Android apps for a healthy lifestyle

On Google Play you can find dozens of applications designed to strengthen user health.

The smartphone can and should be used to improve the level of your life in general and health in particular. Surprisingly, modern devices operating under the management of Android can be used to strengthen their body. Make it will help the relevant applications.

Yoga Studio

Some people fitness seems too tired. In this case, it is recommended to engage in relaxing and relaxing yoga. Exercises from yoga will enhance the concentration, acting no worse than this meditation. It is important that the fact that it is possible to engage in this case even at home is to find enough appropriate literature. If you do not want to buy or download books, use the Yoga Studio app.

This program contains an excellent set of exercises. With Yoga Studio, you will easily select a course for both the expert and for a beginner. Many selections of exercises are allowed to configure their own needs. In total, the application contains descriptions of at least 280 posts, complemented by photographs.

The problem of Yoga Studio only in the high cost of full version: not every person will venture out more than 7,000 rubles per reference book per year. There is also no Russian language here, but because of the abundance of photos should not be considered a big problem.


  • a large number of exercises.
  • Classes are divided into courses.
  • All exercises are equipped with high-quality photos.
  • There are categories for beginners and curvators of yoga.
  • Some exercises are shown in the video.


  • English-speaking interface.
  • Limited functionality in the free version.

BODY FAST - Interval Fasting

If you wish to start practicing the interval fasting, download this application that has already taken advantage of more than ten million people. With it, you will become healthier and more vigorous, you can lose weight, teach the body to self-clean and burn fat in a new way, and also prevent many dangerous diseases.

In the free version of the application you have a choice of any of 10 week plans. It has weight tracking, placement notes, statistics comprising weight, achievement, body mass index. There is an intuitive consumption meter of water consumption, many options for notifications.

Paid version - Bodyfast Coach - weekly counts for the user an individual plan of interval fasting, with which you achieve the goals much faster. Personal tasks are offered to keep a healthy lifestyle and trophies are issued for achievements. Also in this version an advanced choice of starvation plans is available - over 50 pcs.


  • A wide selection of weekly starvation plans.
  • Tracking statistics.
  • Water consumption counter.
  • Various options for notifications.
  • A group in Facebook, where you can find like-minded people and share results with them


  • Advanced features are available in a paid version.



MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counter with a huge database of products (more than 6 million). It allows you to make several dishes at the same time, remembers your favorite dishes, makes it possible to combine different products and save all meals for quick access. The application can be synchronized with the site and fill the diary from the computer and the phone.

In addition to power management, the application contains over 350 physical exercises and is able to track statistics on power and cardiotrans (the number of approaches, repeats, weight in the repeat). Available to create your own exercises and input of personal indicators of calories.

The application is great for everyone to lose weight or start leading a healthy lifestyle. It is convenient to keep track of statistics on the main nutrients, view the dynamics. For those who want to begin to count calories for the purpose of weight loss, an individual setting system (based on the dietary profile) and the calculator of the food value of the recipes are built into the application.

Advantages :

  • A large base of products.
  • Over 350 exercise and the ability to create their own.
  • Favorite products and whole dishes can be added to favorites.
  • Synchronized with a web version (you can conduct the calorie diary from the computer).
  • There are functions of a social network for joint weight loss with friends.
  • Barcode scanner to quickly find products based on the base.
  • Creating goals based on the dietary profile of the user or the recommendations of the doctor, a nutritionist, etc.

Disadvantages :

  • Problems with performance on weak devices.
  • Part of the functions is available only in the paid version.

Pedometer - counter steps and calories for health

This application is a free pedometer, which accurately considers steps alone without the use of smart bracelets or other equipment. The application works throughout the day if the phone is with you and records the number of steps covered, burned calories and time spent on movement. Using the GPS sensor, you can record your walking routes, jogs or cycling trips.

The application supports synchronization with smart devices for reading data on completed steps, and also successfully works with MyFitnessPal, allowing the latter to read data about your physical activity. In the program, you can create groups of walking fans, add friends and loved ones and compare their results.

The application has a paid version in which a personal coach is included. Based on your data - weight, growth, as well as the desired weight - a personal workout plan will be drawn up, which allows you to reset extra pounds. In addition, general training programs are available in a paid version - for hiking, jogs, stretching, press, etc. If you do not need all this, you can use the "pedometer" for free, using the possibilities available for free.

