Best Apps to Clean Your Android Phone

We collected 11 best applications for cleaning the phone, which for one click deletes garbage and unnecessary files will speed up the work, the device will be cooled and even protect against viruses.

if it slows down and freezes Android phone, then in no hurry to give the will thoughts about buying a new one - perhaps the case in the "garbage", which I had accumulated in it because of the installation / removal of various applications, surfing in the browser and as a result of other actions with various information. Under the garbage, there is a cache (information that is stored temporarily), residual files (for example, an application installer), unused programs, duplicate photos and the like.

Create a smartphone in order, as well as improve the speed and performance will help your phone cleaning applications, the best of which we presented in this selection. You don't have to manually collect the garbage, and it is not necessary to take it anywhere - everything is solved by one click on the screen.


opens the selection of a powerful CCleaner utility, which has gained popularity among PC users. On Android phones, it has its own application, and with small "computers" the program copes not worse than: it will analyze all the place on the phone and tell me, from which you can get rid of. CCleaner will not be difficult to detect empty folders, hidden and visible cache, residual files, as well as all sorts of unnecessary documents that we receive daily in messengers.

By the number of other duties, CCleaner includes the search for energy consumption and unused utilities, stopping the tasks performed in with the background, collecting application statistics to analyze the overall impact on the device. In general, the application is not in vain in popularity. It is free, but if you wish to remove advertising, you can purchase a premium version.


  • The next clearance representative for smartphones is oneBooster. The program will take care not only about cleaning garbage, but also about protecting the phone from viruses and about saving the battery charge. Despite the abundance of functions, the application interface is very simple and includes a couple of buttons, so even elderly (82] man can easily cope with the cleaning of the phone.

    Another interesting feature is a processor cooling means. If your Android has greatly heated because of long use, in OneBooster you can press one button and reduce the temperature. True, we do not advise you to ignore this problem, since it can be associated with a faulty battery.

    As in the case of the previous application, OneBooster is free, however, annoying advertising will corp the eyes. The solution is - this is the purchase of a paid version (which also opens several additional functions).


  • 1 million downloads and 100 thousand reviews - Such results boast the optimizer with the simple name of Cleaner. In its interface, only 3 buttons are "acceleration", "memory" and "cooling". Nothing superfluous - the program will accelerate the phone yourself by disconnecting unnecessary functions, cleanse the memory of the device from excess garbage and cool the processor if its temperature is not optimal.

    Cleaner also acts as a file manager - that is, the user can ride in the system and see what it accumulated in it. Well, or to include music or a film - no one forbids. The bonus is a section with stylish wallpaper. Unnecessary, it seems a trifle, but still nice.

    Super Clean

    Are Super Clean really? Judging by the fact that it was established over 5 million times, yes. But we checked, and it really turned out to be so - the application copes perfectly with your tasks (cleaning unnecessary files, acceleration of memory, cache removal, energy saving) and even beyond it, since it is still built in and antivirus.

    You can enable a number of additional features (systematization of the control panel, monitoring memory usage, automatic protection after rebooting) and enjoy how only 2.7 MB perform all dirty work for you.


    All- In-one-toolbox - Multitur from the world of applications, which contains powerful virtual tools for cleaning the cache and other garbage on the Android phone. This is the optimizer, and the file manager, and encrypter of personal files. The interface will not call cumbersome - on the contrary, it would not hurt to sign a pair of buttons and icons, otherwise those who are not friends with phones can simply not figure out.

    What is the minus of this "soup"? It is easy to guess - straining advertising that turns off in a paid premium version. If suddenly you have a family or friends, you can share a subscription (up to 6 devices).

    Clean, Master Antivirus

    Clean, Master AntiVirus will go through your smartphone, as if the robot vacuum cleaner, and will not leave the trace of garbage. The vacuum cleaner is not simple, and the fighting, since it also copes with viruses.

    And if seriously, this is another excellent application that is suitable for cleaning and accelerating the Android smartphone. It includes several services: Super Fast Cleaner to delete garbage, outdated and temporary files, Virus Cleaner provides protection against real-time malware, and Booster of Cleaner will take care of the release of RAM and phone speed as a whole. Also Clean, Master AntiVirus enables the file manager, provides Wi-Fi Security and protects the browser history from fraudsters or FBIs.

    Avira Optimizer

    Stylish design Avira has a minimalistic design in which it is very difficult to figure out. The application will help save the smartphone charge with various modes, clean the memory, promote all installed programs, work with a browser and protect your mobile device (however, for it another application, Avira Security). Avira by default turns on continuous optimization in real time, which frees the user from such easy operation as the click on the screen (in this mode, the program independently clears memory, storage and personal data).

    Like other applications of our selection, Avira is free, but shows advertising that turns off you know how.

    SD Maid

    SD MAID - an undervalued application with an outdated interface. The second suggests that it is suitable for cleaning the old Android phones, and it underestimated it because, although at least the minimum of functions, but no longer need to clean and accelerate the smartphone. Feature SD MAID - the ability to find duplicates of tracks, photos and music tracks. With this application, you should not worry if you downloaded the same file several times by inattention or due to technical glitches.

    Scanning is carried out for counting seconds, after which the Android in the maid costume (we do not joke, this is really an application logo) will free place. Cleaning, by the way, you can run on a schedule or using widgets on the notifications panel.

    Droid Optimizer

    Droid Optimizer is an unusual optimizer, since the program uses a system of achievements and funny images to dilute the boring process of cleaning. You have to go around the hard way from the beginner to the system of system clearance, leading to your device. Also, Droid Optimizer has no advertisement and paid version - everything is available here and now.

    Otherwise, this is another great application for cleaning the phone on Android, which will take care of the analysis of the system and to remove unnecessary files. There are also tools for saving battery charges and to destroy surfing on the Internet.

    Total Cleaner Lite

    Total Cleaner Lite will impress the lovers of "stylish" and minimalistic applications - the design here is really modern (icons, buttons). As for functionality, everything is also good here, like other candidates selection: you can clear the memory, speed up the game, remove the garbage, clean the messenger and reduce the load on the battery. Comfortable work can prevent advertising that is killed by your money for the premium version.

    NOX Cleaner

    Last on the list, but not Value - Nox Cleaner. This application we advise you to install everyone who tolerates can not cumbly interface, because here all the functions are neatly posted on one screen. The functionality of the application will be familiar to you if you start reading a selection not from the end: removing viruses, phone accelerator, processor cooling, energy saving, tracking frequently used applications and blocking programs that can be dangerous for the device.

    By tradition, the free app has a premium version, but its differences are not too weighty, and advertising does not interfere with the use.