Best advertising blockers for Android

Using a smartphone with an Android operating system on board is associated with viewing a large number of advertisements. It is found in free applications, and when browsing many sites, and even when using YouTube.

It must be admitted that we now live in the world of advertising. It is found on television, in the press, on radio and just around us. Its abundance sometimes makes you dizzy, so do not be surprised that many people want to get rid of such content at least on their mobile phones. Sometimes ads in browsers and other applications are very intrusive, which is why using the software is simply inconvenient. To solve the problem, check out our article. She will talk about the best ad blockers for Android and browsers with a built-in ad blocker that do their job almost perfectly.

Ad-blocking applications

This section includes stand-alone applications that are installed on the phone and work together with one or more web browsers.


advertising, compatible with all popular browsers (Chrome, Opera, Yandex, UC and others). It does not need root access, works only with web browsers, and blocks any annoying content, including videos, pop-up banners, text ads, and intros while watching videos, such as TV shows. By removing ads, the program speeds up page loading and saves traffic.

When you first launch AdBlock on the main screen, you will see which browsers installed on the device are compatible with the utility. After that, just press only one button to start it. If the browser was turned on before the adblock is launched, it will have to restart it, otherwise some ads will still be displayed.

The application helps save battery charge by loading only the desired content. The service protects the smartphone from phishing, tracking systems, spyware, advertising and malware, blocking the opening of potentially dangerous and infected resource viruses.

The only drawback of the application is limited traffic. But if you use a smartphone without fanaticism, then it will not bother you at all. It is also worth understanding that the service cannot block unwanted advertising by 100% - the developers themselves are warned.


  • does not require root rights.
  • Supports work with all popular browsers.
  • The simplest "single-button" interface.
  • The application is translated into Russian.


  • Unlimited use time only in the Premium version.
  • Minimum available settings, filters.

Evaluation: 7/10

AdGuard Content Blocker: Samsung and Yandex. Browser

This fully free blocker Advertising does not require root rights and works on any device with Android OS. He hides advertising in two web browsers - Yandex. Browser and Samsung. With it, you reduce battery charge consumption and save traffic, because The browser does not load excess content.

The application has a wide functionality: more than 20 filters are available in it and it is possible to configure its own rules to block sites or unnecessary items on the page. It is provided to create white lists where you can add web resources where advertising blocking is not required. It is also worth noting that Adguard is an open source program.


  • Traffic savings and battery charge.
  • more than 20 filters from developers and the ability to create their own rules.
  • Configuring White Lists.
  • Open source code.
  • Fully free app.


  • The application only works with two browsers.

Evaluation: 7/10


Another application that allows you to remove advertising in the phone and does not require root-rights. It reduces the number of advertising in the browser, saves traffic and reduces the battery consumption, but according to user reviews, copes with its tasks worse in comparison with competitors.

Despite the fact that NetGuard can be found in Google Play, do not deceive yourself. There is a simplified version, which is an ordinary firewall. With it, you can completely block access to Internet with these or other applications. However, this is an excellent way to deprive some offline program to show advertising.

If you wish to block advertising on android automatic mode, you will have to find the full version on the official website of the developers.


  • Opportunity to download for free on Google Play.
  • Excellent Firewall.
  • The presence of a log of network connections.
  • The possibility of changing the topic of registration.


  • Non-sharp interface.

Evaluation: 6/10

Browsers with integrated advertising lock

This section discusses web browsers that have a function of built-in advertising blocking. On the one hand, it is convenient: you do not need to install additional software that will occupy a place in the device's memory and spend the battery charge. The lack of this method is that the annoying content will be removed only in one browser. If you decide to enter the Internet through another browser, you will be forced to watch advertising.

Adblocker Browser: Adblock & ad blocking

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Adblock ad blocker. The program is characterized by excellent performance and blocking of advertising banners, videos, pop-up messages. Other highlights include the " Incognito" mode to protect your privacy and a built-in VPN for anonymous browsing.

The application is based on Chromium, so its interface will be familiar to many users. It is easy to use and has many features that are typical for other browsers - voice input in the search bar, bookmarks, quick access to frequently visited sites, etc.

Adblocker Browser is distributed in free and paid versions. By purchasing Premium, you will receive advanced functionality, in which, among the really useful options, it is worth noting the protection of the application with a pin code and automatic cleaning of the browser history. You can try the premium version for free for three days.


  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Incognito mode and built-in VPN.
  • A fast browser with a familiar interface for many users.


  • Some features are only available in the Premium version.

Score: 7/10


Familiar to many users, the browser has a built-in ad blocking feature. You can independently choose which content must be blocked - all or permissible advertising may be left, which does not interfere with the user, but it allows you to earn it to the authors.

The Appendix has the "Excluded Sites" option, allowing you to allow you to resolve advertising on trusted web resources. There is a blocking of dialog boxes reporting on cookies. Opening the settings, in the "Locking Advertising" section you can view statistics on the number of locked ads and, if necessary, clean it.


  • The presence of white lists for exclusion sites.
  • Lock dialog boxes.
  • Express loading of pages thanks to the disconnection of the annoying content.


  • Built-in blocker misses part of advertising.