Advantages :

  • A free pedometer with a high accuracy of counting the number of steps.
  • Tracking weight and body mass index.
  • Setting goals by the number of steps passed.
  • Synchronization with smart bracelets and other gadgets for collecting information about passed steps, as well as with other applications for the maintenance of the head.
  • Training programs.
  • Record your walk routes.
  • View statistics about the steps over the week, month, six months or year.

Disadvantages :

  • Full capabilities are available only in the paid version of the program.


in the Russian-language version of the program indicates that is a calorie counter. Indeed, the application will suggest how much calories are consumed in the form of food and is consumed during physical training. Download Lifesum stands if you wish to keep a good physical form. The program will help in a set or weight reduction, as well as with muscle buildup.

The application provides an individual nutrition plan based on physiological data and user preferences and can motivate the smartphone owner with reminders of unfulfilled tasks. Progress here is greatly illustrated, which is important for the achievement of high results. The interface is translated into Russian, therefore problems with the development of the program will not make sure. By the way, the selection of the best applications for the diet is present on the - many creations of developers in their functionality are similar to Lifesum, but visually look less interesting.


  • Cute Russian-speaking interface.
  • Suitable for maintaining, reduced and set weight.
  • Tips for achieving goals.
  • The program contains an individual power plan.
  • Synchronization with popular fitness applications has been implemented.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • The maximum functionality is only in the paid version.

Training Tracks: Free Plan for 30 days

This application offers you free 30 Day training plan with three levels of complexity. It is well suited both to men and women, and more than 10 million downloads speak of its effectiveness. You can choose the level of complexity that suits you and follow the instructions or create your own workout plan to your taste.

For each level of complexity, several workouts are offered. Each of them has a detailed description, photo, video execution and animation. The difficulty of the exercises gradually increases. Reminders are provided to help you make it a habit to exercise.

The disadvantage of the application is advertising. If desired, it can be disabled by paying a paid version of the application for a month or a year. In addition to removing ads, you will receive a number of additional exercises - morning and evening stretching, for stretching the back, strengthening the knees, etc., and their variety and number is gradually increasing.


  • 30 day training plan with three difficulty levels.
  • Gradual complication of tasks during the month.
  • Create your own training plan.
  • Detailed description of exercises, photos and videos.
  • Activity reminders.
  • Course execution statistics.


  • Advertising in the free version.
  • A number of additional exercises are available for a fee, but can be accessed by watching a promotional video.

Google Fit

This app from a popular company will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Walk or run, earn Cardio Points and improve your health, sleep, brain function and mental state. Google Fit uses the sensors on your phone or smartwatch based on Wear OS to record your speed, steps, route, and other data.

In the application, you can set your own goals and at the end of the day check if you have achieved them. If you manage too easily, increase them to increase the load and improve your health. In addition to data about walking, running, cycling, which are automatically saved based on the work of sensors on your phone or smart watch, you can add any other sports activities to the application - yoga, boxing, football, etc. They will also earn you Cardio Points.

Google Fit syncs with and reads information from other health and wellness apps. Your activity reports from Google Fit and apps synced with it are stored in a log that you can review at any time.


  • Accrual of walking points, running, riding a bike.
  • Setting goals and tracking them to achieve.
  • Working with other applications.
  • counting steps to smartphone sensors or reading data from smart clocks on Wear OS.
  • Manual making other sports and accrual of points for them.
  • Synchronization with devices or applications for tracking sleep and transfer data from them to Google Fit.


  • were not detected.

You are Your Own Gym

Charging is forgotten, and in writing all sorts of hamburgers is used? Download a useful application called You Are You Own Gym, able to turn an apartment into a gym. Its key advantage is that searched exercises most often do not require gymnastic shells. You can perform them in an absolutely any place, both at home and on the street.

The You Am Your Own GYM interface is made on English, but each of the two hundred exercises is complemented by explanatory photos. And if you buy a video course Mark Lorena, then classes will become even more understandable. In this regard, it is hardly possible to suffer from the lack of Russian language here. Moreover, the program does not conduct some calculations, being just an advanced directories. Pay attention to the other applications for workouts on Android.


  • You can choose three different levels of complexity.
  • A large number of exercises complemented by photos.
  • for classes do not require rods, dumbbells and simulators.
  • All exercises are divided into categories.


  • The application is paid.
  • No translation into Russian.
  • The video is contained in a separate, even more expensive program.

