Anker PowerPort PD+ 2 Charger Review - Get Charging

Universal charger Anker PowerPort PD+ 2 will provide power to two mobile devices at once, become an indispensable companion on the road and protect gadgets from overheating and power surges. We tell you more in the review.

Chinese company Anker Innovations is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced power supplies, travel and business travel gadgets, entertainment devices and smart home devices.

The company's catalog is full of innovative chargers, batteries, docking stations, smart speakers and even high-performance projectors. Part of the company are such well-known brands as EUFY, Soundcore and NEBULA.

Today we're reviewing the PowerPort PD+ 2, a wall-mounted USB charging station with exclusive Anker technologies and compatible with most of the latest mobile devices.

Equipment and design

PowerPort PD+ 2 comes in Anker branded box, traditionally made in white and blue colors. On the back side, all the specifications of the station are listed, on the front side there is a viewing window with a magnetic cover, demonstrating the design and even the internal structure of the device.

Inside are a tiny user manual and a closed plastic stand holding the charger. Keep in mind that the wires are not included in the kit, they will have to be purchased separately. For example, on the official Anker website in the section of fast Lightning and USB Type-C cables.

The device has a concise design with a protruding fork and rounded edges, so that the device will not cling and scratch objects in the bag. The body is made of durable glossy plastic and is adorned with a silver logo on the side. On the back wall there are Type-C and USB ports, as well as a status LED.

Compactness is one of the key features of the PowerPort PD+ 2 model. The width of the device is only 69 millimeters. This will easily fit in a pocket or backpack, and will not interfere with neighbors in the surge protector. And it is quite light - about 112 grams.

Features and impressions

Manufacturer's declared total capacity of the charger is 33W. USB Type-C Connector (18 W) Supports the most promising Power Delivery standard, providing a connected device efficient fast charging. To date, PD technology is used to feed smartphones and laptops of manufacturers such as Apple, Google, samsung, Xiaomi.

The second USB connector (15 W) is equipped with PowerIQ 2.0 technology - exclusive anker development for the "intelligent" power supply of devices. The special chip on the POWERPORT PD + 2 board identifies the connected gadget and independently adjusts the output voltage, optimizing the power speed. The second version of the technology is compatible with Apple smartphones, Samsung and devices of other manufacturers using the most popular protocols of rapid charging.

Among other things, the high rate of energy supply is provided with another exclusive ANKER VoltageBoost operation, compensating for the resistance of the wire (which also affects the charging speed) with the help of smoothing input voltage.

PowerPort PD + 2 Protective Properties gave a time-tested Anker Multiportect technology. The latter protects batteries from overloads, overheating and closures that can derive batteries and even cause a fire.

Since the equipment for measuring of performance I do not present, testing conducted on supporting rapid charging gadgets directly. So, on a complete charge of the Xiaomi smartphone Mi10T connected to 15 W USB connector, PowerPort PD + 2 goes slightly more than one and a half hours (10% ≈ 10 minutes against 10% ≈ 7 minutes from the native) Type-c Connector with a standard pace will simultaneously feed Tablet Huawei.

It is not entirely clear what is needed a blue indicator that lights up when the power is applied to the charger and no longer performs any functions. But the PowerPort PD + 2 is not heated in the process, it remains cold even when two devices are connected, unlike the native charging of the gadgets voiced above.


PowerPort PD + 2 is really a powerful tool 2 in 1, which will reduce the number of charging dull in the backpack and release the socket on the network filter. Compact, light and reliable, it will secure and distribute energy according to their capabilities immediately into two connected gadgets.

A pleasant bonus is a relatively low price of PowerPort PD + 2. At the time of this writing, this device Anker can be found at retailers in less than 2,000 rubles. If you plan to do the organization for charging gadgets or select a charger on the road, Powerport PD + 2 may be one of the most acceptable options.

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