Best brands notebooks

Currently, the market is filled with a huge number of laptops. And in order to somehow simplify the choice, you should select multiple brands that you like.

However, it is useful to know which manufacturers are the best. First of all, people pay attention to laptops that offer quality, reliability and decent equipment, and also have an excellent price.

In our review, we will provide you with a rating of the best manufacturers of laptops for a real day, taking into account all the factors listed above. For greater convenience, it is divided into several categories: budget (for those who need an inexpensive device), for home and office (here you can choose equipment for any tasks) and game (created specifically for gamers).


If you need inexpensive laptop, consider the technique of these brands. These are affordable and reliable models for performing everyday tasks.


The owner of the trademark Digma is the English company Nippon Klick Systems LLP. Under this name, consumer electronics and digital devices for home or office use are performed. In Russia, Digma appeared in 2005 and has been highly popular since then.

The model range of Digma laptops is quite extensive. These are devices with a screen diagonal from 10.1 to 15.6 inches based on Intel Celeron and Atom processors. You can consider them if you need a budgetary technique for everyday tasks (watching movies, surfing the Internet, work with the simplest office programs) or a compact and inexpensive device that can be taken with you on the road.

High-performance laptops from Digma for games or work with graphics and video You will not find: devices manufactured by the company are not intended for such tasks.


Russian trademark, under which computer equipment, smartphones, tablets are produced And other devices. It is the first manufacturer who began to supply inexpensive in Russia, but at the same time high-quality gadgets of the format "2 in 1".

The model range of laptops The company is very wide: there is a screen diagonal of 10.1-15.6 inches in the usual case and the device "2 in 1", of various colors. As for the performance, then, as in the case of the previous brand, these are laptops for everyday tasks that are not intended for games or video processing.

The IRBis is presented with IRBIS devices of type 2 in 1, with the ability to turn the screen 180 ° and work in a laptop or tablet mode. Thanks to a compact size, they can be easily taken with them and use during a long trip.


Prestigio is a brand of the international holding "ASBIS" engaged in the sale of computer and mobile equipment, components for PC, software over 20 years.

Mobile row of laptops is quite small. These are beautiful and stylish Windows devices running on the Intel Celeron and AMD A4 processors, with a screen diagonal of 11.6 or 14.1 inches. The manufacturer positions them as a technique for students or office workers: With its help, you can work with text documents and tables, surfing on the Internet, create presentations.

Separate mention deserves a Prestigio Ecliptica transforming laptop with a touch screen, with a stylus and three modes of operation. Among his advantages, you can note the battery with a duration of up to 14 hours, as well as a shockproof case, withstanding small scratches, damage and has been protected against moisture and dust according to IP54.

for home and office

In the model ranges of these manufacturers, you will find techniques for home and office use, which allows you to solve any tasks.


Therapy work of Dell, especially in the region of ultrabooks, led to the release of an incredible generation of ultraportative laptops, which work well and have a powerful stuffing. If you need a device for work or study, and you want it to work as long as possible, Dell is an excellent choice. The company may have released one of the best business laptops - Latitude 7400 2-B-1, which has a solid construction and a long battery life.

Dell's range of laptops is quite extensive, ranging from affordable laptops for home and office use, devices for beginner gamers or on a budget, and the XPS series, which includes 2-in-1 devices ”, with the ability to work in several modes, compact body and light weight. Powerful performance keeps XPS Series laptops up to any task, a powerful cooling system protects them from overheating, and an aluminum chassis makes them incredibly durable and resistant to damage and scratches.


If there's one thing almost everyone agrees on, it's that Apple laptops are very reliable and, if you like, predictable. When you buy a MacBook you know exactly what to expect. You're sure to get a fantastic screen, long battery life, and a beautiful design with thin bezels. The company's laptops tend to cost a bit more than their Windows counterparts, but when it comes to style, ease of use, and reliability, Apple's devices are top notch.

Not too long ago, Apple updated the MacBook line, adding faster processors and a touch bar to its top-of-the-line Pro line. In addition, Apple offers an interesting line of Air, highly acclaimed by customers for its beautiful, thin and light design, excellent build quality, easy-to-use keyboard and trackpad, and loud speakers that reproduce very clear sound. Models included in this series come in multiple colors, have a octa-core Apple M1 processor, and provide at least 15 hours of battery life.


