Best Advertising Blockers for iPhone

Blocker of advertising - the program is very necessary in our realities. With her you will forget about pop-up windows and annoying advertising banners.

Probably not in this world of the person who remains indifferent when in the middle of the application or the website from nowhere to get out of the banner with advertising. These pop-up windows are not just distracted by the case, they are also dangerous. An undiauled clique on the contents of the window can lead you to a resource with dubious content or even run the download of a malicious program.

If confidentiality is important for you, banners should also be avoided. Sometimes scripts followed by your actions on the Internet. In addition, advertising increases the download time of the page, and this is very unpleasant when the connection to the Internet is without that unstable.

Many applications in the App Store promise once and forever remove advertising from your iPhone. To understand which one of them is not easy task. If you do not want to test each of them yourself, read this material. Here are the best blockers advertising for iPhone and iPad. All of them have fully or at least partially free features (premium functions that expand control over the display of advertising on the Internet and applications, you can connect to your discretion).

Why do I need an advertisement blocker on the iPhone?

In addition to removing advertising window and banners from sites, these applications prevent the loading of third-party tracking scripts. Also, advertising blockers contribute to more quickly loading pages due to the fact that they do not allow the browser to spend traffic on unnecessary content in the form of advertising software, malicious scripts, etc. Saves the charge of the smartphone battery, and traffic that can Being important for owners of a mobile tariff with a limit on the amount of data.

The use of one or immediately several advertising blockers is allowed.


Despite the obvious advantages, blocking online advertising is disputes. On the one hand, the Internet users have full right to interact with content on sites without any interruptions and without being tracked. But on the other hand, free online content is really free, it is not free: for its creation there are labor of people, and most often this work is paid by advertising. Sites with integrated advertising need it in it, and in support from visitors. Think about it when you configure the blocker. Maybe you should not specify too strict settings? Leave several sites in the White list that you consider decent support.

Sometimes advertising blockers violate the functionality of sites. In such cases, using very strict modes, you limit ourselves in useful content.

Internet is not the only place where unwanted advertising can meet. It is present in many free applications. Their creators also hope to recoup the efforts spent, so the best way to remove advertising from applications for iPhone is to buy a premium version or subscribe.

What to pay attention to when choosing an advertisement blocker?

Two main tasks of advertising blocker - eliminate pop-ups and prohibit third parties to see your actions on the Internet. Useful additional feature is possible to manually create a white list of sites that you agree to maintain the banners. Often in premium versions there are cooking files, setting up image download, video, etc. These additions can also be useful. As for the price, the application to remove advertising on the iPhone should not cost space money. All of them perform more or less than the same thing, so very expensive tools there is always a free or relatively inexpensive analogue with the optional purchase of additional features.

Do not ignore feedback from other users. Of these, you can learn a lot about the functionality of a particular application. Look for a blocker for good reviews and choose developers with a good reputation. It is also important to make a choice in favor of companies that comply with the App Store Privacy Policy.

Avoid programs that direct traffic of your smartphone through your servers: This is a direct violation of your privacy.

How to block ads in Safari mobile browser?

Blockers can remove all kinds of online ads and trackers used by advertisers. Each application has its own controls that are customizable. If your goal is just to get rid of out of place banner pop-ups, you can get by with iOS tools without any additional apps.

The pop-up blocker feature is present in the Safari mobile browser.

From the iPhone home screen, go to Settings > Safari, turn on Block Pop-ups (Safari only blocks third-party cookies by default). You can also set specific iOS settings to stop cross-site tracking, block cookies, and receive warnings about possible fraudulent activity.

Best ad blockers for iPhone


Secure, private and very easy to use, 1Blocker disables ads and disables trackers on web pages. It is designed as a zero battery drain add-on for the Safari browser. With it, sites are loaded with at least a twofold increase in speed.

Use URL blocking tools and sync settings via iCloud. The free version has the ability to whitelist sites from the Safari extension, as well as set up synchronization between devices via iCloud, view blocked content, and enable only one category of content to block (for example, tracking only).


AdBlock blocks up to 99% of pop-ups from downloading windows, banners and videos. Its possibilities are very wide.

The application saves your anonymity and optimizes bandwidth. A ban on playback of windows speeds up loading web pages and saves battery charge. Also in AdBlock is built-in a proxy service DNS, which reports with which domains there is a connection.

Content blocker for Safari allows you to create a list of white domains and synchronize the settings between iOS devices via iCloud. Each time you launch, the filters are automatically updated to the latest version.


WIPR blocks absolutely all unwanted content: advertising, trackers, cryptocurrency miners, cookies and already boring GDPR notifications about protecting personal data. Nothing will prevent you from concentrating on Tom Content, for which you went online.

WIPR works at the Apple Safari regular browser and in applications that use it to display web pages. None of the functions slow down the download of sites.


For high-quality lock, you need to update the Black List of WIPR, this happens twice a week. In the settings, you can set an automatic update in the background.


This is the content lock for the open source Safari. Its carefully worked filters block pop-ups and trackers, due to which the page loading speed increases, the battery charge is maintained, and your Internet anonymity remains with you.


another free and very popular blocker potentially dangerous content that accommodates Yourself all important functions for web surfing.

By default, it prevents ads, banners, and videos from being displayed on all sites, but you can whitelist some resources or use a manual blocking tool to hide an unwanted element on the page. Your privacy will be monitored by filters designed specifically to recognize and block analytics tools. All these features speed up the Safari browser by about 4 times, as well as reduce the consumption of smartphone resources and extend battery life.

AdGuard Premium has the option to create custom URL filters, as well as enable DNS security filters to protect against infected websites.


With this simple blocker, your web pages will look cleaner in no time. The app removes obnoxious and potentially harmful content in the form of banners, pop-ups, and text ads. Due to this, the speed of loading sites is also increased - up to five times. It also carefully guards your anonymity: any form of online tracking is prohibited. Additional BlockBear extension! for Safari can be used to create a whitelist of sites.

Avast Secure Browser

This is no longer just a blocker ads for the iPhone, and a full-fledged browser with a focus on privacy and security of web surfing. It integrates VPN, ad blocker and traffic encryptor.

Avast Secure Browser can be used as a replacement for Safari to hide your internet activity from advertisers and ISP. Built-in encryption keeps your tabs, IP address and browsing history anonymous. The browsing mode and privacy level are customized according to your needs.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus - another powerful protection against online trackers. Use it to delete your view history, passwords and cookies upon completion of the session. With such measures, advertisers will never connect an anonymous web session with your existing Internet trace.

Prohibiting the operation of tracking services and playback of advertising banners, Firefox Focus speeds up the page load and saves web traffic. Since this is an autonomous browser, it can be used as a default viewer instead of Safari.