Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch Overview - Watches that you do not want to shoot

Not so long ago, Amazfit launched a new line of smart watches, which included three models, including Amazfit GTS 3 - about which we will tell in detail Review.

If you are interested, other devices are GTR 3 and GTR 3 Pro. They are made in the classic "round" form factor, while GTS 3 is designed specifically for those who prefer smart watches in rectangular design.

In addition, the novels differ in the resolution of the display and the volume of the battery, but in general, all devices can boast of decent characteristics and are very worthy of the middle class devices. In this review, we focus on Amazfit GTS 3, as on the most affordable model from the line: it is possible to buy it for 12 thousand rubles.


  • Display: 1.75 inches, AMOLED, 390 × 450, 341 ppi, 1000 NIT
  • Dimensions: 42.4 mm × 36 mm × 8.8 mm
  • weight (without strap): 24.4 g
  • wrist size: 155-218 mm
  • Case material: Aluminum alloy
  • Strap material: Silicone
  • Sensors: acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometric Sky altimeter, external light sensor
  • Charging: Wireless
  • Requirements for System: Android 7.0 and above, iOS 12 and higher
  • moisture protection: 5 ATM
  • Bluetooth: 5.1 BLE
  • Speaker: No
  • Microphone: is
  • Autonomy: up to 6 days of active use / up to 20 Days in standby mode

Equipment and design

Box With Amazfit GTS 3 - a small cube with a predominance of white and blue decoration. An image of smart clock is applied to the front part and a short list of main features is presented, more detailed technical information is on the rear.

inside is another box, completely white, not counting the brand logo exactly in the middle of the lid. It is removed by opening a design from the cardboard to which the Watch Amazfit GTS 3. Here, in the side compartments, the user will find a magnetic stand for charging and operating manual - that's the whole set.

The device turned out to be very easy and thin. Its housing is made of metal, and the screen is covered with durable glass with oleophobic coating. The physical key is only one: performs from the right side of the case, equipped with notches around the perimeter, and when scrolling, the clock is given in hand with a pleasant vibration.

The strap is thin, silicone, decorated with stretched stripes stretched across. The holes are enough to secure the strap both on a very thin and wide brush. It does not rub and stretches; If you wish, it can be replaced by any other with a 20 mm fastening - offers on the Internet full, for all color and taste!

The model can boast water resistance to 5 atm. With a clock, you can dive to a depth of 50 meters, swim in the pool and take a shower. However, large loads associated with deep-water immersion and extreme sports, they will not survive.

Amazfit GTS 3 are available in three colors: "graphite-black", "ivory" and "red clay". The first is universal, suitable for both men and women. The second and third is also a unisex, however, they are most likely to prefer the girls. I got a sample in the design of "ivory", and the live it looks even more gentle and air than in the photo.

The device looks attractive and practical. For hours we are more familiar round dial, but for smart hours, in my opinion, it is better that it is rectangular - on this screen more information is placed and it is more convenient to perceive it. Although, of course, this is a matter of taste and habit.


In Amazfit GTS 3, 1,75-inch AMOLED Display is used With the density of points 341 ppi (you can only see individual pixels at closer) and peak brightness of 1000 NIT. This is a lot: thanks to the good brightness stock, the information reads from the screen even if you look at it in direct sunlight. There is an auto-brightness function that works quite accurately.

But the most satisfying feature of the watch display is the impressive fluidity of the interface. Unlike many other smart devices, Amazfit GTS 3 supports animation playback at 60 frames per second. And it's... not something that changes the experience when using the watch, but with such smooth scrolling of screens and menu items, it is much more pleasant to work with them than with gadgets that render images at 30 frames per second or less.

This is especially noticeable if you set animated watch face by selecting from the preinstalled list or by downloading from the app store. You will involuntarily admire pleasant animations, and the responsive interface does not cause irritation.

Among other settings, it is worth noting the ability to activate the Always On Display function, which displays user-defined information (for example, the watch face, the number of steps taken, and so on) on the locked screen, set the time to turn off the screen, activate the backlight when you turn your wrist and incoming notifications. These functions can be configured directly on the watch interface, without using the application, which is very convenient.