StrongLifts 5x5

Another English-language application designed to monitor the user's health. Installing the program will allow you to get acquainted with many different workouts, the implementation of which is sure to increase muscle mass and reduce weight. At any time, you can evaluate the progress by opening the corresponding chart.

In fact, StrongLifts 5×5 is a personal trainer that forces you to exercise three times a week. At the time of training, various tips are displayed, helping, for example, to find out how much time it is recommended to rest between sets. The program turned out to be very functional - here you can find a calendar, a section for notes and many settings. Moreover, the utility is able to work together with smart watches based on Android Wear.

StrongLifts 5×5 is distributed free of charge, but advanced courses will have to be purchased. However, this further encourages the implementation of all recommendations. But the lack of the Russian language can really upset - because of this, not everyone will understand what the program requires at the moment.


  • Individual construction of a training course.
  • A handy graph for viewing progress.
  • Huge number of settings.
  • You can record notes for each workout.
  • Synchronization with cloud storages.
  • Smart watches are supported.
  • Videos added to some workouts.


  • There is no Russian language.
  • The full version of the application is paid.

throw dependencies and habits

This application will allow you to get rid of such bad habits, like smoking, alcohol, consumption Sugar, game or computer addiction, etc. His essence is that you specify the day when I was smoked for the last time, alcohol consumed, etc. And the amount spent on this occupation. After that, this day becomes the starting point for you, and the application will show you entertaining statistics, reporting on saved money, the abstinence period, etc.

In the application you can create awards that will be a great reason to refrain from a bad habit for a certain time. In the Motivation tab, specify the reasons for which you want to abandon the habit. If you feel that you make a temptation, look at it and read it previously written. It will give you strength. The application offers days quotes from well-known authors, allowing to remain motivated and concentrated.


  • Tracking the time of abstinence from the bad habit and money saved for it time.
  • Installing awards.
  • Simultaneous work with several dependencies.
  • Reminder of the reasons for which you want to abandon the habit.
  • Creating challenges and obtaining trophies for their execution.
  • Motivating quotes.


  • Advertising in the application.


WaterBalance is a useful application that helps keep track of water balance. All recommendations are calculated based on individual parameters. Therefore, after installing the application, it will be necessary to indicate growth, weight, age, describe your lifestyle and day mode.

WaterBalance calculates the daily rate of water and allows you to control its consumption. Based on the results, you can track statistics (per day, week, etc.). If desired, Waterbalance can be configured so that the application reminds you to take water (every 2 hours, before meals, etc.). You can also add other alerts. In addition, the app is compatible with select Wear OS devices.

Advantages of :

  • There are statistics for days and weeks.
  • Reminders can be set.
  • Supports Wear OS devices.
  • Consumption recommendations are calculated from individual parameters.
  • You can add information about various beverages.

Weaknesses :

  • Sometimes the data (on which the consumption rate is calculated) is reset.
  • There are problems with notifications.
  • The application does not work well on weak devices.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

If you do not want to gain weight, do not eat food with too many calories. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep in mind the calorie content of each product. That is why it is better to use a separate application to calculate calories consumed, since modern smartphones allow this. For example, you can install MyPlate Calorie Tracker. The program works very simply - in the main section you need to add food that was eaten during the day, after which a conclusion is made about the total number of calories received by the body. Taking into account the indication of the user's physiological data, the utility understands how many calories the body needs daily.

There are several ways to enter a product. First, it is allowed to select it from the corresponding list. Secondly, barcode scanning from the package is available. Thirdly, there is a completely manual input here. Data for any product or dish can be edited. This action is useful if the calorie content indicated in the program does not correspond to the real one.

The application also allows you to track your water consumption. In a special section, you can observe the change in weight. Synchronization with a special developer site has also been introduced here, which allows you to monitor progress even from a computer. Finally, it looks important and the support of the smart watches Android Wear.


  • Integration with Google Fit is implemented.
  • Synchronization with the official service site is available.
  • There is support for smart watches.
  • Easy to enter dishes and products used.
  • Available tracking of water consumed.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • Advanced courses are available only by subscription.
  • The application would not prevent the translation into Russian.

Summing up

The best Android applications should simplify the user's life. The programs considered in this article fully meet this requirement, so they use millions of people. But do not forget that it is not enough to establish one or another program. It is necessary to make yourself follow the course provided by the course of workouts or consume the least calorie products. Otherwise, there will be no sense from downloading the application.