Android 9.0: All information about Android P

This article contains everything that is currently known about the Android 9.0 operating system.

Google is hard at work on the Android P operating system. This version is currently being tested by the company's developers on Google smartphones Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. So far, the search giant is not ready to share information about the new version of its mobile operating system with the public. However, something is slowly but surely leaking into the network.

New Android P Features

As of Fall 2017, it is impossible to say exactly what new features will be in Android 9.0. However, we can make assumptions:

  • System UI Tuner - even in the beta versions of the G8 there was a special section of settings in which the user could, at his own discretion modify almost the entire interface. In the final version of Android 8.0, only the status bar setting remained. It is possible that by the fall of 2018, the developers will still bring System UI Tuner to mind. So far, only some launchers offer something similar.
  • Rapid update - the project Treble should also receive its development. This technology was introduced back in Oreo, making the structure of the operating system modular. In theory, this should speed up the development of updates - now they can only affect certain modules. It is possible that next year modularity will be brought to perfection - in this case, Google may refuse to develop new versions of the OS, updating only specific modules from time to time. But this is incredible.
  • Face recognition - in pursuit of Apple, the search giant will develop such an unusual type of unlocking. This is due to the complexity of integration of the fingerprint scanner under the screen.
  • Video processing - Android 9.0 will be even more geared towards video recording and post-processing of the resulting recording. It is possible that even artificial intelligence will be used for these purposes.
  • Storage in the "cloud" - in the next version of the "green robot" local storage will be literally glued together with cloud storage. Similar technologies have already been developed by Apple and Microsoft. It will obviously start with little things. For example, the camera "Camera" will learn to instantly send photos and videos to the "cloud" - even copies will remain in the internal memory.

will appear in the operating system and some other functions. But they say too early about them.

The name of the operating system

as before, android p will be called some sweetness. Suitable options there is a huge amount. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Pound Cake - Fruit Cupcake, externally similar to loaf of bread;
  • Petit Four - poultry, which is a kind of small cookie;
  • ​​
  • Pastille - all the well-known grasses, which exists in a variety of forms;
  • Popsicle - fruit ice, which can be considered the coldest dessert in the world;
  • Pecan Pie - pecan cake, very popular in the United States and consisting of sweet custard;
  • Pancake - Pancake, served with jam or some other sweet lulling.

The choice and some less popular dishes are not excluded - for example, Puff Pastry (Puff pastry), Profiterole (Profiterol) or even Pain Perdu (sweet croutons). Be that as it may, and the exact name of Android 9.0 will be known only in the fall of 2018. And this is only if the development of the OS will not delay.

New Design

The current Android design scheme was introduced in 2014. Most likely, four years later, the search giant will want to change the interface in the root. But while there is no tendency from a flat design in the world, when the application pleases clean colors and a large number of "air" between the elements. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee anything, you need to wait for the first leaks. If the developers really wish to block the design, then must report it.

Release date

In May 2018, the Google I / O conference will be held. It will traditionally be announced the first details about the new version of the operating system. During of the summer, three or four beta versions of Android P.

The official release of a new "green robot" is worth waiting in August or even September 2018. But it is impossible to exclude that in Google will decide to change your schedule. Remember, new versions of Windows are not annually. And the development of a mobile operating system has recently requires no less labor and time. Therefore, do not be surprised if the Announcement of Android 8.1 will take place in the summer of 2018.