Android applications that will restore deleted files

Need to urgently get back a file that was deleted by mistake? No problem. Such an opportunity is not only on a computer, but also on a smartphone.

The Android developers have done a good job of preventing the inadvertent deletion of personal files. But still, such incidents happen from time to time. If you accidentally erased an important document or photo, but it was not in the backup copy, try to return it using a special application.

Beware of fakes!

Fraudsters like to play on the desperate desire to return the lost. Fake and malicious applications with the claimed data recovery function will add to your problems. Even on Google Play, no, no, yes, and unreliable programs that require payment, but do nothing useful in return, make their way.

Of course, this does not mean that files deleted from Android disappear completely. The MakeUseOf website has tested over a dozen file recovery apps and selected the ones that work 100%. The testing process was as follows:

  • A test image was loaded into the phone's memory.
  • The file was removed from the gallery (sent to the trash for temporary storage before being completely deleted).
  • The file was removed from the gallery trash.
  • The file was deleted with the trash function turned off.

Four tools helped to find and restore the image.


Of all the apps I tested, Dumpster was the most impressive. He was able to find and restore the file when it was sent to the trash, and even when permanently deleted past the trash. The image quality after restoration was not affected.

The Android Recycle Bin holds many types of files - personal documents and media. What it didn't find was deleted text messages (there are ways to get those back too).

It won't take long to deal with Dumpster. The program is simple and convenient. There is a premium version, but it is not necessary to switch to it to recover lost files. Paid features allow you to use Dumpster as a backup service, as well as clean memory from garbage. Only this distinguishes the premium version from the regular one.

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

This option is suitable for rutted Android. Without administrator rights, the application can only find cached copies of files in hidden system folders. At worst and it may be helpful.

On the rutted phone, the application could restore remote test files, regardless of how they were removed. We do not guarantee that it will help in your case, but it is worth choosing at least for reliability and good search capabilities: the application can restore files of different types and explores absolutely all corners of the memory.

Rut-right significantly increase the chances of recovery. Do not forget that this mode weakens system protection. Do not rush the smartphone solely for this application.

Recovery Software

Recovery Software quickly retrieves the remote test file from the basket. Files deleted from the basket also detects and successfully restores.

There is a problem: this tool has many fraudulent analogs that mimic its interface.

The application recognizes video, audio and images. Documents and other types of files cannot be restored, so for the reliability, everyone will have to take care of the backup.

Amazingly, but Recovery Software managed to detect not only test images, but also some old media, which have not been displayed in the file manager for a long time. So this program can be applied in cases where an important file has been deleted for a long time.

Diskdigger Photo Recovery

Diskdigger Photo Recovery gives ambiguous results. Extract a test file from the basket with it is possible, but if there is no desired in the basket, then there will be nothing to restore.

The application is looking for only deleted photos and in this regard performs its work well: after scanning there is a huge number of previously remote photos. Documents, music and so on - not his profile.

Plus this program is that it scans not only internal memory, but also SD card. Try Diskdigger if external storage is used in your smartphone. It will increase the chance of successful recovery.

Deleted Files are not always lost

An application that knows where on Android Deleted files are stored, quickly will return the loss. But unfortunately, it does not always work. The longer you enjoyed the phone after deleting the file, the less chance of success. That is why you need to regularly make backup copies.