OS and interface

Amazfit GTS 3 runs Zepp OS operating system. It has enough features to turn the device, if not into a mini-computer, then at least a hub with a clock, tracking physical indicators, notifications, weather and other options.

The main screen, depending on the selected watch face, can display both a minimum of information and a lot of details, such as calories burned, distance traveled, battery power, and so on.

nine icons that give access to quick commands: flashlight activation, theater mode (reducing brightness to a minimum), power saving mode, calendar, find phone and so on.

Swipe Up Takes the User to the latest notifications: when configured sync with the Amazfit GTS 3 smartphone can receive incoming messages, show their brief list and detailed, but the clock does not recognize some emoticons, And respond to messages will have to have a smartphone.

Swipes left and right one can switch between the main menus:

  • Current physical activity
  • Pulse sensor
  • Weather
  • PAI (individual An indicator of user activity, which reflects its general physical condition)
  • Sleep Results​​
  • Widgets (Weather, PAI, Alarm Clock, night sleep, heartbeat, activity, blood oxygen level, menstrual cycle, music player).

By pressing the physical key, you can run the main menu, in which the following items are presented:

  • PAI
  • heartbeat
  • oxygen in the blood
  • Measurement by one touch
  • Training
  • Journal of training
  • Training status
  • Stress
  • Activity
  • Son
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • Settings
  • Pregnancy Assistant
  • Calories
  • heartbeat in real Time
  • Calculator
  • Water Time
  • View - Where are the other applications like a compass, stopwatch, world time, lite of affairs and so on.

Applications and options are quite a lot: someone can calculate it in excess, however, on the other hand, their presence does not interfere in any way, and certainly there are users who will need.

Annex for the smartphone

You can control Amazfit GTS 3 through a smartphone using the program ZEPP, which can be downloaded for Android and iOS. By installing the application and synchronizing the smartphone with a clock, the user will see the following tabs:

Homepage - This shows a summary of activity: PAI, sleep quality, pulse, level Stress and oxygen in the blood, weight, workout log, quick access to frequently used options, the number of steps and burned calories, ECG, tracking menstrual cycle and much more. Tapping on the relevant menu, the watch owner learns more detailed information, for example, the share of deep and surface sleep, the maximum, minimum and medium pulse, and so on.

Health - Here are stored for training about training, immediately you can set goals (for example, 6 thousand steps per day and 8 hours of sleep) and add friends to compare the results and additionally motivate each other.

Profile – a tab where you can add and manage Amazfit smart devices, download new watch faces and applications, set notifications and reminders, set health monitoring options, select various watch settings (such as display brightness, vibration strength, lock options), upgrade firmware, and more. The list of functions is huge, and you can spend a lot of time in the application trying to adjust all the features of the device to suit your needs.

Impressions from using

Amazfit GTS 3 is very light, almost weightless. You forget about the watch - they sit so comfortably on the hand. I liked the pleasant tactile vibration - an optional option, but such little things add up to the final impression of the device.

The screen is really bright and readable in any weather. The smoothness of the animations is amazing.

Many indicators of activity and health can be tracked with this model. For example, one touch to measure the heart rate and respiration, the level of stress and oxygen in the blood. The measurements are quite accurate - at least when compared with a couple of other watch models, I get about the same results with a small error. Other functions of the device allow you to receive notifications, find out the weather, control the music player - in the cold season, when you don’t want to take out your smartphone once again, you begin to appreciate it.

Autonomy is average: if you turn on all synchronizations, receive notifications, actively use GPS, the watch will last for 6-10 days. In a more benign scenario , the battery will last up to 20 days of operation without recharging. It is quite good if you consider the energy-consumption display.

In combination with a smartphone, this is an exhaustive assistant, which will give advice on training, and will tell about the quality of sleep, and will lead statistics about a variety of health and physical exertion indicators. Of course, a lot of the above is also able other smart hours, however, Amazfit GTS 3 a very long list of useful functions.