Evaluation: 7/10

AdBlock Plus Browser

AdBlock Plus Browser is a full-fledged browser (Based Chromium) with an already built-in advertising blocker. The application is great for inexperienced users who, without any difference, how to use - Chrome, Yandex or built-in. If you are not ready to give up the usual browser, then Adblock Plus Browser is hardly suitable for you.

The utility blocks all pop-up ads and banners, as well as advertising inserts on video stations. Unlike other popular advertising blockers, the application is distinguished by wide settings. If you wish, you can make filtering lists, add permitted domains and even permissible advertising. Thanks to the operation of the application, traffic consumption is reduced and battery charge saves, because They are not spent on loading unnecessary content.

It is no secret that many websites (especially related to non-commercial organizations) exist only thanks to advertising. Therefore, on some sites you can enable the display of unobtrusive ads to support the creators of the content. It is convenient if you just need to watch advertising banners (for example, for work) or the error blocker turned off another important script (for example, for authorization).

Adblock Plus Browser is a full-fledged chromium browser, so you can bookmarks, view the history of visits, include incognito tabs and even activate the version of pcs for PCs.


  • Blocks advertising completely.
  • There are no traffic restrictions, there are no pay premium versions.
  • You can customize the permissible advertising.
  • does not load the system.
  • Does not require root rights.


  • Advertising blocker is built into the browser.
  • Cannot be used independently, in another browser.

Evaluation: 7/10

Firefox Focus

browser from Mozilla with 5 million downloads from Google Play has Built-in advertising blocker, automatically restricting title content. In a private viewing mode, the application easily removes the history of viewing, cookie and passwords, thereby protecting the user from services that track its interests and offering advertising based on them.

By removing a large number of unnecessary elements, the browser provides quick loading of web pages and reduces Internet traffic consumption. In the settings of the application, you can include or disable advertising trackers and analytics, as well as prohibit the saving cookie and third-party data.


  • Removing advertising content in automatic mode.
  • Private viewing mode to protect user privacy.
  • Clearing the history of the browser, cookies and credentials.
  • Protection against advertising, analytical and social trackers.


  • The functionality of the browser itself is sufficiently soot.

Score: 7/10

Yandex. Browser

Another popular ad-blocking browser. In its settings, you can disable the display of advertising content with shocking, unpleasant images or simply interfering with browsing. The second type includes full-screen banners that appear after the page loads or some time after the site loads, as well as promotional videos with sound.

Recently, a new feature appeared in Yandex Browser - ad blocking by third-party extensions. It is assumed that you can install browser-supported extensions (Adguard. Content Blocker, Adblock Fast, and others) on your device to block annoying content. This option is currently in beta testing and is not available to all users.


  • The built-in ad-blocking features show pretty good results.
  • If you are unhappy with the built-in features, you can install additional extensions.


  • You need to install additional extensions to achieve effective blocking of advertising content.
  • Limited native browser ability to remove ads: no ability to configure filters, add exclusion lists, etc.: you can only enable or disable ad blocking.

Score: 7/10


Popular Chromium-powered browser with high ratings and over 10 million downloads from Google Play is positioned as a fast and private web browser. It protects users from being tracked by ad trackers, showing inappropriate content, including pop-ups, and from infecting the device with malware. At the same time, additional extensions or plugins are required.

by reducing the number of loaded content, Brave reduces the page loading time, saves traffic and, according to developers, saves up to 2.5 hours of battery operation. The application monitors and blocks the work of spyware, collecting information about your interests and demonstrating advertising based on the received data. The starting page shows a widget that reports how many advertising and trackers was blocked and how much traffic is saved.


  • Tracking and blocking of advertising trackers.
  • Qualitative blocking of advertising, pop-up windows.
  • Battery and traffic saving.
  • There is no need to install additional plugins or expansion.


  • There is no customization of exclusion sites.

Evaluation: 8/10


The well-known Chromium browser offers high-quality advertising lock and reliably protects user data security. Developers do not track your actions on the Internet and do not collect personal data: the story of the visited pages and cookies are stored only by the user, and in the "Incognito" mode are not preserved at all.

Vivaldi offers blocking tracking trackers and advertising content, while you can choose which function you need. You can configure the lists of exclusion sites, adding your own rules to search for tracking tractors, and you can also choose which advertising must be disabled.


  • Tracking and blocking advertising and trackers.
  • Setting the list of exceptions.
  • The ability to choose filters of advertising and trackers and add their own.
  • Flexible features for personalization of the application.


  • Not detected

Rating: 9/10

What is the best advertising blocker for android?

adshield and Adblock coped with the locking of advertising on smartphones and tablets with Android, but at the same time they have disadvantages: the first application provides A limited amount of traffic in the free version, and the second only works with two browsers. If you are looking for a utility that blocked advertising not only in web browsers, but also in other applications and games, then without root rights and special manipulations with each individual application, it is almost impossible (not to mention the fact that such utilities It is simply missing in Play Market ). Of course, you can set Netguard, which copes well with the task, but remember that it simply disables Internet access for the specified software.

If you want to install a full-fledged browser with an already built-in blocker, pay attention to Adblock Plus Browser, Opera or vivaldi. They copier with undesirable content and at the same time offer the ability to configure the blocker as it is necessary to the user.