Anchoxing new smartphone Infinix Hot 11S

In Russia, the sale of two new products of the brand infinix is started: HOT 11S smartphones and Note 11 Pro, characterized by high autonomous time, FHD + displays and productive stuffing. The HOT 11S sample arrived to us on the review, and we are ready to demonstrate it.

Not so long ago, we told about phones infinix of the last generation. Heroes of our steel reviews Flagship Infinix Note 10 Pro and inexpensive HOT 10S with NFC module. Both devices appeared extremely attractive to us not only at cost, but also by execution: quick displays, capacious batteries, excellent filling, presentable appearance and its own thought-out OS based on Android 11.

New Infinix Hot 11S raises the bar for budget smartphones to a new level. The device works on the MediaTek Helio G88 platform, equipped with 50 MP camera, supports fast charge and unique advantages of XOS Dolphin. In the near future, we will tell about all its merits, and while testing is being tested, we suggest you look at the design and complete set of smartphone.

Infinix Hot 11S is sold in a box with a solid, saturated green lid. The characteristics of the device are described in detail on the bottom. The device lies from above, wrapped in a protective wrapper of soft polyethylene. The turning side is provided by Hyde for the main management bodies.

The smartphone will go on sale in several color versions: in black, purple and nephite colors, with a pleasant metal tint and striped, finely textured pattern under smooth, glossy case. We got a green sample.

The keys are familiar to the right side, on the lower it is Type-C and 3.5 mm ports for charging a smartphone and Connecting headsets, respectively. Fingerprint scanner In accordance with modern trends, it is located on the power button. The length of the HOT 11S reaches 8.82 mm, in width - 77 mm, and in thickness - only 9 mm.

With the help of a complete key, a tray is withdrawn from the smartphone, which accommodates two SIM cards and an additional memory card (up to 512 GB). Size IPS Display is 6.78 inches. The frontal 8 megapixel camera is located in the center from above in a separate cut, and the main 50 MP module is attached in the upper left corner (if you look from the side of the case).

Immediately under the smartphone is a ticket with a description of the warranty service conditions, a booklet with HOT 11S certification information and a detailed manual for the use of the device in Russian.

Infinix put in a box transparent silicone case with thick walls and a comfortable neckline under the camera with overwhelmed sides, designed to protect the glass module From contact with surfaces that can scratch it. Under it in the box are the power supply and the USB-C Wire, providing Infinix Hot 11S fast charging.

According to the first impressions, it looks like Infinix Hot 11S no worse Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro similar colors. A massive module with cameras, a large (and, for sure, colorful) display, modern ergonomics and a representative design - nothing gives out its affiliation to budget devices in the appearance of the device.

Very soon we will test hot 11s in the case: Let's try to run current applications on it, we will study the integration of Infinix's branded environment, we will take a few pictures, listen to the sound, And at the same time we will tell you about the filling and the most favorable features of the device. Stay in touch.

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