Applications to track parcels

If you often buy products on Aliexpress, Joom and other online stores, you know that sometimes the parcel has to Wait for a very long time. To find out where it is and when will arrive in your locality, help applications for tracking parcels.

Internet erases borders. If we first went to buy clothes to the nearest store, now we prefer shopping in China - fortunately, portals like Gear Best and Aliexpress Always give this opportunity. Buyers online stores saved significantly, but they pay for this expectation - delivery of things ordered in Chinese sites occupies a month and a half. To find out at what stage of delivery is the order, mobile applications for Android and iOS will allow.

After Ship

The history of the application development After Ship Looks like SK Azka about Cinderella. In 2011, the unknown team of programmers from Hong Kong won the startup contest - first at the local level, and then at the international one. In the initial stages of the existence, the program for tracking parcels After Ship collaborated with only 40 courier services. Now this number has increased to 700!

Name this program for iPhone and Android is one of the best in its segment for the following reasons:

  • Excellent design. Here everything is simple and tasteful: icons and fonts are convenient for perception, the color scheme does not deliver the user to unpleasant sensations.
  • Lack of advertising. Taking into account the fact that the application can be downloaded for free, it is a very nice bonus.
  • Simple communication system. Contact the carrier you can only go to one click.
  • The ability to add a track number in several ways. If the user is inconvenient to prescribe the track number manually, it can make it using an integrated scanner for reading barcodes. Also available unloading of the number from the clipboard.

"Spoon of Fighting" Users consider the complete absence of settings in Appendix After Ship. However, to call serious, this lack of a language will not turn - what is the configuration if the program perfectly performs its functions without them?

where the parcel

This application is a mobile version of the known site to verify the parcels. His customers were made for Android and IOS. With the help of the program, you can track the parcel in many countries, whether Russia and the USA, China and Germany, etc. For this, it is enough to know only its tracking number.

The entire functionality of the application is completely free. You can track an unlimited number of shipments and receive notifications about changing their status. The service works with more than 100 delivery services and collects information from their official sites about changing the parcel status every 3-5 hours. This means that you do not miss information about your departure.

The application has a simple and convenient interface. Enter the tracking number you can manually or using a barcode scanner, after which you will see all the data on your departure. The program has an archive of previously received parcels. In the settings, you can set the sending of notifications to your e-mail, turn on the dark theme, resize text. The disadvantages of the application should include advertising, which regularly appears on the screen, but it can be disconnected.


Users who underestimate the application to track the parcels Deliveries due to external asceticity are very mistaken: a powerful functionality is hidden behind the simple and unsightly interface. In partners from Deliveries over 400 delivery services, which makes the service for this indicator by one of the leaders of the segment. However, this advantage of the application does not end. Other:

  • Synchronization. You can synchronize information about the parcels between multiple mobile devices through the Google account.
  • Push notification. Constantly go to the program to learn new data on shipment, no need. DELIVERIES The notification itself will send as soon as the delivery status is changed. By the way, the program can be configured so that it sent alert not only to the smartphone, but also on the "smart watch" PEBBLE and Android Wear.
  • Optimization for different devices. The program deliveries ​​is equally convenient to enjoy both the phone and on the tablet.
  • support for gestures. Unconscious, but still a remarkable function. For example, update the data Deliveries, simply by shaking the phone.

The main functions are available to users of the free version of the program. Pro version gives additional features, for example, import data directly from sites eBay and Amazon and sorting track numbers. Note: There is a free version only in Google Play - in App Store You can only download the program for money.

Often, choosing between After Ship and Deliveries, prefer the first application only because the second includes in yourself advertising (in fairly large quantities). Purchase Pro -version Deliveries eliminates the annoying banners, but if there is a decent free alternative, the owners of smartphones do not see the point of overpaying.

24 Track

The largest online service for tracking parcels from China and other countries. Among its partners is over 600 courier services and postal companies. The application version is created only for Android. To track the departure, it is enough to enter manually or using a barcode scanner track number, after which its status will be defined and appears on the screen.

The application allows you to track the parcels at any time and anywhere. About changes in the status of departure it is notified using push notifications. Data on parcels can be viewed without entering account, but if you do not want to constantly enter the track number, it is better to create an account using the login and password or logged in social Networks.

The application attracts attention to the simplest Russified interface. You can change the parameter range of parameters in the menu - the topic of registration, status language, sorting type, etc. The program supports gesture management, with which you can conveniently work with your premises.


Track Checker Mobile - a free application for tracking parcels from China and other countries supported by the domestic developer and being one of the leaders in the number of delivery services with which cooperation is underway - according to the official site, partner delivers are now more 600!

