Android notes applications

Notes in the smartphone allow you to quickly save the necessary information and later return to it when the need for it. But what application for notes to choose?

in Google Play You can find hundreds of programs on this topic. A good app for creating notes must first be simple and convenient. It is these criteria that we took into account when creating this selection.



All ingenious Just - this is what can be said about the Colornote application. There is no, neither complex formatting, nor hash tags. Information can be viewed as a list or mesh. Notes can be of different colors, which is very similar to classic stickers from paper. They can be sorted by groups and find the desired by search.

The program is very well established automatic synchronization, so you do not have to worry about the preservation of the data entered. It is enough to enter into your account using Google or Facebook, as all notes will immediately be pulled into Colornote.

Google Keep

Another simple application for creating color notes. However, here you can already use formatting, add photos and sort by tags. You can nadick notes, which is especially convenient if you do not like to write.

If you constantly forget to see in a notebook, you can set a reminder that will work at a certain time or in a certain place. For example, you can create a list of purchases and tie a reminder to the supermarket coordinates. As soon as you find yourself nearby, a corresponding notice will come to the smartphone.

Google Keep Supports synchronization using Googleservices (110], and in Google Chrome on Windows is the same name Expansion, which opens access to all your notes from the computer.


Another well-known application for creating tasks. As can be seen from the name, the development of the program is engaged in the developer DoIST. The application is available not only on Android, but also other OS. Thanks to this, you can configure synchronization and access notes from different devices.

TODOIST Allows you to create lists of tasks and split them by category. With it, you can also add user groups and share tasks with each other.


  • Another concise editor notes without unnecessary confusing settings. Creating a note, you can choose, it will be presented in the form of a list (shopping list, a list of something) or in the form of text.

    In the open form, the notes are decorated in black. However, for greater clarity, multi-colored stickers can be added to the desktop. Information can be filtered by the date of change marked by the words, tags, etc.


    A program with a modern interface and a pleasant font. All created notes are posted on the appropriate tabs: family, work, rest, etc. You can add your tabs, change their color and fasten up the most important notes. On the Calendar tab, you can add reminders for a particular day and time. Under the calendar there are all notes that were attached to this section.

    Thus, Wenote can replace the calendar and scheduler, and the ability to group notes on tabs is distinguished by the program from analogs.


    Application for notes, made in a pleasant beige color. A dark interface is supported. There are practically no settings in BasicNote. You can create categories, and add notes in the category.

    No Here, no stickers, no tags, nor the ability to create a backup on servers Google. True, at the top of the page there is a search string, and backup can be done in a manual, saving the file in any convenient place.

    Quick notebook

    • [277)

    Another type of notepad for notes. It looks restrained, allows you to change the color of notes and place them in folders. Without unnecessary functions and distracting advertising. The application will like the one who appreciates minimalism and needs the maximum simple program to create notes on Android.

    Notes: Notepad, lists and reminders

    This program can be rightfully called one of the best notebooks to create notes. The authors managed to combine the concise interface and rich functionality. Note you can add photos, images, voice comments and pictures. For stickers carefully selected colors.

    Created notes can be easily found using the search by the date of saving or color. For this, it is enough to go to the appropriate tab.


    On Applications for notes on Android in people, as a rule, different expectations. One fairly simple program to save your shopping list in it. For another, you need a multifunctional application with rich functionality. And what program to create notes do you use? Share your experience in the comments.