Android applications that will make your life better

Someone nibbles nails. Someone every life dreams to quit smoking. Someone regrets that still has not learned to control its expenses. To change life for the better no later at any age, and in this you will help your permanent satellite - your smartphone.

With bad habits, it is difficult to fight alone. Well, when there is someone who recalls the correct behavior nearby - if not a person, then at least an application.

What android applications help form positive habits?

Useful applications in Google Play are not only educational games, calendars and readers. These are also organizers that will help you in the formation of good habits. There are a lot of them, so much that the eyes scatter, and in the first minutes you do not know how to start.

In our opinion, the best - Grow, as it combines simplicity and a rich set of functions.

Another excellent option to start - Fabulous. He has a lot of tools that will support your undertakings, as well as leadership and training benefits to achieve goals.

The third favorite - Habitica, whose developers decided to use the role-playing elements and did not lose. The application turned out to be unique, motivating and very tightened.

And now everything is in order.

1. Grow

Grow is a simple and beautiful application that I want to run every day. It visualizes your goal in the form of a tree: the more active you work on yourself, the faster it grows. To achieve the goal has become more realistic, the application offers to set the start and end date, allocate a certain time during the day when you intend to work on yourself.

Grow has not so many tools as other organizers and trackers habits, but its key is in simplicity. It is ideal for people who are not going to brag about their achievements in social networks : The application is aimed at privacy, there is no Share buttons.

Adding a goal or a new habit takes only a few seconds, and achieving success once, you can add as many new ones. Watching the growing tree - not just an exciting occupation: every new day comes an understanding that you are not standing in place, and it really motivates on new accomplishments.

2. Fabulous

If the desire to change your life for the better has already appeared, but you do not know where to start, download Fabulous.

This is one of the most beautiful and feature rich scheduler for Android. It will help with any task - to lose weight, restore sleep patterns, increase productivity. Fabulous has a plan for everything.

This planner is designed to help those who are working on their health and work productivity. Fabulous will remind you when to take a nap to rejuvenate, how to get the most out of your workouts, offer ready-made plans for meditation, and give you good advice to focus on important things.

Fabulous is free to start, but you have to pay to access all features. The trial version is limited to seven days, after which two tariffs are offered - $11 per month or $142 per year (approximately 830 or 1700 rubles). It is very pleasant that developers often hold promotions to reduce the cost for the first year of use up to 72%.

Fabulous is an expensive but multifunctional tool. It is designed for those who want to take action immediately, without wasting a minute. His approach is based on scientific research and offers a variety of tools to improve the quality of life.

3. Habitica

yourself new habits. But the Habitica app adds a bit of fun to the routine work.

The application turns self-improvement into a role-playing game. The habits you want to develop will earn experience points, mana, and character points as you progress. Points can be exchanged for a health potion, make-up, or something more practical like buying a movie. The app can be used for free or with a subscription that gives you access to exclusive monthly items.

Habitica is a unique approach to the process of developing a new habit. There are quests, various characters, a leveling system and much more. Do you want to advance? Then work on yourself more actively.

Other options

The apps listed above are Google Play favorites. They got high marks and mass of positive feedback. But do not forget about other planners, among whom will probably have such that they will cause interest.


Those who adhere to a serious approach to business, we recommend to get acquainted with Daily.

The interface is well thought out, it is easy to navigate in it, and the application itself is focused solely on how to help you change. The "Today" tab displays the habits over which you are going to work in the near future. The built-in calendar will help distribute tasks for every particular day.

You can view your progress in the "All habits" tab, and when creating a new goal there is a possibility to add it to the schedule, set reminders and visual indication.

Daily has two tariffs. Premium version for $ 2 (approximately 150 rubles) removes the limit on the number of habits. It also includes a dark topic.

Google Calendar

We usually remember about Google calendar when you need to note a visit to the doctor or the date of an important meeting. But the same program can be a convenient scheduler to form habits. It already has everything you need. Google calendar will help you put new goals and achieve them. In addition, it is associated with your Google Account: When you go to a new smartphone, all data is automatically tightened from the cloud.

The new goal is added using the "+" icon at the bottom of the window. It can be any - regular sports, studying a foreign language, meetings with friends, the occupation of a new hobby, house cleaning, in general, anything.

As soon as decidable, specify how often you are going to work on its achievement, how long and at what time of day. All these features are embedded in the Google calendar app, and it is already on your smartphone. Absolutely free.


A habit of forming a little, it must also be saved, and for this you need to find a way to enter it into your day mode. Habitnow will provide everything you need to ensure that the new habit becomes an integral part of your life. The reminder system will help.

To force yourself to change is not easy, but Habitnow is striving to reduce failures and emphasize positive achievements. The application has several different modes, including the ability to set the priority for one of the habits, create a category or assign the desired date to achieve the goal. The interface is flexibly configured, different topics are available for any mood and taste.

Calendar, graphics and charts will be prompted as quickly than quickly you are moving. You can add a comment to each habit. It can be a motivating phrase for the future, apology in front of you for a weak progress or an explanation, why do you intend to get rid of the habit if it does not benefit. Habitnow has several screen widgets, so your goals will always be before your eyes when you unlock your smartphone once again.

At first glance, it seems that the developers are reduced Habitnow with all sorts parameters. However, this is one of the best options in Google Play, as its flexibility allows you to adjust the day mode according to your existing schedule and needs. This is not a hard tool, his main chip is that it gently adjusts the mode of life instead of making hard changes to it, as other schedulers do.


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some organizers and schedulers have a confusing interface, as the developers try to shove in They are all in a row so that each user finds what he needs. In fact, such applications are very helpful: when a lot of diverse tools are under hand, you can try different approaches and throw all the forces to increase productivity. That is the TickTick.

The latest update brought a few innovations, and now TickTick can be used not only to plan the day, but also to start a new good habit or break a bad one.

Creating a habit is easy - select the Habit icon from the toolbar and click Create New Habit. In this case, you can use the list from the developers. The application will offer funny labels, quotes, help you set goals and organize a reminder system. TickTick also has an interactive widget so you can watch your progress from the home screen.


Even though it's been six years since Material Design was born, there are plenty of applications that still take advantage of this great style. HabitHub belongs to this category. The app uses classic Material Design with a few fresh tweaks.

For every habit you're trying to form and maintain, there's a Habit Development tab. It gives you an idea of ​​how much progress you have already made.

HabitHub is suitable for any mobile device - smartphone, tablet and smartwatch. It has everything you need to work productively on your skills and turn an old dream into reality - themes, widgets for the home screen and a calendar where productive days are connected in a line. With such a line, HabitHub depicts the path to success. If one day you allow yourself to be lazy, the line will break, and you will have to start all over again.