  • minimalistic modern design;
  • File compression feature through the server, which achieves traffic saving;
  • Fast loading of web pages;
  • Many settings that allow you to make a browser to taste a user;
  • Built-in advertising blocker.

But there are some shortcomings of the browser:

  • not enough Good optimization, as a result of which the program can slow down and depart.
  • Some smartphones during operation strongly heats up.

Conclusion: You can use if you are ready to put up with some technical problems.


A popular browser who has conquered many operating systems, appeared on the mobile version of Windows. Contains a lot of useful to work on the Internet functions:

  • Saving websites to quickly transition to them;
  • Restoring closed tabs;
  • Page Load Indicator;
  • Optimized device memory use;
  • Flexible possibilities of visual customization.

From the shortcomings of the browser version for Windows Mobile, it can be noted:

    80) Rare application deposits.

Conclusion: Excellent alternative to the standard browser.

UC Browser

An application from Chinese developers using success among users On all platforms where it is available. You can download this browser for free, and without putting a penny, the user will receive excellent functionality:

  • Confinality - the ability to set a graphical password to start the utility;
  • Integration with OS - using Cortana's voice helper for browser management;
  • Several viewing modes of Internet pages, including PC mode, night, incognito, text, and so on;
  • an intuitive interface;
  • Themes and wallpapers that can also be used for the lock screen.

Alas, not without a spoon of tar:

  • does not cope with "Heavy" sites;
  • Does not save pages to view offline.

Conclusion: a very good browser, although not without some shortcomings.

Kaspersky Safe Browser

The risk of catching the virus on a mobile device running minimally Windows, but some users want to further protect themselves from malicious files. They will suit the browser for Windows 10 Mobile Kaspersky Safe Browser, download which is possible. The program contains a web filter that blocks malicious sites and provides full page browsing security. Of the disadvantages of the utility, instability and collecting personal information are noted.

Conclusion: the optimal choice for secure web surfing, but there are technical problems that can spoil the impressions of using the program.


The best choice for those who do not want to leave traces of their stay online. This browser does not save the web surf history, but it makes it possible to install password to access a user-specified site.

Conclusion: Suitable for performing specific tasks.


The choice of browsers on the mobile version of Windows is rich enough, To each can choose something to taste. In addition to third-party utilities for web surfing, it is still worth paying attention to the standard browsers: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are quite multifunctional and convenient for an ordinary user.