The program has excellent assessments and laudatory reviews on Google Play and App Store - and there is something to praise! Here are just some of the advantages Track Checker Mobile:

  • The program is free. The user does not put before choosing: or see advertising, or pay for Pro version. Banners are present, but they are so small that they do not completely interfere using the application. In addition, the owner of the smartphone always remains the opportunity to close advertisements.
  • It is convenient to control the delivery. There is a lot of tools for visualizing the parcel tracking process. For example, the counts of the number of days can be painted in different colors, depending on how much the day it remains until the order arrives.
  • There is automatic translation of events. Annex Track Checker Mobile has its own service translator, thanks to which the user does not have to sit with the dictionary and try to understand that he wanted to say conditional employees China POST.
  • Minimum system requirements.
  • Availability of a PC program, the ability to import and export data to exchange information between it and a mobile application.
  • Entering data using barcode scanner.

Annex Track Checker Mobile is difficult to find deficiencies: If some problem arises, it is eliminated with the nearest update. Some users as minus call an excessive concise design, however, it is rather quirk than reasonable remark.


Appendix " Parcel" (" Parcel") was previously completely unpretentious, but after the release of the 4th version, the program has become the most famous tool for tracking parcels for iPhone and iPad. On the Android "Parcel", unfortunately, cannot be installed.

Today the program has the following advantages:

  • Work with a large number of delivery services. The AppStore states that cooperation is underway with 300 services. If you compare with the applications described above, it seems that these are small numbers. However, among partners there are Russian " Russian Post", " express courier," Business lines", Ukrainian" New Mail" and " Ukrpochta" - that is, all those organizations with whom the reader probably have to deal with.
  • Optimization for different mobile devices. " Parcel" works the same effectively on the iPhone, and on the iPad, and even on the clock Apple Watch.
  • Stable operation. Report on the fact that " Parcel" freezes or eliminates Apple technicians cannot. The program works like a clock.
  • The call to the hotline delivery service via the application interface.
  • Web version of the application and version of the MacOS program.

Unfortunately, " the parcel" is not devastable. The main minus is that for free The user can simultaneously track only 3 departures. In general, the free version of " parcels" is extremely limited from the point of functional (even push notifications do not work) and also constantly causes the user to watch advertising. To remove all these shortcomings, developers are offered to purchase a paid version of the application.

Mail of Russia

Russian Post - The official application of the Russian Post Service, which allows you to track the parcels and EMS -ollowing. Also, it is also possible to find out the address of the nearest post office, call the courier to the house or office, issue a newspaper or magazine subscription.

To track the parcel, it is enough to specify in the application track number. After that, you will regularly receive alerts about changing its status. Optionally, you can configure Push and audio notifications, or completely disable them. The application automatically saves all the entered track numbers, so they do not have to specify them.

If you often receive parcels in the mail, then be sure to register on the Russian Post website and install their application. Then you can receive parcels and letters without a passport.

17 Track

17Track is a universal application to track packages. It copes equally well with the search for mail from abroad and within Russia. The application is great for those who often make purchases over the Internet and at the same time use different postal services.

Main benefits 17Track :

  • Completely free application.
  • Track multiple mail items at the same time.
  • Alerts when the status of a message changes.
  • Support for over 500 postal and courier companies from all over the world.


Aliexpress package tracking, cdek - TrackGo

This app is just over a year and a half old. At present, it has not become very popular, but it is definitely promising and deserves attention. This is evidenced by the high ratings of users who met him. The service works with more than 450 courier services and postal companies, with its help you can find your parcel in many countries, be it Russia, China, Sweden, Belarus or another state.

Among its advantages:

  • Tracking parcels and departures of the Russian Post.
  • Tracking parcels by track number.
  • Enter the track number manually or by scanning the barcode.
  • Unlimited package tracking.
  • Shipment data is updated every 6 hours.
  • Import track numbers from AliExpress, Joom, Russian Post and other services.
  • Tracking the prices of goods from Aliexpress, notification of their reduction, viewing the history of prices.
  • Low system requirements, The program runs on Android 4.2 or newer.

An important advantage of the application is that it is completely free and does not contain ads. Few competitors can boast of this. It did not have any shortcomings, but users note that the shipment status is automatically updated late. At the same time, you can request information about the package manually by clicking on the tracker and pulling down the page that opens.

Package Buddy

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The main distinguishing feature of the Android application Package Buddy is a huge number of settings. By adjusting them, you can make the utility as comfortable as possible and focused on the individual needs of the user.

Another interesting characteristic is the support for several ways to add a track number to the list, including innovative ones. If the user does not have the opportunity to register the number with his own hand, he can simply send the seller's e-mail confirmation of the shipment to a special e-mail address - and the package will be added to the account! Note that this function is still at the testing stage and is available only to owners of the Pro-version of the program.

Package Buddy has no other features and unique advantages. The service cooperates with a fairly small number of carriers (about 150) and often annoys users with ads, but it is still popular among owners of Android smartphones. The disadvantages of the service include the lack of a Russian-language interface.


tracking parcels have equal chances of winning After Ship and Track Checker Mobile. Both programs are designed to benefit people, not to enrich developers - and this is certainly captivating. Owners of "apple" gadgets are also advised to pay attention to the application " Parcel" - no other mobile tracking program uses the unique features of iOS so effectively.