HP makes fast, powerful and consumer friendly laptops. They are very good, in particular, thanks to the new ultra-slim design in the Specter and Envy series. From this manufacturer, you'll find something for every taste, such as the OMEN series for gamers in thin and light designs, up to Intel Core i9 or AMD RYZEN 9 processors, NVIDIA graphics cards, and displays in an elegant and almost invisible bezel with resolution up to 4K.

If you're looking for a one-stop solution for any task, take a look at the HP Pavilion 360 convertible laptop with a screen of 14 or 15.6 inches. Versatile hinges allow you to rotate the screen 360° and use the device in the Laptop, Tablet, Presentation or Tent modes of your choice. A powerful processor makes it possible not only to surf the net or work with office programs, but also to use the model for games or other resource-intensive tasks.

Choose a laptop for work? For you created a zbook line. The devices in it are intended for any purpose: both work with simple office programs and for more complex actions, such as editing video or 3D modeling. There is both techniques in the usual form factor and transformers with high performance in an elegant and thin case, which can be easily taken with you on the trip if you have to go to work often on business trips.


Ten years ago no one would have thought that Microsoft will become one Of the best manufacturers of laptops in the world, but today the company occupies a well-deserved place in our ranking. After several integrations of Surface tablets that have some security problems, Microsoft was able to declare the 99 percent reliability of its new Surface devices. The company also offers serious hardware, due to which it occupies its niche in this area.

Surface Book 3 has one of the best batteries in the world, and the new Surface Pro 7 is now one of the best 2-in-1 laptops. Middle class devices, such as Surface Laptop 3 (now with a 15-inch version) and budget tablet, such as Surface Go, also help Microsoft to get out of leaders. The company offers a standard warranty for one year for Surface products, and together with it users receive 90-day free technical support.


laptops ASUS, as a rule, always Recognition for a general set of functions and features. The current "harvest" of the company's laptops includes thin and light models of the ZenBook series, available Chromebook, as well as powerful game models of the ROG series. Like any other company, ASUS tries to produce models with thin frames, trying to put as much as possible into a small case.

In the ASUS ZenBook line, you should pay attention to the DUO model: these are devices equipped with an additional sensory display, raised at an angle of 7 ° for comfortable operation. It is designed to interact with applications and makes it easier to work in multitasking mode. If you need a laptop to work in several modes, stop on the line of transformers FLIP: screen reversal 360 °, touch OLED display with a fine frame, resolution up to 4K, powerful processors - the key advantages of this series.


The line of laptops of this manufacturer is very wide: you will select the device for Perform any tasks, be it light and thin laptops for travel, models for everyday home use or high-performance gadgets for games or working with video content.

The most universal series is ideaPad. It has an entry-level home and office devices, with a long time of work from the battery, ultrabooks, laptops for gemining or creating content, as well as the technique of "2-B-1".

If you need lightweight devices in a thin case, consider the ThinkPad line. In it, you will find a model for any tasks: study, work in the office, games, or performing resource-intensive tasks, such as video processing or graphics.

Series Lenovo Legion is Game laptops with screens up to 17.3 inches, resolution to QHD and best processors from AMD and Intel. Those who need a device capable of working in a laptop and transformer modes will like the Yoga series. This is the "2-B-1" technique with the ability to turn the screen by 360 °.


Chinese Corporation Xiaomi is known as mobile manufacturer devices and smart techniques, but, in addition to the above, it produces laptops. Their lineup is small, but there is a technique for any purpose. The lack of one is a high price, but excellent quality and performance sufficient to solve even the most resource-intensive tasks compensated.

If you need a laptop for games, consider the Xiaomi Mi Gaming series. It includes devices based on Intel Core i5 and I7 processors with a powerful cooling system, keyboard backlight and GeForce video cards. If you want to buy a small and compact, but productive gadget, pay attention to the MI Notebook AIR series. This is quite inexpensive (taking into account their technical characteristics and high quality) gadgets with a screen size of 12.5 and 13.3 inches, long battery life and Core i3 and i5 processors.

MI Notebook Pro series is lightweight, high-performance, stylish and compact laptops in Metal case and Core i5 and i7 processors. They are suitable for solving any tasks in the house or office, including games or work with video and graphics. Unlike them, the MI Notebook series is more affordable, has two color solutions, but the housing is made of plastic, metal only cover.


