Best Browsers for iPhone

What browser for iPhone from the AppStore is the best? Let's tell about some quick and convenient options for any mode of use.

For a number of reasons, the Safari browser may be inconvenient to the user iPhone. The question arises: what browser for the iPhone from the AppStore is the best? We will tell about some quick and convenient options.

There is no doubt that Safari provided by Apple's technicians by default is an excellent and fast browser, however, and it is not deprived of the shortcomings. Fortunately, there are many possible alternatives and some of them have unique "chips".

The fastest

Yandex. Browser

Yandex. Bruezer is a free program that offers to the user at least "Chips" than ICAB and Safari. When you first start the browser for the iPhone, the user sees a very convenient menu "Tablo", where you can place up to 15 stickers to quickly launch pages. It is worth noting that the embedded Safari is one of the most "voracious" browsers. In this regard, this application is the best alternative to an advanced system of economy of traffic.

Like any browser here there are drawbacks here, but they are very insignificant. For example, users do not have the ability to search for text or export pages into PDF format. In general, Yandex. Browser is the most convenient and efficient free program that can be found in the AppStore.

Features of the application:

  • The "turbo" traffic saving mode (saving up to 40% traffic).
  • Smart Search. The browser can predict the user's request and easily translates foreign words.
  • Built-in Protection Protect prevents that the site to which the transition is carried out may contain malicious software.
  • Pleasant design and intuitive interface.
  • Tape recommendations and relevant news.
  • Weather, traffic data and other useful information in one place.

Google Chrome

One of the most popular browsers in the world - Chrome. It is perfect for those who actively use Google services. The browser is able to memorize passwords from any sites and other data for autofile to facilitate your life during authorization or purchases in online stores. All information is synchronized with the overall account Google and will be available on all chrome devices.

Thanks to integration with branded services, here you can have a couple of clicks, for example, translate pages from one language to another. The browser itself will recognize sites that are filled with content in a foreign language, and offer translation. For convenience, you can create widgets on the main screen of the device to find the desired information in one click using voice or printed input.

Program Features:

  • Pleasant Google's company design.
  • traffic saving mode.
  • Security verification function (Search for password leaks, suspicious sites and other problems).
  • Advanced Privacy Settings.
  • Quick search for any information.


Firefox is one of the fastest browsers on any platforms. Here you can see the balance between the focus on the speed and functionality. After installation, you can immediately configure the interface for yourself: Select a light, dark or adaptive topic (adjusts to the device settings), as well as specify the location of the toolbar for more convenient access.

The browser will automatically block the surveillance of various companies (websites) for you that collect multiple data. There are several modes of operation: standard and strict privacy. The first provides the best balance between privacy and with productivity. The second mode blocks more trackers, so some pages can incorrectly work, although they are loaded faster.

Features of the application:

  • Automatic transfer of bookmarks, stories and passwords to other devices.
  • Not bad tools for locking tracking.
  • Pleasant dark theme capable of preserved vision and battery charge on some devices.
  • Supplement store: Blockers of advertising, Protection against surveillance, etc.
  • Ability to block trackers and scripts manually.

the most private


If you need a browser with an emphasis on maximum privacy and privacy protection, it is definitely worth paying attention to Duckduckgo. We will, if we say that today there are any browsers in the App Store store, allowing 100% anonymity and privacy on the network, but this application has close as close as possible to this mark.

WORLD COUNT Passed by many trackers that can somehow collect various information about you. When you go to any DuckDuckGo website, the connection analyzes and makes its own estimate (from A to E). The worse the assessment, the less secure is the resource (contains more tracking tools and scripts). During analysis, the program will even displays the names of the trackers who are trying to record.

When surfing the browser, it does not just warns the quality of sites using its own estimate, but also trying to improve safety, turning off the surveillance as much as possible that the page can boot (for example, with C + to b). You can always see this information by clicking on a special button in the search bar.

Program Features:

  • The most advanced features for locking tracking.
  • Cleaning all personal data created for the session in one click (history, cookie, etc.).
  • Personal assessment of the privacy level for each site.
  • Pleasant dark theme.

Onion Browser


Like DuckDuckGo, Onion Browser first was created with An emphasis on network security. This is a certain analogue of the Tor Browser with Android platforms from the Tor Project developer, in many respects copying functionality and the possibility of the engine is so as possible.

