AOC AGON AG273QX Game Monitor Overview

In our hands hit the AOC AG273QX monitor from the Agon's game line, capable of boasting to a fast response, high update rate and a good brightness in aggregate with support HDR. We tell about the device in all details.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Relationship Sides: 16: 9
  • Contrast: 3000: 1
  • Response Time: 1 ms
  • Maximum update rate: 144 Hz
  • Type of matrix: VA
  • Diagonal: 27 inches
  • Brightness: 400 NIT
  • HDR : Yes
  • Viewing angles (horizontally and vertical): 178 ° x 178 °
  • Dynamics: 2 x 5W
  • Webcam : No
  • Weight (C Stand ): 7.8 kg
  • Dimensions (w x in x d): 613.5 mm x 562.4 mm x 267.4 mm

Equipment and design

Monitor Comes in a massive box, into which the display with the stand is laid, a set of cables and documentation, bolts for wall mounting and remote. The equipment is concise, however, on the other hand, nothing more ordinary user needs.

AOC AGON AG273QX will delight its owner with a squeezed screen and RGB-backlight on the rear panel, a stylish stand-tripod and folding lever which can be hung a gaming headset, as well as a remote remote control, which is used to switch modes.

The device can be tilted forward-back, moving within 110 mm vertically, if necessary - turn in Portrait mode. The last option will also facilitate access to the connectors that are hidden under the rear panel and oriented "on the table". Here you will find a power supply socket, two ports HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4, a USB-hub on four sockets, as well as a jack for connecting headphones and miniusb for the remote control.

Not the most convenient joystick can not be used - its functions are duplicated by the above-mentioned remote control in the form of a compact disc with five large buttons on it, which can be placed in any convenient place on the table.

Usage impressions

The AG273QX has a concise menu with a "gaming" aggressive design. Here, most attention is paid to gaming features, including adaptive synchronization, matrix overclocking, shadow depth, built-in frame rate counter , MBR and other settings.

the color and brightness of the backlight and so on. Everything is intuitive and simple, understanding the control of the monitor is not difficult.

The unit uses a VA panel with a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. VA promises deeper blacks than IPS but comes at the risk of nasty trails. However, the AOC AGON AG273QX is all right in this regard: you need to look closely to notice the blurring of the picture, and the response of 1 ms and the refresh rate of 144 Hz (you can “overclock” the monitor to 165 Hz) neutralize any possible image flaws.

Supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, which reduces input lag and eliminates screen tearing, so that you can comfortably play even at a variable frame rate that does not match the screen refresh rate. And HDR, although basic - with a peak brightness of 400 nits - still makes it possible to enjoy the corresponding content. Yes, it can be better, but this is enough to not return to SDR again.

Despite some shortcomings, such as small viewing angles (typical for most VA matrices) and an uncomfortable holder for headphones, this is an excellent monitor, which is equally well suited for single-player and eSports games, watching movies and other entertainment content. And the relatively affordable price makes AOC AGON AG273QX quite a competitive product.