Huawei is a Chinese company that produces smartphones, mobile processors and telecommunications equipment. Recently, the manufacturer has also been offering a line of laptops that attract attention with their stylish design, reliability and high performance.

Huawei releases one line of laptops - MateBook, but in it you can choose devices for solving any tasks. There are entry-level models based on Core i3 processors that can perform everyday tasks at home or in the office, as well as X Pro laptops based on Intel Core i7, with a 3K borderless touch screen, metal body and high performance.

If you're looking for a travel gadget, consider the AMD Ryzen 7-powered MateBook 13. Its lightweight, metal body, 13-inch screen size makes it comfortable to take on the go, and its powerful battery provides up to 11.6 hours of downloaded video playback.


Previously Honor brand was owned by Huawei, but was sold to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co in 2020 to ensure the survival of the parent company due to US sanctions. Under this name, smartphones targeted at a youth audience, headphones, various accessories, as well as laptops are produced.

The MagicBook series of notebooks are devices starting at Rs. They offer a long battery life (at least 7 hours), small size and weight, and a metal case. These laptops are well suited for everyday use, and thanks to their compact size and light weight, they can be taken with you on the road.

Those who need a device for gaming or resource-intensive tasks should pay attention to the Honor Hunter V700 series based on Intel Core i5 and i7. Slim design, high refresh rate IPS screen, powerful cooling system, 360° RGB lighting, 163 customizable gaming keyboardare key features of this model.


The manufacturers included in this section create high-quality and high-performance gaming equipment, among which beginner gamers will find suitable devices for themselves as well as professionals.


Electronics company based in Taiwan. Currently focuses on the development and release of devices for gamers. MSI laptops draw attention to high performance, stylish design and decisions for both professionals and beginner players or with a limited budget.

MSI laptops are eight episodes, among which there are models for every taste, with screen diagonals from 14 to 17.3 inches with support for 4K. Each of them has its own characteristics. So, for example, the Titan series is able to replace the powerful game PC, it includes the most productive devices of the company, and the GS Stealth series is a model for those who need a portable game laptop with compact size and low weight. On the official website of the company, you can easily choose a suitable solution by specifying the necessary parameters - processor, video card, series and screen size.

In addition to game models, MSI releases laptops for users engaged in processing video and graphics (Creator and Modern series) and Summit, Prestige and Modern business laptops, characterized by high performance and portability.


Acer - a company from Taiwan engaged in The production of electronics and computer equipment. The product range of the manufacturer's laptops is very wide, it has devices available to solve any tasks and on a different budget.

The game series is highly popular - Nitro 7 and 5. High performance, sufficient to run the most demanding games, stylish design, screen resolution up to 4K, keyboard with RGB backlight, powerful cooling - capabilities of these devices Even the most demanding gamers will enjoy.

In addition to the gaming series, Acer offers other laptops. Among them are stylish ultrabooks with long battery life and metal case, devices with a rotary touch screen, classic models in a traditional housing with high performance for home and office and other gadgets.


Alienware is a subsidiary of the American manufacturer of Dell, whose activities are focused on Assembly of computer equipment for gamers. Alienware laptops have a fairly high price tag and are oriented, first of all, on professionals, not beginner gamers.

One of the best models manufactured by the manufacturer is AlienWare X17. This is an easy and thin laptop with the highest performance based on Intel Core i9 processors in the maximum configuration and NVIDIA video cards. Features include a responsive mechanical keyboard with customizable RGB backlighting, a futuristic design, and overclocking control to improve performance.


A Taiwanese company whose business is the production of computer equipment. It produces a wide range of mobile gaming laptops. They offer excellent performance enough to run the most demanding games, but they also have the disadvantage of high cost.

The AORUS family is a cutting-edge gaming line-up of professional notebooks with Intel Core i7 and i9 processors, GeForce graphics cards, mechanical keyboards and powerful cooling systems. The Gaming series is the predecessor to the AORUS family based on Intel Core i5 and i7 or AMD Ryzen 5000-series processors.

Another series - AERO - the manufacturer has created for users working with graphics and video content. Powerful Intel Core i7 and i9 processors, ultra-narrow bezels up to 4K display, and GeForce graphics cards let you tackle your toughest challenges and unleash your wildest creative visions.