Due to the fact that the browser is based on TOR, the application allows you to get rid of the surveillance, and also protects traffic from unsafe networks. In addition, onion Browser has access to anonymous (and pseudoanonimnoy) web pages with a domain ".onion". If you are ready to accept the fact that the download of sites can be much slower than when working with Chrome and other, then this browser should like it.

Program Features:

  • Several levels of protection.
  • Filtering and encryption traffic on TOR network.
  • A large number of settings for automatic tracking lock.
  • Based on Tor.
  • Support for custom network bridges.

Tor + VPN Browser

Another browser in this subcategory is VPN + Tor Browser. Access to the network here is encrypted and tunneling through TOR. And considering the presence of a built-in proxy server, sending requests to you will proceed completely from another place. This means that the real IP address will be constantly hidden, so if some trackers can get some information, it will be fictitious.

In addition to the above confidentiality protection methods, a built-in advertising blocker and tracking scripts is provided here, and DuckduckGo is used as a search engine, which does not use many filters to personalize requests and each user in particular.

Due to the totality of tools that are present in this browser, even the Internet provider will hardly track your network activity. To connect to the VPN, you can choose almost any point of the world - the server are located in Europe, Asia, North or South America.

Features of the application:

  • Fast switching between the usual mode and TOR.
  • Unlimited VPN connection.
  • Built-in advertising blocker and pop-up windows.
  • Access to resources with the.onion domain.
  • Support for multimedia content (audio, video).


ICAB Mobile

According to many ICAB Mobile users - the best browser for the iPhone, because it includes everything that is not enough standard Safari. Especially pleased the presence of these tabs, which remain familiar due to desktop browsers. Iphons due to small displays will hardly allow this advantage of advantage, but for the ipads it is such a format more convenient.

Despite many advantages, ICAB Mobile has and minus: this is a paid browser. And although the price does not bite (279 rubles), but today there are many free alternatives, so users do not rush to spend money.

Application features:

  • tabs like on a desktop.
  • Comfortable fullscreen mode.
  • Flexible setting and many functions.
  • Data Compression and Traffic Savings (Site Compression).
  • Instruments for increasing privacy on the network (Private Browsing).


In the "Other" subcategory, we took browsers that cannot be called neither the fastest nor safe. But this does not mean that they are bad and do not cost your attention. Each of them stand out in its own way and may like this or another type of users.

Opera browser is probably known many. This is a legendary in its kind an application that is familiar to us by the desktop platform and with button phones. Then it was especially famous for its reliable traffic saving mechanism, which made it possible to download sites more efficiently, in comparison with standard browsers. Now a huge number of others has been added to this feature.

In Opera there is a special quick action button that allows you to control the interface, holding a smartphone in one hand. This is especially convenient for large screens, because now it is not necessary to reach the other end of the display. With this button, you can create a new tab, enter a search query or quickly share any information.

Features of the application:

  • Saving passwords for each site.
  • AutoFilling data on purchases and other information.
  • Advanced night mode and blue filter to protect vision.
  • Share references, files and notes to one click using "My Flow".
  • Locking Advertising and Cookie Files.

Microsoft EDGE

and completed the selection of browser from the Microsoft Corporation developer. It must be recognized that he has not so many explicit advantages, in comparison with the analogues, but this application will be most efficient if you actively use it in a bundle with a computer. Thanks to the Microsoft account, you can bind your smartphone to your PC and use all the features on multiple devices.

As in the browser familiar to us, there are all standard functions: voice search, offline access (with pre-downloading web page), private mode, built-in advertising blocker and so on. In addition, there is a personal news feed, which is selected individually based on your preferences. At leisure you can read about sports, education, economics and other things.


  • Ideal for users of Microsoft services and ecosystem.
  • Automatic translation of pages into native language.
  • Several levels of tracking blocking: from the most basic settings to the strongest protection.
  • Advanced gesture navigation.


Domestic iPhone users don't consider Safari a bad enough browser to pay to replace it. However, the AppStore is regularly updated with many free alternatives that can provide the user with additional features.

The most promising browser for iOS among those that can be downloaded for free is Yandex. Browser: it is already preferred and more convenient than most options. And if the developer takes care to eliminate a number of minor flaws through updates, this browser will be far ahead of the rest.