Android Pay: What is this and how to use it?

Do you want to pay a smartphone? Then you should use Android Pay.

Many people are heard about the possibility of abandoning the bank card in favor of the smartphone. But what exactly is the application for this you need to download? And how to configure it? And, must be not every device allows you to pay the contactless method? Read this article, she will answer all your questions.

Android Pay - What is it?

There are now several popular contactless payment services. On iOS, for example, almost non-alternatively used Apple Pay. On Android, the situation is more complicated - some competition is observed on this operating system. However, in Russia the easiest way to use Android Pay. Especially if your smartphone is made not by the samsung.

This service is in essence is something like an intermediary between the bank card and the terminal. When registering the card, an identification number is created - it is also called token. They know its only application and your bank. Token when paying is sent to the terminal using the NFC communication, after which the bank writes off the appropriate amount from your account.

Android Pay is convenient because the payment is performed very quickly. If the amount is not large enough, it is not even necessary to introduce a pin-code or applying a finger to to a finger-block sensor. Also, the service allows you to take a bank card as much as possible. From now on, you will definitely not lose it and do not forget in some terminal or an ATM.

What phones are supported?

The service works on most smartphones equipped with chip NFC. Without it, it is impossible to make the Android Pay function, since it is precisely using NFC that the information is transmitted to the terminal.

An important restriction is the version of the operating system. The application requires at least 4.4 Kitkat. However, to meet now on the hands of users of smartphones with a more ancient version of the OS, it becomes more complicated.

Android Pay will not work on a device with unlocked bootloader and root-rights obtained. The fact is that on such a device to use contactless payment methods would be simply unsafe. It is for this reason that most banking programs do not work on smartphones with root-rights.

How to use?​​

First you need to download Android Pay application from Google Play, waiting for its installation. Next, you need to add your credit or debit card, for which when you first start, press the appropriate button. Information from the card is entered manually or automatically. In the second case, you just need to drive a smartphone camera on the map. You will need to enter the CVV code on the back side of the card - so the bank will understand that the application uses his client really.

When all fields are filled, a check code will come to the phone. It must be entered into the application, after which you can freely use contactless payment.

If you previously connected the card to your account Google, then the input of information is not required - just register the CVV code.

Do not forget to enable data transmission via NFC. If the appropriate parameter is activated, then nothing else will be required. In the store before paying, unlock your smartphone and bring it to the terminal. Everything, payment is made! If the amount is large, it may be necessary to confirm in the form of an input of the PIN code.

by itself, such payment is possible only under the presence of a terminal supporting NFC in the store. Fortunately, in major cities of Russia, such devices are equipped with at least half of supermarkets, retail chains and catering. Only in the villages so far not all stores moved to modern terminals. By the way, in Russia the situation with this is much better than in the United States and some other Western countries! Therefore, abroad is better to keep a bank card at hand.

Can I make payment in online stores?

Android Pay is convenient because they can be paid not only in the present store. This service can be selected as a means of payment in many third-party applications. For example, it is supported by Uber, Yandex. Taxi and various programs from known online stores. Often to pay using Android Pay, you can even on the usual online store website.

The advantage of such payment is that you do not need to manually enter your card data. You will also be sure that the card number, the term of its action and other information will not be received by the site owners - we remind you through this service only tokens are transmitted.

What bank cards can be used?

Android Pay in Russia began working from May 2017. And already at the start of the service support, 13 domestic banks said. And gradually supporting Android Pay Banking structures multiply more and more.

It is important that the most popular banks are already working with the payment service. In particular, this is capable of boasting the following banks:

  • "Sberbank";
  • "Tinkoff Bank";
  • "VTB24";
  • "AK BARS Bank";
  • "Alfa-Bank";
  • Raiffeisenbank;
  • "Opening".

and this is only part of the gradually updated list! Connect to Android Pay You can also map issued by the Yandex. Money payment service.

Is it safe?

At the attackers there is not a single chance to remove funds from your card. The Android Pay application after its first use orders you to block a pin-code or fingerprint. If you lose your smartphone, then the person who found him will not be able to unlock. Consequently, it will not be able to pay for the purchase either.

In the program itself, all information is firmly encrypted. Does not help attackers and portable terminal. After all, it is not enough just to bring it to your pocket - the smartphone at the time of payment should be unlocked! Do not be worried about what someone considers data about your card via NFC. Through Android Pay, only a token is transmitted, which is absolutely useless to dislike.

Additional functionality

Android Pay Appendix is ​​similar to a popular earlier service "Wallet". That is, it may contain not only a bank card. Here you can add so-called loyalty cards, providing one or another discount. It turns out that if you enjoy this application, then completely free your pocket from all kinds of cards!

Samsung Pay or Android Pay?

SAMSUNG PAY has similar functionality. This service works only on South Korean smartphones, mainly quite expensive. The advantage of Samsung Pay is that it uses the MST wireless connection. This allows you to transmit a signal to the terminal using a magnetic field. That is, NFC support is not required! However, you can get acquainted with the South Korean service by reading of the corresponding article.

Select between Android Pay and Samsung Pay does not have. It all depends on what smartphone you have.

Summing up

Android Pay is a very convenient method of payment, about the appearance of which several years ago we did not even dreamed. Try them to use the first time. It is possible that in the future you try to pay for your smartphone every purchase.